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21 Dec 2020 11:12:06
So which team would everyone on here say is our biggest rivals for the league this season?

I still think it's City due to squad depth over this weird season though if Fernandes stays fit ManU are right in the mix.

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21 Dec 2020 11:40:43
Still too early to make a guess I think, season is still too scrappy and unpredictable. I have us as favourites to win the league but the rest of the top 4 is anyone’s guess. I was saying the other day to a friend that the teams with the best fitness coaches and club doctors are going to be the ones that do the best this season.
There is something not right at Man City this season, they seem to have lost 25% of whatever it was that made them brilliant, they will still be high up the table though, especially if things start to click for them.
Man United will challenge for top 4 but they are not going to win the league or challenge for it in my opinion.
Chelsea? No
Leister? No
Spurs? No.

21 Dec 2020 11:41:49
Nobody will come close but I think Spurs will come second.

21 Dec 2020 11:51:19
Really can't believe Man U are where they are tbh!

Top 4 will be very close and will prob go to the last game.

Leicester, Spurs, Utd, City, Chelsea and Everton all fighting for 3 places.

21 Dec 2020 12:03:54
Progression in the Champs League or Europa League could be a key factor in the Prem. Things could change if we were to go far and City, Utd, Spurs or Chelsea go out early. Or vice versa.

But I said from the start, if you want to finish above Liverpool you'll need to be a very, very good side because our momentum and motivation doesn't seem to have changed at all from last season.

With the injuries we've had to key players in key positions, it reaffirms that club mentality is more important than any individual. That attitude is led by Klopp but is supported by excellent recruitment in terms of players' personalities and their ability and willingness to play in multiple positions.

21 Dec 2020 12:11:19
There's a lot of what ifs. We were told to expect a strange season and it's delivered so far.

We're top despite a truckload of injuries, frequently fielding a makeshift defence, using three goalkeepers, having two really poor away performances against Villa and Fulham, and losing 4 points on what I'd politely describe as marginal calls from officials. On paper we should disappear off into the sunset in the new year with players coming back from injury, but the game isn't played on paper.

Idk what's up with City. They've scored only 19 league goals whilst the rest of the teams around them have scored 24-28. And we've scored 36. They're not going to catch up unless they sort that. Does the potential return of Aguero in the new year fix that? When will Aguero return? Another set back on his recovery reported this week.

United's big problem is they now have Thursday football. This is also a problem Spurs have. And something tells me Solskjaer and Mourinho won't field heavily rotated teams in the Europa League given it offers a trophy and an alternate path to the CL in a year when the top 4 is going to be really tight.

Honestly no team behind us at the moment convinces me as a challenger, they all have flaws and big deficiencies. Only ourselves and Man U have been even able to average 2 points a game so far. But if we get more injuries, or don't accelerate away for whatever reason, and one of the 'flawed' teams builds up a head of steam they could catch us.

With the right circumstances it could be anyone out of Spurs, Chelsea, City, United and Leicester.

21 Dec 2020 12:14:02
It’s hard to tell the way this season is going. After all we’ve only been too for less than a week. I might be wrong but at some point this season Everton, Villa, Leicester and Spurs have al also been top. I agree we are favourites and I guess with us being top now it’s ours to lose.

21 Dec 2020 12:07:21
One minute its Leicester who are the threat. Then we thrash them yet they are still a small gap behind. Then its Chelsea who were above us but are now a gap behind. After 4 games it was Everton and today its united who are apparently on an incredible run of form. Im only interested in the gap to city as they have the squad, players and manager to challenge us. The only reason any team really stands a chance is because virgil is injured and we seem to really be struggling without him.

21 Dec 2020 12:23:37
Long long way to go don’t count your chickens yet!

21 Dec 2020 12:24:08
Hate to say it, but Utd have the squad and will be there or there abouts. As I've said on here before, I think 86 points will get you over the line, so I think there are a few clubs who are capable of reaching that. My guess is, if we finish above Utd we will top it.

21 Dec 2020 13:01:16
I think we as fans have a strong recency bias. The same post one week ago would have elicited a different response - after we drew last weekend and spurs had not lost to us and Leicester yet.

The season is Long and there are a bunch of great squads in the league. Four points clear (less if you count the teams with games in hand) with almost two thirds of the season still to go is nowhere close to season done!

21 Dec 2020 13:18:48
That 7-0 win has got people very excited. I still think we need a CB in January to win this league.
The Champions League is a toss up, literally any team could win it this season. Not just your Lfc, Bayern, City favourites.

21 Dec 2020 14:33:45
Our biggist rival is the injury room.

We will win the league again, and then have a bit of a clear out - and win it a third time. yes its true.

United will have just about a good enough season to stick with Olli; which will be fine by me.

21 Dec 2020 20:23:07
Focus on one game at a time and the pressure we will put on our rivals will b too much to bear. We are a battle tested, veteran team that knows how to string wins together and win. Our rivals are either no longer capable of doing so as in City or have no recent history of being able to do so over a period of time,

As long as we stay humble, focused hungry then, the pressure will b on them to match what we do and based on the last two games, some are already wilting under the pressure we are putting on them.



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