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20 May 2021 13:50:45
I am really scratching my head over the Aaron Ramsey link.

The fact he has not played more than 30 league games since 2015-16 just doesn't strike me as even a decent gamble on experience (as Thiago has been) .

Am I missing something?

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20 May 2021 14:46:30
He was awful at Arsenal and he’s been awful at Juventus.

Apparently it started in the s*n, so you know it’s not true.

He’s more likely to end up at Palace or West Ham thankfully.

20 May 2021 14:48:32
He’s also not that good even when fit.

20 May 2021 15:01:35
there is no link don't worry.

20 May 2021 15:37:48
I'd keep Keita rather than sign Ramsey.

20 May 2021 18:32:59
I actually think this unites all the posters on here that we unanimously don’t want to sign Ramsey!

20 May 2021 19:15:45
I hope we sign Aaron Ramsey.

20 May 2021 22:25:34
Haven’t seen much at Juventus but Ramsey being awful at Arsenal couldn’t be further from the truth he was fantastic. Gerrard even called him the best attacking midfielder in the league. Maybe not Ramsey himself but he’s 100% the profile of player we need just someone younger and fitter.

20 May 2021 23:43:39
He was mediocrity personified at Arsenal, and that’s being generous. We’d be flushing £10m and his exorbitant wages (apparently he’s on £400’000 a week?! ) down the bog if we wasted money on him. We have enough players over 30 and need to be bringing in younger more dynamic players.

21 May 2021 05:32:27
My impression of Ramsey when he was fit enough to play was of a player who had skill but was content to coast through matches (perhaps to avoid injury? ) . One memorable occasion I saw him so busy telling off someone on the bench that he ignored the ball going past him and only turned around to see the ball in the back of his net. Ozil copping heaps from commentators for his "lack of effort" whilst Ramsey barely broke a sweat summed up for me a lot of what as wrong at Arsenal.

21 May 2021 06:49:47
I think a recommendation from Steven Gerrard isn’t as good as you’d like to think, after all, he compared Joe Cole to Leo Messi.

21 May 2021 08:41:09
He was actually very good for a few seasons at Arsenal but too injured and not coming to us.

21 May 2021 10:49:27
If we wanted a lightweight, ineffective Welsh player who only turned up occasionally, we’ve already got Harry Wilson on the books, no need to get Ramsey in to do that job.

21 May 2021 10:54:04
Aaron Ramsey was a decent player at Arsenal, scoring 20+ goals in one season if I remember correctly. He is injury prone no doubt, but remember before you say he's rubbish that he had a horrific leg break that left his career on the brink at a young age. Takes a lot to get over an injury like that.

21 May 2021 13:49:35
Dar, the most he’s ever got in a premier league season is 10 goals back in 13/ 14, he’s never come close to replicating that since and he’s certainly never scored 20 in a season.

That horrific injury or not, he’s simply not good enough to help us progress from this awful season, he doesn’t improve our starting 11 and doesn’t improve our options outside of our starting 11, I can’t see what he brings that we don’t already have, as we certainly appear to have more than our fair share of non scoring ineffective midfielders.

It is also a fair point to make that player over 30 is only worth signing if they’re an absolute top class player and it would be silly not to do so (Thiago for example), or you’re looking for a back up keeper, but Ramsey is nowhere near those categories, he’s just a very ordinary player at best, not particularly creative, poor defensively, contrary to popular belief doesn’t have a tremendous eye for goal, is quite slow and ponderous in possession, so he doesn’t have speed of thought and feet to compensate for his lack of actual pace.

I absolutely guarantee that no other top four side would entertain signing him for whatever silly fee Juve want and there’s a reason for that, he’s simply not very good.

He’s better off joining West Ham, Everton, Spurs, Newcastle or whoever, just not us. In all honesty, I’d rather we signed Gordon Ramsey than Aaron Ramsey.

21 May 2021 18:42:01
VVVV, I never said I want us to sign him. His career has been on the decline for a few years, mainly due to injury, and I agree we should stay clear due to that. Again I agree that a mid table club is the best he can hope for now if anyone will risk the large wages he'll ask for. All I'll say is, he promised a lot when younger and was a decent player for arsenal and wales injuries aside.

22 May 2021 02:56:13
Being way too critical of Ramsey’s time at Arsenal. Sure up until 2013 he was hit and miss but he was young. 13/ 14 he got 16 goals 10 assists from midfield despite missing 3 months, scoring a winner in an FA Cup final. He then got 10 goals 8 assists with one of each in the community shield and won another FA Cup. Next season was quiet still got 5G 4A as they came 2nd won another community shield and got into the EURO 2016 team of the tournament. Next season scored a winner in an FA cup final again. Next season he scored 11 and set up 12. He’d only been gone a few week and scored twice vs Hungary to send Wales to the euros again. He’s their most iconic player of their Emirates era. Cesc/ RVP/ Alexis better players but Ramsey done more for the club and didn’t tarnish his legacy. Even at Juventus his first season they finished above Inter by a point, Ramsey scored and set the other up in a 2-0 win vs them late in the season.

22 May 2021 11:08:06
Yeah a lot of unmerited hate on for Ramsey here. True he was hit and miss for a long while but when he hit top form he was a very creative and hard working midfield with more than solid output numbers consistently. At that time he was up there with the best midfielders in the league. Unfortunately he has dropped off again and injury’s taken their toll but to say he was never a good player looking at his output in one of the toughest leagues in the world whilst still being injured regularly is simply incorrect.

22 May 2021 11:12:16
To clarify, Ramsey has only ever scored 10 goals in the league once - 2013-14, when he ended up with 16 goals overall in all competitions.

He's scored 10+ goals in all competitions twice more - 2014-15 (10) and 2017-18 (11) but never more than 7 in the league (other than 2013-14 obvs)

22 May 2021 16:59:49
It isn’t hate. He’s just not a very good player and I genuinely cannot see what he does as a player or what he could bring to our club? He’s not creative, he’s poor defensively, he’s got no tactical acumen, he’s not a goal threat either inside or out side the box, his range of passing is poor, he lacks vision and awareness, he has no pace and is far from what you’d call dynamic and he’s also quite injury prone which are not selling points for a 30 something player, I’ve not heard one even remotely persuasive argument that could show he’d improve our starting 11 or strengthen the depth of our squad as he’s worse than our existing options (even Naby Keita is a better option than Ramsey and that is saying something) . Juve have found out to huge financial cost that he’s not w top class player or even a good one, and they are now desperately looking for a mug punter to take him off their hands and that mug punter should not be us. They’re essentially paying world class wages to a mid table player. As Juve have also found out, free transfers either turn out to be James Milner/ Gary McAllisyer or they turn out to be Andre Voronin/ Philip Degen and Ramsey definitely falls into the second category for them.

24 May 2021 07:44:09
I didn’t say we should bring him in. I simply disagreed with comments here that he has never been a good player when he has been. Maybe not now, I couldn’t say I havnt watched him. All im saying here is I think there are people with red tinted glasses on here to say he was never a good player. Everyone loves Gini/ Hendo etc for example but name me one of our midfielders that reached Ramsey’s output numbers in his better seasons? Ramsey also did work very hard and was a complete midfielder when he was on top form. Again I am not commenting on what he is now as I don’t know, but I repeat the comments here that was never a good player as simply incorrect.

24 May 2021 15:34:54
A complete midfielder? That’s just nonsense. He’s poor defensively, tactically naive, no pace, switches off at critical moments (that story about him arguing with the bench instead of actually concentrating while Arsenal conceded a goal sums him up nicely), whatever Henderson and Wijnaldum’s shortcomings are, you can’t level those at them. if he was as complete a midfield as is being claimed, why would Juventus be so desperate to get rid and why weren’t Arsenal too fussed about renewing his contract. Like I say, if we’re after a work shy lightweight welsh midfielder we might as well just keep Harry Wilson, as it costs less and he can at least shoot.

24 May 2021 18:55:19
Agree to disagree then. It’s subjective and pointless anyway he won’t be coming to us.



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