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26 Jul 2021 16:17:43
Hi Ed's. Was wondering if you'd be able to give us a quick rundown of exactly where the club is at currently in regards to incomings if possible. Now, we've known for a while that we'd need to sell to buy which is fine, but just as we're starting to sell contrasting reports come out saying we're not not looking to make any further recruitments this summer. Is this actually the case, or is it more of a front as we've seen in the past with deals such as Fab and Thiago. I agree with the policy of not just recruiting just for the sake of it (although many expect us to! ) but surely if we're trying to move quite a few players on such as Gini, Shaq etc then surely the club must realise we need to bring some cover in - especially with AFCON and the WC next year!

Your knowledge is always greatly appreciated,

Cheers guys :)

{Ed002's Note - Without a doubt the club need to do better with the resources they have. Personally if Keita had worked out there may not be a need to add an additional MF player to replace Wijnaldum with Curtis Jones coming through. So my feeling is that if a MF player could be found at the right price then that would be a likely move. The other addition would be a versatile forward (along the lines of Bowen perhaps) but perhaps more could be done with Minamino.}

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26 Jul 2021 17:08:48
I see! That would make sense for sure, Keita has been a total waste imo. Are the club actively looking or is it more just of an idea? Like are we actually going to move for a player in either of them positions? Putting it bluntly, is there anyone we’re going to move for in your opinion or is it going to be a quiet end for the window?

Cheers for the reply :)

{Ed002's Note - I have explained where I know of Liverpool interest.}

26 Jul 2021 17:12:10
If the current midfielders stay fit I think we are ok. But Ox, Keita and Hendo pick up injuries.

For me the starting three is Fab, Thiago and Hendo no matter if we sign another midfielder (unless it is Saul but that ain't going to happen haha) . So a bench of Keita, Jones and Ox doesn't seem too bad.

26 Jul 2021 17:45:31
As you say jordz they can’t stay fit. It’s very unlikely that Fabs will be fit all season and we have no idea which Thiago will turn up. I think ed066 sums it up best when he says he doubts if we currently have a title winning midfield.

26 Jul 2021 18:04:16
Bissouma and Bowen would be a very good conclusion to the window imo.

26 Jul 2021 19:34:52
Don't forget Milner lads.

Hendo, Fabinho, Thiago, Keita, Milner, Jones, Ox and Elliott makes 8 players in the squad who Klopp has used in midfield previously.

26 Jul 2021 20:56:11
However many times people write the list down it doesn't get any better. No matter who tries to dress it up that is not a champonship winning midfield.

26 Jul 2021 20:57:51
But MK, take our Fabinho and Henderson from that group and any three from the remainder won’t win games, yes we’ve loads of players who can play in midfield but when you scratch the surface it’s not actually that good without either of Henderson or Fabinho playing there. Imagine going into a game against Man City with a midfield of Milner, Keita and Jones, we’d get battered.

26 Jul 2021 21:09:26
Agree Mark it would leave me nervous going into a season with the midfielders and their injury record. Hopefully it’s behind them.

I could see Shaq going and Phillips and maybe Neuhaus and Bowen. I think that’d still work with the squad quotas.

26 Jul 2021 21:20:39
Henderson, Fabinho and Thiago isn't a championship winning midfield? They've literally all won championships. Thiago has won 11 of them.

26 Jul 2021 21:24:31
Ed002 am not sure if it’s down to the club doing better with the players we have. Nabby needs no do so much more when he plays 9 times out of 10 it’s like we are playing with 10 men his effort is just not up to it. I had high hopes for Minamino am just not sure his right for the league it’s just a shame Nabby has not got Minamino’s work ethic.

26 Jul 2021 21:28:32
We’re missing a goal scoring midfielder and then we will have a title winning midfield. Fab, Thiago and Hendo are class acts, but none of them score enough goals.

26 Jul 2021 21:49:55
How many times will Hendo and Fabs start together in PL midfield? Maybe 20 if we are lucky. The drop off then is big and it is likely the 2 of them will be injured together at some stage. I think Jones can step up but the rest can't stay fit or are unproven in the PL.

26 Jul 2021 21:52:37
During the CL win in2019 and the league win of 2020 who was the goalscoring midfielder? Just curious.

26 Jul 2021 22:09:13
Milner, hendo, Fab, Jones, Ox, Keita, thiago is a fantastic group of 7 whether you agree about the quality of depth or injury concerns.
at the end of the day we can't just keep adding to the squad. In many ways we are reaping what we have sowed so it is what it is and the club need to deal with that. I like what ed has said and feel like we need to figure it out. I mean if these players are "dead wood" like how they are described as by fans, who are rhey expecting to buy them and what kind of sale are younexpecting lol.

26 Jul 2021 22:34:41
What concerns me is how unbalanced the midfield looked with both Hendo and Fabhino playing in defence ( or injured ) . Agree we can’t keep adding but it’s pretty clear neither Hendo nor Fabs will stay injury free and when they’re not in the team, we suffer.

26 Jul 2021 22:35:15
Reaping what we have sowed. What you mean is we have less than 50% buying power of our rivals. Ox got injured when he was at the top of his game, no one’s fault we just don’t have the funds to change it. Keita was a bad buy, but there have been very few that have cost decent money. Our rivals would just bin him and sign another £50m player. Your not being at all fair faith works.

26 Jul 2021 22:43:13
Milner is 36!

26 Jul 2021 22:47:22
Injury free is unreasonable to think. But long term injuries gone and players meeting their potential, with youngsters coming through. We actually don’t need to sign anyone. Our first 11 is good enough to win the title. If our rotation players like Ox, Keita, Minamino perform like they do in preseason or before injury. If the young lads at full back and other areas are as good as we hear. Plus Elliot. Then we know we’ve got three GKs. We have then the defence, midfield and front line already. We have players to switch to almost any formation.
Ideally we’d upgrade but if it did not happen and the flying pigs went past Keitas place and our hospital beds. Regardless who others strengthen our squad should be there.

27 Jul 2021 06:52:32
I can't believe we're still getting comments about needing goal scoring midfielders! The starting 3 of Fabinho, Hendo and Thiago is potentially a PL winning midfield but I have three major concerns

1) If Fabinho needs a rest or is injured, who plays at 6? Hendo can potentially do it but it's still a big risk to what's a crucial position in our setup given how attacking our fullbacks are

2) While we have decent depth off the bench, Keita has often flattered to deceive, Milner is getting on a bit, Ox has had consistent injury problems and Jones is still young. All of these are potentially capable of proving me wrong and having a great season, but in recent times, none of these has shown an ability to consistently challenge for a starting position, or to change a game from the bench

3) Our best midfielders aren't getting any younger

I would ideally like to see both Shaq and Keita sold, and then one top player brought in who can play at either 6 or 8. That would
1) provide cover for Fabinho if required
2) bring competition for the starting positions (and ability to change games from the bench as a result)
3) help ease the transition when eventually Hendo, Milner and Thiago are ready to retire.

27 Jul 2021 06:52:40
Far far too many IFs mate. We have to make at least one more decent signing.

27 Jul 2021 07:31:59
SG you do realise that Hendo played number 6 the year we won the title.

27 Jul 2021 08:45:28
Massively overthinking it lads. If Fabinho needed a break or got injured we could simply switch to a 4-2-3-1 as we did several times last season, and play any of Hendo, Thiago, Milner, Jones or Keita in the 2.

Or you just drop Hendo into the 6 and play any of the above (or also Elliott or Ox) off the side of a midfield 3. You don't need 2 specialists for every position. Elite players should be able to play a couple of positions minimum and tactical changes can be made to accommodate who is available. We might even end up playing a 4-2-3-1 as plan A if Jota stays fit all year and starts banging in goals again. We were starting to play that formation last year just before he got injured so maybe that's what Klopp wants going forward.

27 Jul 2021 09:37:42
I hear you Mark but Hendos not getting any younger and it’s obvious from last season the challenges we face if We lose Fabinho. Getting someone versatile enough to cover both 6 or 8 makes sense in the long term and also gives you the option to leave Hendo in his best position which is box to box IMO. It’s why I think Bissouma would be perfect for us.

MK I like the 4-2-3-1 against lower the lower league sides as I think it gives you the chance to play Mane, Firmino, Salah and Jota/ Minamino/ Elliott together to break down a stubborn defence, but against the top sides and in the CL I expect the 4-3-3 will continue to be Klopps go to. A lot more balanced and a lot more control in a tough midfield battle.

27 Jul 2021 10:29:37
I agree we need a player who can play 6 or 8 I hope we get the right guy.

27 Jul 2021 15:07:32
mark - the point is that we have signed these players. that they have become injrued, or were injured on arrival, or injury-prone, we made the decision to sign the players and now we have to deal with that. just adding players to the squad in case of injury isn't a solution.

27 Jul 2021 16:55:35
We have a budget of a mid table side and we are punching way way above our weight. As I said you are being totally unfair. You would be happier if we slashed the wage bill sold the squad players and after a few years made profits but finished mid table. It’s lack of funds and one bad buy that gives us this midfield. Klopp will find a solution.
Jones is from the academy, Fabs, Hendo and Milner are all great signings and Thiago was £25m. I think the midfield is great under the circumstances. We now need to replace Gini.

27 Jul 2021 23:04:50
budget of a mid-table team paying some of the highest squad wages in the league. give me a sec to try and unpack that one . . .

28 Jul 2021 07:04:26
Our money goes on wages, it has to or it becomes impossible to compete. Then we have to be creative in the market. But this reap what you sow garbage is what was out of order. I still maintain we are punching 2 levels above our weight. I have faith we will buy the right midfielder you should to.



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