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30 Jul 2022 07:21:04
Since Ox will be out for the longer term, thus bringing his LFC career to an early end, what are people's thought's on the need to buy a replacement, like Nunes or Gakpo, for example?

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30 Jul 2022 07:38:25
Totally different positions?

Also Klopp has never bought players to replace injured players. Ox will likely be back within a few months or so from a hamstring issue.

Like it or not Klopp is not buying another midfielder.

30 Jul 2022 08:07:30
Isn’t a hamstring 6 to 8 weeks? Why is it the end of Ox’s career at Liverpool?

Godd attempt at pretending that it wasn’t the ‘are we buying another midfielder’ question. ???.

30 Jul 2022 08:08:29
I’ve not seen an update on Ox injury wise. What’s the actual news?

Klopps been quite cryptic Jota and reading between the lines it could be suggested he’s out for a few on the also. Could be the reason why we’ve seen Elliot and Carvalho in the front 3 a lot in pre season.

30 Jul 2022 08:20:51
JK, apparently it is a 'serious' hamstring injury and he will be out for a long time.

30 Jul 2022 08:33:08
Cheers Stuie

It’s sad to hear Ox is out for a long time but the realism is he didn’t play a single minute of the last 3 months of last season and in the minutes before that a lot were in the front 3. Whilst it’s an injury to the squad it doesn’t really effect first team plans immensely.

30 Jul 2022 09:14:52
I've never heard of a hamstring injury keeping a player out for the season before.
The desperate lengths some will go to just to justify clamouring for midfield signings.

30 Jul 2022 09:47:51
I think we need another midfielder but I don't see the sense in replacing someone that very rarely plays. It was the same with Origi.
We need players that are going to play or challenge those that are playing.

30 Jul 2022 09:55:14
OP, you’re reaching here. Klopp did not even give any time line for his injury so not sure what you’re on about here. As for the others, we will have to see cos hamstring injuries are very delicate and the worst thing you want to do is have a setback and aggravate it, like Jota did. Wait and see. And no, Klopp isn’t buying a new midfielder, IMO.

30 Jul 2022 10:53:17
We don’t need to buy cover for a player who is always injured anyway. Maybe we could buy Aaron Ramseyto cover the Ox in the physio room on the rare occasion the ox is fit.

30 Jul 2022 11:34:11
Clearly Ox has not been in Klopps plans dor the last 12 months. He can't be relied on, so the likes Elliott, Jones and now carvalho are ahead of him. This injury changes nothing.

30 Jul 2022 12:14:16
If Ox wasn't in Klopp's plans he wouldn't be at the club. Ask Sakho, Balotelli, Joe Allen etc. So that makes it as clear as mud.
But it's correct that the injury doesn't change anything as far as first team goes.

30 Jul 2022 13:33:28
Unfortunately Ox’s injury, from what I’ve read on here, has to be seen as a negative.
Both for the lad himself, hugely frustrating again, and for the workload it imposes on the others.
Fatigue is what got to us last time out, the injuries were mostly to squad midfielders but latterly to first team also.
The point that Ed001 made recently, about City’s squad getting regularly rested and rotated is where they have held the advantage, one that ultimately told.
We’ve got to keep the midfield fit and use the squad wherever possible.

30 Jul 2022 13:52:06
The Juicer. If you look at Man Citys squad, they work with approx 17/ 18 players. Off course the likes of Carlton Palmer might get the odd game. Liverpool work with a squad of 23 players and then the likes of Morton might get minutes. For this season I haven't included Nat, Williams, Morton or Ox as he's injured. The point is I'm not sure how much more "rest" the City players get when working with less numbers.
Off course the quality of their 17/ 18 players is superior to ours.

{Ed002's Note - Carlton Palmer?}

30 Jul 2022 13:55:49
I’d add that the midfield is where City have a clear advantage in depth.
The two squads are fairly comparable -
Goalkeepers - maybe Liverpool have the edge here
Defence - about even, possibly even us again just
Midfield - City definitely
Attack - perhaps about even though we need Mane’s goals to be covered by Nunez / others.

Midfield for me, wonder why we didn’t go for Bissouma?

30 Jul 2022 14:39:11
Thing is we say we have 9 midfielders which is true (we actually have more with youth) but on the other hand Elliot and Carvalho seem to be our 2nd choice wide forwards and Milner as emergency full back cover. Add to that Ox in the last 2 seasons has played more in the front 3 than he has in midfield.

So despite us having 9 we’ve only got 5 that are guaranteed to only play in midfield and that could be 4 as Jones can also be selected to play in front 3.

It’s interesting that Elliot and Carvalho have spent the majority of their pre season minutes in the front 3 so whilst us fans might think they are our midfield depth perhaps Klopp sees them as the back ups to Mo and Diaz.

30 Jul 2022 14:40:22
Cole Palmer ?.

30 Jul 2022 17:16:23
He’s a crock his career is over.

30 Jul 2022 17:59:10
City have a better squad than we do, and a better midfield in my view. I think Allison edges it in the GK department, defences and attack have similar quality. For me it’s the squad quality and midfield where we are weaker. Keita and Ox should have been sold long ago.

30 Jul 2022 19:52:40
Ox is susceptible to these kinds of injury. Should have been sold before this current one. I’m afraid he’s far too fragile to be relied upon.

30 Jul 2022 19:57:14
@Juicer, I suspect we didn’t go for Bissouma because this overall character and perhaps his attitude to life wasn’t considered suitable. I think looks at the whole person rather than just the footballer these days.



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