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17 Jan 2021 18:39:37
Beating the same drum but until we address the CB issue I think we're in trouble
Unfortunately It looks like we won't be buying a CB so I really don't know.

You could see today, without Hendo and Fabs in midfield, especially Hendo, breaking down the play in the final third, we look very ordinary and afraid to commit players forward.

Thanks to Allison the score was kept intact!

Another draw and no wins in 4.

The only shining light today was Thiago.

{Ed025's Note - he was the best player on the park drogie..

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17 Jan 2021 18:47:41
And even he did rush forward to try and win the ball many times and lost out leaving us exposed. Absolutely class on the ball gliding past players, once he keeps building relationships on the pitch with team mates it will be huge for us.

17 Jan 2021 18:48:22
Patching up defence is definitely hurting us but if the money isn't there I don't want them breaking the bank to get one in.
Frustrating at the minute but luckily the league isn't like last year with someone running away with it or we'd be well out of it. Because its so competitive we are still right in the mix and anything can happen.

17 Jan 2021 18:50:03
Thiago went missing in the second half, like most of our team.

{Ed025's Note - i beg to differ mark he was the only one who tried to go forward mate, too many backward and sideways balls from the rest..

17 Jan 2021 18:52:02
This is not a blip “balls aren’t dropping” kind of period. We’re just playing poorly, midtable football, and like I said on here weeks ago when we were clear and ‘in form’. Top 4 isn’t nailed on.

17 Jan 2021 18:56:01
Fabhino was the best player on the pitch he’s been colossal! But sadly the hole team is being effected with the loss of him and hendo in the centre!
If u can’t see what’s happening with out them in there then wer blind! Them 2 allow the rest bomb forward and cause havoc and that’s now gone!
We don’t win the league with the team Like this!
Buy some f#%#%#% centre backs or this will get worse!
Don’t let not conceding goals paper over the cracks!

17 Jan 2021 18:56:24
We had 70 odd percent possession and about 17 attempts on goal. Not sure Hendo and Fab would break up a lot of that 30% of Utd possession to make much of a difference. That’s not me saying they shouldn’t be in midfield because they should as both are key midfielders for us. What I’m saying is them not being in there shouldn’t be effecting us scoring and attacking. After all Hendo was in the middle for WBA and Newcastle game and we were just as toothless then and didn’t win.

17 Jan 2021 19:00:46
Mark I think match fitness might have caught up with Thiago in 2nd half as he was everywhere in the first. I wouldn’t say he went missing though.

17 Jan 2021 19:06:29
Jay. agree mate. Hendo fab and thiago midfield I'm waiting for. Sure if vvd and gomez hadn't of got injured this would be our starting midfield. I'd get the cheque ook out and go for ben white or a cb with a decent injury record haha
Tough times ahead I think.

17 Jan 2021 19:07:23
I could be completely wrong but if you have VVD and gomez at the back you can play with a higher line, that leaves less space in midfield where fab and hendo then are brilliant at turning it over and 'suffocating' teams. I think its that we are missing rather then Henderson being key to us unlocking defences.

17 Jan 2021 19:07:26
LFC8 you’re joking aren’t you? Mid table football? We’ve just completely dominated a team that unbeaten away for a year and top of the table.
The only thing wrong is decision making in the final third, we pass when we should shoot and shoot when we should pass.
It’s temporary, we’ve been clinical for 3 years why would 3 weeks suddenly make this front 3 poor players?!
They will come good and we’ll finish at least 10 points above Utd. We are seriously that much better than they are and today proved it for me.

{Ed025's Note - today proved nothing of the sort BP, it proves that without hendo and fab in the midfield you are mid table club who play boring football, all the passing was backwards and sideways mate and a chore to watch, when the front 3 pull their finger out their arses and you get fab and hendo back in midfield things might change, but the last 4 results are not are playing poorly!!..

17 Jan 2021 19:08:02
I also think we miss Jota. I know it’d early days with him but he gives us something different and knows where the goal is!

17 Jan 2021 19:14:11
January 2020 - Liverpool beat Manchester United to go 30 points clear of them in the table.

January 2021 - Manchester United hold Liverpool and stay 3 points clear of them in the table.

17 Jan 2021 19:16:13
I think that it is pretty obvious that we have something huge lined up in the summer, and we are not going to spend the funds allocated on a CB.

17 Jan 2021 19:24:52
Our front three have really lost their Mojo at the minute. Never thought all three would suffer at once. This is a hard baron spell for us that by the end of the night we will go 4th.

17 Jan 2021 19:27:12
Ed025 on the sweet sherry I think.
We’re the only side trying to play football, every team we’re playing are putting 11 men behind the ball and you’re accusing Liverpool of playing boring football?

{Ed025's Note - ok then juicer, liverpool were very dynamic and passed the ball forward at every opportunity, the front 3 were on fire and had numerous chances to score, de gea made a string of magnificent saves and it could and should have been 20-0 to the that better for you mate?.. :)

17 Jan 2021 19:28:11
I’m totally with JK23 on this, and disagree with Ed025 that we are a mid-table side without Henderson and Fabinho in midfield. Aside from any more sophisticated analysis, we’ve been top or second for weeks (months? ) prior to today with Fabinho playing at the back for most of the season.

I love that we’re not overly critical of players who have delivered the goals that brought us the league and Champions League (and Super Cup and World Cup) but I think it’s perfectly reasonable for our mis-firing strikers to be held accountable. Front three simply not up to their usual high standards. Same applies to our full backs who, all of sudden, can’t deliver the perfect passes that have been so key to our success. Don’t tell me that Hendo and Fabinho missing from midfield is the reason that Trent and Robbo keep hitting the first defender or slicing the ball behind. If they weren’t getting any possession, I’d accept the point, but they’re getting plenty and just not using it so well.

The strikers and full backs will come good and, assuming it’s soon, we’re still right up there and well placed for a good run to take us back top. I just hope that when the strikers do come good, Fabinho and Alisson are still shutting things out at the other end like they are right now.

17 Jan 2021 19:35:15
Thiago Alcantara vs Manchester United

• Most passes (83/ 96)
• Most touches (121)
• Most chances created (2)
• Most dribbles for LFC (5/ 5)
• Most tackles for LFC (3/ 6)
• Most interceptions (7)

17 Jan 2021 19:38:56
Perfect Ed025😂.

{Ed025's Note - cheers barry.. :)

17 Jan 2021 20:32:20
WYred, that’s exactly my point mate! Even with Gomez and Matip or a - another CB, we have Hando and Fabs suffocating teams.

JK23 - just because we have 70% possession doesn’t mean we can’t press and suffocate teams. In this instance today, United had 30%, a number of that will be them having the ball just outside their box. So much of our success has been forcing teams into making mistakes in the final third, especially in tight games like today! With Fabhino and Hendo in defence, this just doesn’t happen. Not only this, some of Fabhino’s passing range is excellent.

17 Jan 2021 21:04:46
I think Ed25 is getting a bit carried away with his excitement of Liverpool not winning every week.
With Hendo and Fab in midfield and VVD and Gomez at the back we would win the league by more than 15 points. With Hendo and Fab at the back we will be challenging for the league and maybe win or lose it by the odd point.
The mid table talk is absolute nonsense. If we are mid table the his beloved Everton are division 2.

17 Jan 2021 21:10:54
Drogie - I saw us do exactly that at least a couple of times today; pressing, forcing the mistake and then having possession high up the field with the opposition not set. But we lacked the quality to take the opportunities.

Find a solution up front; whether it’s a rest for the front three, an opportunity for the likes of Origi, Minamino and Shaqiri, or just having the patience for our front three to work back to top form. Fix that and we’ll be flying again. I totally get the point that our midfield is sub-optimal without Fabinho and Hendo, but I think more is being made of it than is really the case. Front three are bang out of form. Aside from the fact that they are outstanding when in-form, they also make up over a quarter of the team, just purely in terms of numbers. Inevitable that we’ll have a dip if they’re all off form at the same time.

17 Jan 2021 21:14:01
Drogie I’m not disagreeing with you on that mate and as I said they are needed in midfield. However fab has been that centre half most of the season now and we’ve still won games and scored goals. Hendo has only played the last 2 n defence and we’ve been poor for 4 games. I just can’t see how them 2 in defence is making us unable to score any goals.

17 Jan 2021 21:25:40
I think the responses on this post epitomise who is half glass full and who is glass half empty. Ed25 is right though, we are playing poorly, and it’s as simple as that. In fact there’s only been a handful of games where you could say we played well. Some may say, we didn’t play great majority of last season either, but we were winning those same games last season, and this season we’re drawing or losing them, that’s testament to what some of us are saying, we played average at times last season and produced champions results, this season we’re playing even worse and producing midtable results (that’s not to say we’re midtable) . We were poor before the injuries and have recently become very poor with them. I just think regardless of injuries, you don’t consistently drop points to relegation fodder and suggest it’s just an injury problem, I think it’s clear it’s deeper than that this season. It’s a mentality issue, the players are clearly not as hungry to go again at such a high level. I think there’s a clear lack of preparation for matches, I think we prepare ourselves and not strategise for different opponents, we just expect that preparing us will be enough to win, and it’s proving otherwise this season. That and a combination of important players just not playing up to it, is hurting us. We rely so much on the front 3’s individual talent and they’re non existent the past 4 games and the results have shown how reliant we are. These sort of long periods of bad patches have happened in klopps managerial career in the past, and before everyone lynches me, I’m not saying this is down to klopp, but I’m saying it’s well capable of happening under him and it’s happened before. He eventually addresses things but it takes time with him when it does happen for some reason, so I expect a few more inconsistent results before things improve. I also think in game management is starting to rear it’s ugly head again, since we look worse in second half’s of games now and what does he have against Minamino? Why does he value firmino so much? Firmino isn’t anywhere near as productive as he was anymore, on or off the ball, when does the penny drop? Jota can’t come back soon enough

Definitely reasons to be concerned but I think they can be addressed, enough to win the league this season? For me no, I said at the end of last season I can only see us retaining top 4, and was criticised. I think it’s also important to note that anytime another team shows up and genuinely challenges us for most of the season, we are the ones that end up buckling, last season we pulled away early and won it at a canter with very little pressure if at all, on us that whole season. This season, once someone shows some intent (there’s at least two or three showing intent), we start to not fancy it as much. There’s still time yet for klopp to prove me wrong, I just don’t think Lady Luck is on our side this season, and that’s what we would need to win it, luck.

17 Jan 2021 22:09:30
Reds, we are not playing aswell at the moment, but its temporary, look at the Palace result?! We cewated numerous chances tonight, but the finishing was not there. Not sure how a team who only pass sideways and back create so many scoring oppurtunities! I agree, having Fab and Hendo in defence detracts so much from midfield, but even so, the front three should be taking more of the chances created. I thought Fabinho was outstanding tonight, closely followed by Thiago. We are crying out for cover at CB and a striker who can put the ball in the back of the net. Mid table team? WOW.

17 Jan 2021 22:03:43
The issue is gini in the midfield and hendo is guilty of it side ways passing or passing backwards instead of trying something different

Almost like there been over coached and been patient has mad us not force a goal

I think when you play like we are or against teams defending so deep bobby isn't the right man in the middle as with no space for his link up play and he isn't a natural finisher I know we've no money but if we got haaland or someone who gets goals and has height could be the key

Mo and mane a little indecisive lately thst will hopefully pass

Couple of issue for me but let's have faith in the coaches and players to work hard and turn it around to mount a title defense to the end.

17 Jan 2021 23:07:30
That’s a fair point JK23 mate.



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