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07 Jun 2022 12:24:44
Milner signed a new contract. Naby now looking like signing too. Hendo, Fabinho and Thiago unlikely to leave. Eliott, Jones and Morton likely to push for more games.

Only Ox looks likely to leave and I'd guess Carvalho replaces him.

Hard to see where another new midfielder fits in unless there is a shock exit on the cards or some loan moves for a couple of the u21 lads.

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07 Jun 2022 12:44:02
We lack for genuine cover if Fabs is injured for any period of time.

07 Jun 2022 12:52:10
I can see Morton getting a loan move. I would not mind seeing Jones or Elliott getting a loan move (to a prem side) to get regular game time. Whilst I think they will be useful to the squad, I think that experience could be critical for their development in the long run.

Perhaps Carvalho may be used as a back up to the front 3 and occasionally as a 10? Either way I do hope we get a defensive midfielder in.

07 Jun 2022 13:00:26
I agree WDW but I'd have thought 2 of Milner, Ox or Naby would make way this summer. Now looks like only Ox is going and with Carvalho in already that makes 9 players for 3 positions even before signing someone else.

It feels a bit like we chanced our arm at Tchouameni but much like with Van Dijk, if we can't get a player we really want we don't panic buy. I do wonder if we'll now just renew Naby's contract, wait until next summer, and then go for Bellingham.

Either a shock is on the cards or we're stockpiling midfielders for some reason.

07 Jun 2022 13:32:39
I think Morton would have to Rey rey. Hard to see where he gets a kick if he ends up 9th or 10th choice. Maybe a loan to Blackburn as they seem to be a good environment for younger players. We have a good relationship seemingly as well following the Elliott and Clarkson loans.

07 Jun 2022 14:51:57
5 subs this season so we need numbers to rotate players to keep them from burnout.

5 subs maybe means Klopp is happy to have a bigger squad than when it was just 3 subs.

{Ed002's Note - The club cannot have a bigger squad unless adding players under 21.}

07 Jun 2022 14:59:52
Maybe that French guy was instead of naby.

Naby getting a contract keeps some value and next year we go for Bellingham.

Hence no mid this year and we wait for the right one?

07 Jun 2022 14:10:17
In response to the above posts saying we have too many players for midfield, there will be more game time and full squad utilisation next season because you can now use "FIVE" substitutes during a game.

Is this a good thing or a bad thing?, when you consider in the recent UCL Final, the "old wily fox" Ancelotti made three substitutions from the 86th minute to the 93 third and final minute, three subs in seven minutes to waste time, stop our momentum etc, obviously we would of done likewise had we been winning. Expect the same in all games next season, cos clubs winning will "milk it".

Should there be a rule that if you make a substitution after or on 85 minutes, each substitution you make adds say three minutes to the extra match time the ref adds, so if you make three subs on or after 85, that adds 9 minutes plus what the extra time the ref adds.

07 Jun 2022 14:33:13
Thing is MK, all of Thiago, Keita and Henderson have fitness issues (Keita doesn’t seem to be able to string more than three games together without breaking down), as much as I’d like to be wrong, Morton doesn’t look like he has what it takes (in the same way that Jordan Rossiter and Jay Spearing were short of that quality) and he needs a good loan to get experience, Milner is looking his age out on the pitch now (with due respect to him) and aside from Fabinho we really do not have anyone else capable of playing number 6 competently (and the key word here is “competently”) .

Genuinely think renewing Keita’s contract is a pointless exercise as he doesn’t offer anything that Jones or Elliott couldn’t do. Should be selling him as it’s really not worked out for him or us with due respect to him.

On paper it might look like loads of options but in practical terms and on further scrutiny it isn’t, if Fabinho is out for any extended period next season we would be in a bit of trouble.

Tchouameni was a good shout as he’s young, dynamic and can play 6 or 8 well. Just a shame we left it too late. I don’t see that we can improve on this seasons performance in the league or champions league with the same group of midfielders without bringing anyone in. We were short of quality when it mattered at vital moments.

As for next summer, I simply can’t see us going for Bellingham, it is implausible.

Consider that if City paid £100m for Grealish, then Dortmund are going to ask for a lot more than that because of the hype the press put upon him (also, Dortmund like asking for a large chunk of money up front, which we’re not likely to go for), add to that his agents fees and a salary similar to that which his mate Sancho is getting at United and I’d say that rules us out in the same way we were not able to compete for Haaland. If he goes anywhere it’ll be City, United, PSG or Madrid.

Then factor in that if we don’t sell Salah now, we’ll also be facing the possibility of having to replace him as I think the chances of him signing a new contract have now gone and he’ll be looking at leaving on a Bosman, so I really don’t see that we’d have money to suitably replace Salah and bring in Bellingham, and to me, suitably replacing Salah would take far more priority over a vanity signing like Bellingham.

Not a big deal in any case, as I don’t believe the hype about Bellingham, never seen him have an outstanding game.

07 Jun 2022 14:40:48
If we were to get a starting midfielder in surely it would be Hendo dropping out, i think Hendo will be the backup defensive player and im more than happy with that if a new starter comes in. Hendo is more than capable in that position. Think then any midfielders coming in should be more technical attacking orientated. But as i said yesterday it wouldn't surprise me with Millie signing on and Naby's new contract if were holding off signing a midfielder now that Tchoumani hS gone to Real.

07 Jun 2022 15:31:46
Maybe the money isn't there for a new midfielder and we just have to make do with what we've got? Hence Millie and Naby getting new contracts? Klopp might feel the money is needed for other parts of the team.

07 Jun 2022 16:17:41
Possibly Irish Rover, but i was really hopeful we'd strengthen midfield this summer. Like VVVV just said (and many others before) i just can't see why we're renewing Keita's contract but i'll trust Klopp if that's the way he goes.

I agree with many of the replies that Morton should go out on loan. I'm just not feeling as confident now that we'll actually sign a midfielder.

I think the same as you Jadon H and MegAlanna. I think Tchouameni was a Keita replacement and now he's gone, we'll stick (annoyingly) .

Good point about the 5 subs though Tommy and 007. Be a lot more chances to play 20 minutes here and there and keep everyone involved.

07 Jun 2022 16:46:10
JH, nobody needs to drop out if cover for Fab comes at DM cos that would mean Hendo can now fully focus on playin the 8 position. Also, it is a squad game now and we cannot keep complaining that we have no depth in midfield whereas when/ if we do get one then, someone has to drop out. Drop out to where, exactly with so many games to go round? That makes no sense, IMO.

There will be ample game time for all our players and if you think Klopp rotated a lot this past season then, get ready cos with 5 subs now to be implemented, rotation is going to go up a couple of notches. I do agree that we need real cover for Fab BUT if it cannot be done then, we go with what we've got.

07 Jun 2022 16:52:05
Does feel like the French guy was the one as Bellingham was unavailable.

What we have is the safe bet for another year, before getting what the club consider the right man.

I've git no comment on Bellingham, just not seen him play, does feel there is a lack of real deal talent in the midfield position this year.

Barella for me the rest are unobtainable or older lol.

07 Jun 2022 18:23:11
I said if someone comes in Oli, if no one arrives Hendo'll start plenty of games as an 8 but really he needs to be phased out from that position. I love the bloke but for me he just shudnt be starting there for this team anymore, we need people more comfortable on the ball in there.

07 Jun 2022 17:34:59
I think the 5 sub rule will play a part next season but only if we are winning and comfortable in a game. I can’t see Klopp bringing on 3-5 subs just to give them minutes if we’re losing, drawing or are even under pressure whilst leading.

07 Jun 2022 19:07:09
Keita getting offered a new deal is absolutely shocking.

07 Jun 2022 22:52:19
007, the TV stations are never going to allow for games that are extended to the extent you are suggesting. It would throw their programming into chaos.

But I agree that answers have to be found for all the time wasting that goes on. Just have to find a solution within those 90 minutes + extra time, that is already allotted by the TV programming.

Maybe a solution, as they do in ice hockey, is feasible? For every second instance of time wasting, the guilty team has to take a player off for 5 minutes or so? And put the 4th official in charge of all of this? He might as well do some work during the game aside from holding up shirt numbers, on the digital board.

08 Jun 2022 02:21:25
To be honest Magico, given the game time Naby was getting in the second half of the season I don’t think it’s a shock at all. I think that whilst Keita wouldn’t be a guaranteed starter if all the midfield is fit he would certainly get into our match day squad based on the evidence of Klopp’s team selections.

08 Jun 2022 07:16:59
MK I really hope x1000000 that Carvalho does not play in our midfield.

08 Jun 2022 08:40:39
I think Millie won’t play that much next season. Maybe captain of the mid-week team in the first half of the season to provide a lead to the youngsters.

I’d love to see him move towards the coaching side (if that is a path he is considering following) . I could see him being an integral part of the future boot room, a bit like a modern day Ronnie Moran - knows his stuff and a conduit between players and management.

07 Jun 2022 19:07:09
Keita getting offered a new deal is absolutely shocking.

08 Jun 2022 18:04:26
Drinking Ribena in the Boot Room, eh, WDW?
Can you imagine losing with less than five minutes to go and bringing on all five subs to get an extra fifteen minutes to score an equaliser?
I'm sure teams would exploit this if they were losing and the last five minutes would be very interesting regarding substitutions.

08 Jun 2022 18:44:33
why can't we find the young Fabinio, Henderson, Milly or Alonso or a new Stevie G other teams find them and we have to spend millions buying these sort of players . Is there something wrong with the way our young midfielders are being coached .
With no disrespect to Birmingham how can they scout the Bellingham's
Fulham the Elliot's ect were are we when these boys are being picked up?



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