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04 Jun 2022 18:54:52
Watching the England game I don't see the hype bout Bellingham he's no Steven Gerrard that's for sure which I was led to believe he was reading on here.

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04 Jun 2022 21:05:09
He's 19 and after 20 minutes he was spent. Maybe the humidity played a part plus its end of season.

04 Jun 2022 21:47:20
He was playing for England who are the equivalent of Man Utd on the international scene it is hard for anyone to look good playing for them. Anyway he is still young and will need coaching Klopp and Liverpool would be a perfect fit.

04 Jun 2022 23:12:19
it's international footy which is not compatible in the least.

05 Jun 2022 00:11:36
The manager is clueless, the football is insipid and a fair percentage of the squad shouldn’t be anywhere near an international squad worth the name. Add to that they are all at the end of a very long season and you can’t really expect anybody to play well really.

05 Jun 2022 00:34:07
He really isn’t all that. His reading of the game and positional sense are non existent. He’s ok going forward but doesn’t do enough defensively. Will be a very big waste of money for whoever is fool enough to waste £100m+ on him. Thankfully that price rules us out of it.

Tchouameni and Camavinga are miles ahead of him and always will be, sadly for England.

05 Jun 2022 01:44:23
What I don’t understand is why Southgate has England playing a back 5 (despite its relative success in the euros) against a 40th ranked team. Esp when none of the back 5 ever play in that system except maybe coady? Ed001? Any insight as to why an international manager would play a system that the players generally never play during the normal season?

{Ed001's Note - because he is clueless.}

05 Jun 2022 03:27:11
Gareth Southgate is a buffoon. England are a joke and always will be.

05 Jun 2022 03:53:15
Will only Be one stevie g! End of!

05 Jun 2022 08:47:56
What were the combined value of the English team compared to Hungary. Quite a few of those English players are either valued or have been sold for 80 -100 mill.

Maguire, Rice, Grealish, Kane, Bellingham, Trent, Mount and James etc.

Southgate is beyond useless but without him these players should still be able to be beat a part time team.

05 Jun 2022 09:05:32
Players regardless of their price tags when coached properly can beat teams valued at a much higher price. Well said JK23.

05 Jun 2022 09:55:40
Southgate somehow makes foden look poor that takes some doing.

{Ed001's Note - why so? What is so special about him? The way people talk about him is like he is Maradona improved when so far he has shown nothing special to deserve the hype.}

05 Jun 2022 10:02:59
In fairness Victor the same things were being said about Tchounaemi on here when a few had a look at his club game. Said his passes were poor etc. He has 3 years on Bellingham and still isn't the finished article. Me personally i think if we got Bellingham for £100m next summer it would be a very good signing for the club. I reckon Jurgen would be willing to wait for that season.

05 Jun 2022 10:36:06
I don't think England are the equivalent of Man Utd on the international stage at all. Like it or not, this England team under Southgate has got to the WC semi final and the Euros Final. Considerably better than a plethora of England managers before him. I appreciate he is massively disliked on these pages but the facts remain that he has done what no other manager could do since 1968 and got England to a final.

{Ed001's Note - in the weakest ever international tournaments. He is disliked because he is crap and should never be near a top job.}

05 Jun 2022 10:40:04
The club won't be splashing out £100 million on Bellingham.
Just a fan's wet dream that one.

05 Jun 2022 11:17:55
Why not? £75m on VVD cos Jurgen knew he'd be the best around for years. £67 on Allison cos jurgen knew he'd be the best around for years. If Jurgen thinks the same about Bellingham and wants him he will be backed. And if he was right again as he usually is it would be a bargain.

05 Jun 2022 12:17:59
Increasingly Southgate sounds like he is auditioning for a political career. I’m willing to bet that he will be head of the FA in about 20 years time.

He was an average player and he is a below average manager. he has never won anything as a manager - despite, as has been said, competing in poor quality international tournaments.

As an aside, the idea that United paid all that money for Maguire and City the money for Grealish still makes me laugh.

05 Jun 2022 14:17:20
Ed001 you said a while ago foden was along the lines of a very good player and he's only 21 I think. I don't think he's special myself but he could turn into a great player. I gave my doubts though with his off field behaviour.

{Ed001's Note - a very good player is not great or special though.}

05 Jun 2022 14:35:56
Ed I'm going to disagree with you slightly on Southgate. I think he'd be the perfect manager for Everton or Man U 😊.

05 Jun 2022 14:47:16
WDW I have to disagree mate.

I can’t believe you think Southgate was an average player.

No way was he that good 🤣.

05 Jun 2022 16:44:30
I stopped caring about Southgate the moment he pulled that disgraceful stunt on Trent in that press conference last season after he was dropped for an England game. The guy is as incompetent as they come BUT cos he is part of the establishment, he is protected.



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