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25 Apr 2022 07:23:06
I can't believe anybody thinks Gordon might have had a penalty. He's literally flung himself to the ground at the very first sign of a touch. No intention to shoot, eyes only for going down.
Both teams might have had a red card, but that probably works out in Everton's favour as they won't lose Richarlison for the next 3 games, whereas we could cope if Mane had taken a ban.

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25 Apr 2022 07:32:34
I didn’t think it was a pen however, I thought Matip was daft to initiate the contact as Gordon looked to be over running it to me. Enjoyed the game, nice to see origi score in another Merseyside derby, nice parting gift. I thought Gordon looked very good…. and what is going on with dele Ali, has he not been playing (starting games) for Everton?

25 Apr 2022 07:40:12
We could've had no complaints if pen had gone against us. Could've gone either way. Matip was lucky.

25 Apr 2022 07:49:02
The really sad thing were Gordon’s comments after the match, along the lines of ‘I felt the contact so went down. I can see why he doesn’t give the penalty but it wasn’t a yellow card for me.

It’s not just Gordon, it’s the attitude across the game, but it’s a shame that a kiddie (with some talent) should look to cheat rather than staying on his feet to try to score. Or worse, be coached to cheat. Like I say the trait exists across the game and it’s poor.

{Ed025's Note - I agree WDW. But until the higherarchy get a grip of it mate clubs will take advantage I’m afraid..

25 Apr 2022 07:53:31
I initially thought it wasn’t a pen. But in all fairness, watching that again, it was clumsy and should have been a pen. Anywhere else on the pitch and that’s a foul.

But hey, Everton got a lifetime of luck last year (Thiago and VVD fouls, bs offside) against us so we were due something. And in fairness to the ref, Gordon went down pathetically earlier which probably paid its part.

{Ed025's Note - 2 wrongs have never made a right reyray..

25 Apr 2022 08:31:38
It was one of those where you are furious if it's given against you but you scream "penalty" if it's your team attacking. That's one of the things I find so frustrating with football managers in their interviews and football fans discussing it. Lampard bleating about it after the match but what would he have said if it had been at the other end and been given as a penalty for Liverpool? He'd have been fuming, saying it was good defending and whinging about never getting anything given in their favour.

25 Apr 2022 08:34:23
If Everton hadn't spent the entire match diving and feigning injury I'm sure the ref would've given the pen. Boy who cried wolf and all that.

25 Apr 2022 08:55:29
best laugh of the day was when Alisson caught the ball and then did a Pickford and flopped to the ground.

25 Apr 2022 09:03:51
Unfortunately it’s part of the game. Lampard bleated about it being a pen as he had to say something. His players will be watching that and he needs to try and remain confident and uplift their mood.

Everton bar 2 chances offered nothing and with 15% possession all game if that was big Sam or someone people would be complaining about it. Frank never mentioned it as he didn’t want focus on it so he said about the penalty as it deflects from his inept ability to play football. He played for the draw and only Gordon for Everton tried. He’s a young kid he’s he dived and fell over way to easy against matip but at least he showed desire to do something more than any other Everton player did.

25 Apr 2022 10:22:16
It could well have been a pen. The DCL one versus Lovren a few years ago was given. We got away with that one tbf. Matip didn't need to touch him as he was heading straight for the by-line rather than goal.

25 Apr 2022 12:09:12
Matip did exactly what any defender should in that situation. He leaned on the attacker to not give him a clean strike on goal. It’s good defending and has been good defending since the year dot.
Gordon has felt the contact and thrown himself to the floor and then their legs have got tangled because Matip fell over him.
If Matip had pushed him with his hands or dived in and not got the ball then it would’ve been a pen. As it was he just leaned on him and Gordon tried to cheat the ref as he was trying to all day.
Would it be given as a free kick outside the box? Possibly but we all know that to the tolerance level inside the box is much higher due to the jeopardy of giving a penalty.
Keane knocked Origi over inside the box which would probably be a free kick outside the box but never a penalty inside the box.
They deserved nothing from the game and got nothing. Let’s hope we don’t have to play that Mickey Mouse outfit for the next few years.

25 Apr 2022 12:29:49
WDW, Gordon saying he felt the contact and went down proves it was NOT a pen and you know what else? On the Matip incident, Gordon and Matip were hand fighting initially and when he "felt the contact", he went down, just like he did for the dive. Hence, NO pen for me. Source? The culprit himself, IMO.

25 Apr 2022 13:13:10
if the call could go either way then isn't it true that if the call went the other way then Matip would have been unlucky?

Anyways moving on.

26 Apr 2022 01:09:59
@Olired that was the point I was trying to make - he actually played for the penalty and then admitted it wasn’t a penalty. My wider point is that (nearly everybody) does it and it is poor.

Look at the great players Pele, Best, Cruyff, Maradona, Messi - you couldn’t knock them over with a sledge hammer - their only thought was to score.

Anyway, as Flash said, moving on ….



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