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07 Oct 2021 11:17:52

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07 Oct 2021 14:15:01

07 Oct 2021 14:28:46
Haha! I was trying to guess what RR had written. I'll just butt out, lol!

07 Oct 2021 15:13:47
There’s only one rule of the Liverpool pages, there is no Liverpool page!

07 Oct 2021 16:11:11
Can't actually remember exactly what I wrote now but it was meant to be a Liverpool perspective on the potential Newcastle takeover. Possible impact on us in the league if Newcastle become the next Chelsea or City and whether we'd want that type of ownership if it was the only way to continue to compete.

I did also stray into FFP territory though and admittedly I don't really understand it so probably made some wildly inaccurate comments. I guess that is where I got into hot water.

{Ed002's Note - It is nothing to do with Liverpool.}

07 Oct 2021 17:55:56
I disagree, this is everything to do with every club in the Prem. This is bigger than anything that has happened in football ever. The money and power now with Newcastle is unprecedented.
I would not be surprised if this is the death of FFP.

Bring it on, we love a challenge.

07 Oct 2021 16:47:38
I would take these owners as after Klopp leaves it might be our only way to properly compete. Nobody seems to bother at the end of the season how clubs like City, Chelsea got where they are. City have the best academy in football but broke every rule in the book going. But now nobody seems to care, they just talk about how great their model is.

07 Oct 2021 19:57:50
The new owners have to follow FFP, that's the bottom line. They can't do what city did when the new owners took over.

07 Oct 2021 21:02:24
You mean compete in the transfer market Mark?
I think you'll just have to pine for super rich sugar daddy owners who will spend hundreds of millions per season on fans transfer fantasies. FSG aren't going anywhere anytime soon.
And they certainly won't be selling the club at a knockdown bargain price if they do, which kind of narrows the field of potential owners down quite a lot.

07 Oct 2021 21:03:46
You reckon stuie do you know who these guys are? Thier turnover will be £500m in 3 years. They will sign deals that will blow others out the water. They make City’s owners look poor in comparison.

07 Oct 2021 21:18:25
I do agree flash but when Klopp leaves it will become very very difficult. But while we can compete on the pitch we should all just enjoy it. At some stage we will need owners that can compete.

07 Oct 2021 22:27:51
Chelsea have the best Academy.

07 Oct 2021 22:46:18
Absolutely mark, but they will have to do it 'within the rules' through sponsorships etc which will likely be more gradual than when City and Chelsea were bought. Back then, they went out on day one spending millions. I think newcastle will be more gradual as there will be existing sponsorship contracts etc that will have to run.

{Ed0666's Note - they can go out and spend circa £200 million straight away so that’s quite a healthy start

08 Oct 2021 02:29:37
It'd be interesting to see how they go with attracting the 'top' talent. When Chelsea started and even with City, the prices quoted was nothing like the crazy fees these days.

08 Oct 2021 06:26:53
Newcastle with all the monies not spent are profitable over last 3 4 years. New owners don't need to think about FFP for next 2 3 years. as its calculated over 3 years rolling period.
So even if they are scrutinized it will be at earliest in their 3rd season of ownership.
Next 2 years they can blast off in transfer mkt like city and psg did.
Also they may very well make AMRCO for example their stadium transport and show income. lol.

08 Oct 2021 10:23:36
Agreed with all you have said mark.

09 Oct 2021 01:17:48
Ooooh cancel culture reaches the Liverpool forums shock horror.



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