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25 Jan 2020 21:34:53
What happened to klopp at dortmund? Did he leave them to come to us or was he sacked?

{Ed001's Note - he left, despite the fans begging him to stay. Even when that final season was going badly the fans were desperate for him to stay on. They still love him there and at Mainz.}

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25 Jan 2020 22:14:35
The man is unreal that’s why . I remember saying to my mate when he signed for us I could listen to Him speak him all day .
Still the same 4 seasons in .

{Ed001's Note - it is charisma. He has it in spades.}

25 Jan 2020 22:22:19
Klopp is revered at both clubs esp. at Mainz where till the CL win in Madrid, klopp still says getting them promoted to the Bundesliga was the greatest achievement in his managerial career.

{Ed001's Note - he also got them into Europe for the first time ever. Well obviously really as they hadn't even been in the top flight before him so they would have struggled to get into Europe before!}

25 Jan 2020 23:10:23
I remember enjoying reading his interviews before he sign. When he signed, I was so excited I spent few days googling and reading his quotes. I like him even more just by reading those. Yes, it's the charisma. I understand why Dortmund fans begged for him to stay even when they weren't doing well.

25 Jan 2020 23:35:04
Wow. Bit of a worry for the future I suppose. If he walked away from dortmund, then he can easily walk away from us. We are probably the best team on the planet right now but we are still not as big as Madrid and Barcelona. Juventus and maybe bayern Munich.

So I think he could be tempted. Saying that, we have another 4 years. In which time anything can happen. Enjoy it while we have the worlds best manager at the helm.

Does anyone see him managing Germany? I can and I thought that might be why he didn't sign a new contract with us. Of course he did but surely the German fa must be looking at him.

26 Jan 2020 04:45:43
I didn't know he got mainz into Europe. That is mental really. Unbelievable. He's the better manager than pep eh. Pep is a privileged manager who was lucky enough to start at a top side.

26 Jan 2020 07:26:31
he did not just walk away he did leave when his contract was up at Dortmund, don't know if it was the same at Mainz. I don't think he is the type of manager to walk out I think that's why he did not jump straight away for the new contract but this will be the longest he has managed any club not sure if we will get a new contract out of him so let's enjoy the next 4 years reds with the best manager in the world while we have him.

26 Jan 2020 07:35:58
Robbiesline, you don’t think Liverpool are as big as Juventus or Bayern Munich? Are you serious? I don’t know one Liverpool supporter that would agree with that!

26 jan 2020 07:45:31
not like rodgers who i loved for a season then got bored of the word, character .

26 Jan 2020 08:24:01
As a player and coach Klopp has never left a job before his contract is up. At Mainz he saw his contract through + the few extensions he signed, and the same for his time at Dortmund. He will see his extension through to the end it is the type of man he is.

Also he is quoted as saying a large part of his managerial ability is down to communication, he can only speak German and English fluently and therefore has pretty much ruled out ever managing in Italy or Spain.

After us he will either end up as the German national team manager or a TV pundit. Whilst a player at Mainz he moonlighted working in the local TV studio as his wage wasn’t big enough and he was building towards a career for life after he stopped playing.

26 Jan 2020 08:25:36
There’s a brilliant documentary on him called klopps journey to the kop that you can still get on you tube. Talks his time as a player to mainz and Dortmund. I remember watching it when we signed him and I knew right then we had got someone special.

26 Jan 2020 08:49:31
I can remember when we was linked with Klopp and Ancelloti on here. Ed01 it was a matter of head and heart, Klopp being heart. And then ed002 said it'll be a bumpy ride but Klopp will get it right in the end. I think we are there now. Everything has come together.

25 Jan 2020 23:33:11
Can I ask what went wrong in that season for it to go so bad eds1?

{Ed001's Note - because the club kept selling the best players. You can't continue to win things if the best players are sold against the manager's wishes every single season. Especially if you fail to replace them, as Dortmund had done.}

26 Jan 2020 08:40:30
Ed01, seriously? He got them into Europe? I only read that all Mainz wanted to do was to play in the Bundesliga and Klopp (thru all the pain, suffering, blood, guts and tears) made that dream come true against all odds. At the time, it was the equivalent of Mainz winning the CL. That was how big that dream was for the team, the fans and the city.

And now I learn he got them into Europe for the first time in their history? I Now I am SURE that Klopp is better than Pep (it's NOT even close at this point) and I will argue that till the end of my days. As Paul Merson said, Klopp would get Rotherham promoted to the PL while Pep would not even look their way cos well, they ain't billionaires.

{Ed001's Note - yes mate, he got them into Europe.}

26 Jan 2020 09:09:52
I echo Ed001’s comments re Dortmund.
The club continually sold their best players.

26 Jan 2020 10:10:02
I'm just so glad we have him as our manager, and I hope that when he does eventually leave that the club appoint the right person to the job and we don't fall back the way we did when Kenny left us.

26 Jan 2020 10:36:44
Klopp is also in a much diff. position than he was at BVB. Here, LFC has money to spend on the players he wants. Also and most importantly, NOBODY will be coming here to poach his players against his will. He has earned the right to give the final say on these issues, something he could never do at BVB.

Furthermore, he has a very good staff at LFC and he and the owners, CEO etc are all on the same page on where the club needs to go with nobody undermining him. At Mainz, he was allegedly in charge of everything from being in charge of maintaining the ground, money issues to coaching, tactics and playing for the team on the weekend.

With all these tools, Klopp's true ability as a manager is now coming out to the fore and credit to him cos he had this reputation for being a master motivator and not a tactician. Klopp is BOTH.

26 Jan 2020 11:38:32
Without knowing a great deal on Klopp’s professional history, the thing that strikes me the most about his Liverpool tenure is the very talented team that he has built up around him. He’s very open to new ideas and it really does seem a true team effort at Liverpool.
I’m hoping, come the dreaded day that he leaves, that this collective strength and knowledge will be able to continue and endure.

25 Jan 2020 22:14:35
The man is unreal that’s why . I remember saying to my mate when he signed for us I could listen to Him speak him all day .
Still the same 4 seasons in .

25 Jan 2020 22:15:31
Not like Rodgers who I loved for a season then got bored of the word CHARACTER .

26 Jan 2020 19:57:24
Klopp in his last season at Dortmund had lots of injury to first team as well. They were loosing games by very fine margins and had the best shot every game ratio or something around that mould. I think they even hit the woodworks most time. Do in short a combination of more than few things. Even then they finished seventh. I read somewhere that a stat was done that if all the shot which hits the post would have gone in Borussia would have won bundesliga, something in that line.

26 Jan 2020 20:24:16
Liverpool fans might not admit it but juventus are probably a bigger club than Liverpool. Bayern Munich? Maybe. Not much in it. Juve are a huge club dude. Yes we are but we've been in the wilderness for years. It's a bit like utd saying they're the biggest club on the planet. Its delusional.



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