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05 Sep 2021 08:30:41
Ed0666 I think u meant 'your' instead of 'you're' in your replies above.

{Ed0666's Note - you are right mate Thankyou for pointing out my atrocious punctuation. I’m not the best at written English as I was rubbish at school and I make a lot of mistakes when I edit so when I mess up which is often please excuse me as I know it can be irritating. Cheers mate.

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05 Sep 2021 15:28:55
I know there’s no real football in at the min but are people that board sorry! bored that they’ve got to point out one spelling mistake. Come on ninja.

05 Sep 2021 16:06:08
When you reach a certain age Longthing, you can’t help but become perturbed at the poor spelling and grammar.
We’ve had some corkers recently, my favourite being “reek havoc” 😃
I think that’s what you do after a curry the night before.
Anyway, as indicated earlier, Trent is indeed starting in midfield later, so we can all watch that and take our minds off these trifling matters.
I hope that Trent does reek a bit of his own havoc later.

05 Sep 2021 16:56:19
Massive massive issues in the world, bad grammar not being one of them.

05 Sep 2021 18:23:26
Stop. Grammar time!

05 Sep 2021 18:23:53
Grammar is the difference between knowing your rubbish, and knowing you're rubbish.

05 Sep 2021 19:03:06
‘Taking a lot of flack’ is my personal favourite.

{Ed014's Note - I’m still not over Caroline! 😢

05 Sep 2021 19:40:42
Ahhhh totally unnecessary comments. Just like Grammar used to make!

05 Sep 2021 19:48:03
The Grammar Police is out in force due to lack of club footie, apparently 🙄.

{Ed0666's Note - I appreciate the support mate but I’m glad posters are calling me out because I really should know the fundamentals of written English and I clearly don’t which is a tad embarrassing to be honest. But that’s my bad. I’ll try and be better but not promising any major improvement 😂

05 Sep 2021 20:14:49
My grammer is atrocious. My spelling too. Been and being still elude me too when writing. They’re their whatever. I try but even though I no the rules I still mess up when I write them. I’m not embarrassed. Also commas. Don’t even talk to me about commas. Hey, sure what do I know 🤣.

05 Sep 2021 20:26:48
I don’t know how OP can refer to the ‘post above’ which would have occurred in the future of when he made the post… crazy.

05 Sep 2021 20:45:57
Grammar Police being plural, should that be ‘are out in force’ Oli? 🤣.

05 Sep 2021 21:30:27
A panda walks into a shop chewing on a mars bar, opens fire on the owner then exits.
Sign on the wall read:
Pandas eat, shoots and leaves.

05 Sep 2021 22:41:17
Aaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrgggggggghhhhhhh - when does the next transfer window open!

That was rhetorical, by the way 😀.

06 Sep 2021 06:25:05
Ninja, firstly can we review your post? You put 'U' which should have been 'you'. So people in glass house's.

06 Sep 2021 17:11:12
Juicer, are you the Undercover Grammar Police Officer on this forum, then?



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