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24 Jul 2021 11:06:31
You have got to love people moaning about the Bowen interest because he only scored 8 Premier League goals last season. Because the same people are probably getting hot under the collar about Chiesa who only scored 8 Serie A goals last season.

It's truly amazing how much hype (and probably FIFA) warps opinion.

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24 Jul 2021 11:22:11
So are you are saying Bowen is on a level with Chiesa?

24 Jul 2021 11:34:43
He is arguing about the logic people use and he is correct.

24 Jul 2021 11:40:13
He’s saying don’t judge by stats alone. I would be okay with Bowen he’s a hard working finisher with pace and desire. Is he the Scottish messi? No is he going to replace salah? No can he be a good impact sub and rotation player to the level as shaq? Yes absolutely he’s more robust and he can be trusted defensively which means he will get more games than shaq. Bowen can be a cog in the wheel shaq has the match winning moments. One cannot simple compare chiesa to Bowen or visa verse in any aspect other than physical attributes because they do not play in the same competitions meaning one might not be able to transfer their skills to another’s competition. To replace salah you buy chiesa to contribute to the squad you replace shaq with Bowen.

24 Jul 2021 11:45:10
You have too be realistic, we have a 1st eleven not many players in world football would get in, so any players coming will have to be a team player and except they won't play every game.
Personally I think bowen is better than shaqiri, minamino, wilson.
Before he joined an up to this day he reminds of an English frank Robert obviously not as decorated or even talented but on the other hand he could be a revelation .
Let's keep in mind no one expected robbo, mane, salah, hendo, gini to be as good as they were but look how they turned out .

{Ed025's Note - " we have a first 11 not many players in world football would get in" hahahahahaha you need to go on the comedy circuit hailstones, you really would go down a bomb mate with that sort of material ...classic..

24 Jul 2021 11:54:34
And he only has an 82 Beast rating whatever that is?

24 Jul 2021 12:01:43
He clearly didn’t say that.

24 Jul 2021 12:14:50
Whoever Klopp buys i trust, maybe he is looking for an upgrade on Shaqiri.

24 Jul 2021 12:18:21
There is no real 100% successful logic to transfers. Look at all the ones that have surprisingly succeeded or failed at any club. These managers and the analysts are paid lots of money to try and logically workout which players will be a success but they never get them all right.

Using the examples above Last seasons stats would have no reflection on how Chiesa or Bowen would get on if either were to sign for us this season. The obvious answer is Chiesa is a far better player but there’s far too many factors in play that would come into consideration.

If I was a straight shoot out then the majority including myself would go for Chiesa because he’s a big name and a marquee signing and that’s what we love as fans, it gets us excited. If Klopp were to go for Bowen though then he would still 100% get my backing. Only have to look at last seasons signing of Jota when he came in instead of Werner. Didn’t work out too bad.

24 Jul 2021 13:05:46
If you break it down further MK, he scored 7 in 30 starts, which isn’t at all shabby for a player stepping up a division in his first full season. And he’s always scored a plenty in the championship, which is about the same level as most of League 1, the bottom half of the Bundesliga, most of Eredivisie. So he’s been consistent. Given that he’s not coming in as a starter, I’d say he’s a better purchase than Traore, Sarr or Doku as he actually can get goals.

24 Jul 2021 13:40:53
"We have a first 11 that not many players in world football would get into"? Really? So Oblak, Pavard, Alphonso Davies, Goretzka, Mbappe, Ronaldo, Messi, KDB, Kante or Haaland wouldn't get in our team? Take the red tinted glasses off because it's embarrassing.

24 Jul 2021 14:25:57
Which of those can we buy oh mane mane 😂 also as he said “not many” you’ve mentioned 11 names I’d say that’s not many when considering there’s tens of thousands of professional footballers out there who couldn’t get In our team.

24 Jul 2021 14:29:40
He said not many, there’s 100s of 1000s of footballers and you name handfall, so not many is quite accurate.

24 Jul 2021 15:02:23
Irish Rover, what everyone else said 😂.

24 Jul 2021 15:38:50
I would worry if Chiesa was coming in, to me that means Salah or Mane or both would be leaving.

24 Jul 2021 17:05:40
Me personally i think we need upgrades to compete, but tell me who is getting in front of allison, trent, robbo, vvd, konate, fabihno, thiago, hendo, salah . I admit i think we can upgrade mane and bobby, maybe not the 1st 11 but definitely 9 players are shoe ins. Also i am the least red tinted a spade is a spade.

{Ed0666's Note - I have to say that I was a bit premature about calling for Manes head. He said he hasn’t had any rest in 5 years and he’s feeling refreshed now so hopefully he can get back to his glorious best. Bobby seems like he turns it on with a crowd so let’s give him some to e aswell because I’d feel like a scumbag for turning my back on that beautiful crazy man

24 Jul 2021 15:01:48
Glad I gave u a chuckle ed and ok maybe a stretch but who is getting ahead of Allison, tta, robbo, vvd, konate, fabihno, thiago, hendo, salah . The positions for grabs are possibly Bobby, mane out of the 11.

{Ed025's Note - woah back hailstones, konate?, thiago?, hendo?, them 3 dont even get in the everton side mate ffs..

24 Jul 2021 19:32:51
You should ed Mane will be back to his best next season, Bobby I have my doubts the crowd made no difference to his form before. Hailstones, not sure on Thiago he has a long long way to go before he is an automatic pick. If Saul came in for example Thiago wouldn't be in the first 11.

24 Jul 2021 22:07:48
Ed mate hahaha, if thiago was playing for everton your whole fanbase would be creaming so much you would have to be sponsored by cadburys.

{Ed0666's Note - if Thiago was playing for Everton they’d be treating him for Parkinson’s.



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