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09 Oct 2020 15:23:58
I know there are financial implications for clubs and the like but I'm sorry asking fans, in the middle of a global C.V., when millions have lost all or part of their incomes to pay £14.95 a game to watch on pay per view is just wrong.

{Ed025's Note - your spot on wassa..

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09 Oct 2020 15:36:30
I saw this and was absolutely disgusted, just seems like a way to rinse those who as struggling with reduced income, to protect the profit of the clubs to ensure their shareholders still receive a dividend next year. I assume theses clubs will still be expecting payment for the season ticket holder next year? Will they receive the matches for free?

09 Oct 2020 15:36:44
Wassa, it’s disgusting mate. Can’t believe it’s Per game.

09 Oct 2020 15:53:24
Stupid maybe at 5-7 pound range but madness to think people already pay the likes of sky and bt £40 a month plus already and now could be looking at an extra £60 a month to watch there own teams games.

09 Oct 2020 16:46:10
I don't see a huge issue personally guys. The games which were already set to be televised will stay free to Sky/ BT customers.

The pay per view only applies to games which wouldn't have been televised under normal circumstances. £14.95 is a lot cheaper than travel and a ticket would have been if stadiums were open, and that was the only way previously you could legally see a game not televised in the UK.

Although i'm not sure how this works out for season ticket holders? Do they get their clubs non-televised home games for free? Or are their season tickets at a reduced price to account for this? This needs to be sorted in my opinion but aside from this, i have no issues.

I won't be moaning though, even though i'll now miss half the games and the odd Liverpool game. I once paid £80 for a ticket for Liverpool vs Man City, spent £40 on a train ticket, £60 in the club shop, and £10 on half time snacks. So £14.95 is a bargain really. I hope they keep it for the 3pm kick off games after the Stadiums can be filled again.

09 Oct 2020 16:55:01
It’s difficult on one hand you have the likes of sky and bt paying out extra money to broadcast the games and on the other you have fans that would normally go to the games, that also have at least one of sky or bt if not both now being asked to fork out a further £15 per match. Unfortunately it is the smaller teams that will get hit most as there games are less likely to be on tv.

This C.V. is difficult for everyone but surely the £15 per game isn’t the right way to go. Push the prices back to the sponsors who are getting more exposure and give fans a fair crack of the whip rather then fleecing them.

09 Oct 2020 16:55:22
Intrigued to know what people would be a reasonable price? A boxing event is £20 after all and can be over with a R1 knockout.

I think £10 would have been reasonable but don’t think £15 is as outrageous as some seem to think. And that’s coming from someone who has lost their job due to C.V..

{Ed025's Note - i think a fiver would be fair shaq..

09 Oct 2020 17:31:43
Boxing or MMA doesn’t really compare as at least with that you tend to get the full card which is is still more than just one game. Even then I think the PPV prices for those are ridiculous.

It’s being widely reported that sky and bt aren’t making any money from this. They are covering their broadcast costs with any profits going back to the clubs.

I know clubs have lost match day and broadcast revenue this season but I simply don’t believe fans should be even in part subsidising the losses for these top tier teams.

09 Oct 2020 17:35:04
OP, I don't know why they even bothered proposing such rubbish during a C.V..

09 Oct 2020 17:46:31
Just to give this some context.

For $12.50 per month on DAZN in Canada you get (this price is a yearly subscription) :

All Premier League games
All Serie A games
All Champions League games
All Europa League games
All MLS games
NFL Game Pass and Redzone
NFL Network
MLB Network
WTA Tennis
Boxing and MMA.

09 Oct 2020 18:06:54
I think the schedule is only decided until beginning of November, how long before they don’t pick a big game just to see how many people buy it.

09 Oct 2020 18:37:58
Well your going to find out from an LFC perspective WYred as they have just moved the Sheffield United to 8pm Saturday night to go on the sky box office.

09 Oct 2020 19:32:50
Agreed Ed25, a fiver would be fine, not many would moan at that and more people would spend it without thinking about it. One solution for this though - don't pay it, simple really isn't it? they'd soon have to revise it if no bugger was paying it but people will! not me.

{Ed025's Note - i just hate getting ripped off salah, and i believe this is what they are doing mate..

09 Oct 2020 21:05:17
I hate being ripped off as well Ed, I will be finding a nice free stream for these games. Lol.

{Ed025's Note - i have a dodgy box mikey so it wont effect me, its all those honest people i feel sorry for mate.. :)

09 Oct 2020 21:22:11
Too right, a stream will do me just fine as well.

10 Oct 2020 00:43:44
If there was no C.V. the pay per view games wouldn’t be on tv anyway and it would cost a hell of a lot more than £15 to go to a game.

10 Oct 2020 07:43:13
@Ed002 or wassa, will this reduce the amount of the rebate clubs would have to pay back to the broadcasters so?
I initially thought terrible and ripping us off but as all the games already included in the agreed Sky and BT packages are not affected I don't really mind. These are "bonus" games then in a way. If you already pay both Sky and BT then you still couldn't have seen these games. Now you have an option, pay if you want and don't pay if you don't want.

{Ed002's Note - The profits (after the broadcasters deduct their costs) will go back to the clubs and can be used to offset the charges the clubs will have already incurred. They are indeed "bonus" games but I have to say the Premier League clubs are charging a premium price and milking the situation. I would not be surprised if the take up was low and it backfires. Some clubs voted against it and two have already apologised to their fan groups.}

10 Oct 2020 10:21:42
Fair enough Ed002 cheers. I still have loads of questions I'd like to ask on how exactly it is set up but I'm sure more info will come out in time.

10 Oct 2020 10:43:40
MK, that's a good way to look at it. I haven[t looked into this, but assuming this is for UK based fans. my online subscription costs NZ $24.99 a month and includes all premier league matches live, on demand, highlights, LFCTV, NBATV, 2 NFL games Live a week, FI and some other stuff I don't watch lol. That works out to about 8 or 9 pound a month.



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