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26 Feb 2020 10:58:49
This whole trophies vs invincibles thing gets on my nerves. A trophy was made specially for that Arsenal invicibles team by the premier league. It sits pride of place in their club museum, and is engraved with the results of every game they had that season.

I want that.

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26 Feb 2020 11:05:03
Why would you want the Arsenal trophy for mate lol.

26 Feb 2020 11:35:13
They gave the trophy to AW when he left the club.

26 Feb 2020 14:35:20
It's their claim to fame sort of speak, would be cool to say we done it to and bettered it as we've only drawn 1 game.

But the reality is you could go unbeaten in a league season and only amass 38 points 😂

Winning the league and champions league again is what puts us back on our perch not a unbeaten season imo although it's nice.

26 Feb 2020 16:16:29
Winning the league and champs league would be better than being invincible but being invincible will be remembered for a very long time.

26 Feb 2020 17:36:36
Who would of thought 4 years ago we’d be discussing if we want to win a Champions League or do an Invincible premier league Season 😂.

26 Feb 2020 17:54:58
I want this team to go undefeated and smash the points record. For arguments sake, can you imagine how lame it would be to win the next 4 games and then lose the 7 after?

I want us to be a champion team and be driven by performances.

26 Feb 2020 19:05:13
Faith, I know you want what you want BUT you don't live in a vacuum. Some want what you want, others don't. It's part life having diff. opinions. Personally, I want it ALL. The whole lot. But that's just me and I know that may not be what other people want.

As for the Arsenal Invincible stuff, only Arsenal fans think about that stuff cos Preston were actually the first team in ALL of England to go undefeated in a season so technically, they were NOT the first.

City got 100 points in a season. Arsenal going undefeated will not match that total. Smashing that record like we hopefully will be able to do, will. Oh, and winning the CL and the PL with over 100 points this season (or even the treble) will destroy that invincible record the Arse keep bragging about. Again, just my opinion.

26 Feb 2020 21:13:56
RM, I think going unbeaten whatever the points total is an insane achievement, the fact it’s only happened a couple of times shows that.

In PL history the biggest achievements were the treble, invincibles and centurions. All we can do is take one game at a time but it’s still possible for us to do all three in one season.

But all we can do is take a game at a time and see where we are come may.

27 Feb 2020 01:33:36
invincibles has been done by 2 teams but no one has done over 100 points. So that would be the best.

27 Feb 2020 05:04:31
I've never been a fan of tatoos, but at Christmas I made a slightly drunken (more tipsy) promise to my son that if we went undefeated I'd get a tat. My wife's non too happy as she hates them, but she knows I'm a man of my word. She caught me the other day googling LFC tats and wasn't impressed :)

27 Feb 2020 09:27:24
Hypothetically, we can all want what we want. But practically, I honestly think it will be hard to have a great run in the cups if we are doing miserably in the league. Team spirit and confidence come from keeping on winning, and for that reason I would expect that we will still try to get to a record breaking points table (even if we lose 1-2 stray games) and not rest our best players for league matches completely.

27 Feb 2020 19:03:11
Arsenal bang on about it coz they've never won the European cup. We've won it 6 times. Another would be great but this team has already delivered that goal.

I just want the success to continue. I really don't care if we lose a match or two, as long as we win the league. It isn't done yet. Anything else is just confetti.

I don't think losing a match is going to throw us off course. We have lost games in the ucl and still continued winning in the league. We have a relentless attitude, that will probably see us break the record for league points total.



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