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19 Jun 2021 21:33:36
I can't believe that Thiago isn't starting for this Spain squad. Absolutely pitiful. I'll readily admit that I'm looking at this through red colored glasses.

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19 Jun 2021 21:56:00
You said it mate, red tinted specs. Koke for example had a miles better season.

19 Jun 2021 22:01:57
Spot on. Dreadful Spanish performance altogether. Have to say- been a very entertaining euros so far. Italy might finally win it imo.

19 Jun 2021 22:06:05
What? One of the 5 best midfielders in the world? can't get a kick for his national team? Has he played a minute yet? To be fair Spains approach play has been fine and they do what the normally do in dominating the ball. They seem intent on trying to walk the ball into the net.
Maybe they are keeping Thiago for the knockout games. if they get there 👀👀
He's on the bench so clearly fit. Maybe their manager doesn't see what a lot of Liverpool fans see?

19 Jun 2021 22:24:24
I think this is what happens when you give ‘tiki taka’ instructions to a group of players who are just decent, rather than the generation defining world class stars who came before them, players with a level of intelligence and cutting edge way above your average joe. They understood that keeping the ball and tiring the opposition out was important, but also knew that the best way to tire them out was to keep them guessing constantly, try new things and be unpredictable, picking their moment when the time was right to take a risk. I’m not sure this group of Spain players are anywhere near that level of footballing ability, they all seem to be shirking responsibility and think that if they just keep passing it around the ball will go in somehow.

If you don’t think Thiago deserves to start in/ would improve that team you’re insane.

19 Jun 2021 22:27:35
I think Hendo, Fabs, KDB and Kante are better that’s at least 4 just from the PL.

19 Jun 2021 22:31:32
Spain have no counter attacking players so I think if they rely solely on possession and don’t play Tiago, they’re open to a very disappointing euros. I think Slovakia could get something from the final game. I could be wrong but nothing from Spain so far has suggested otherwise.

19 Jun 2021 22:35:06
No red tinted glasses Thiago is a better player than Rodri, koke and pedri who are all starting ahead of him. Although Pedri will be an absolute baller tbf.

Crazy by Enrique although he does keep sticking with Morata and hasn’t even put Traore on for the last 10 mins when they have needed a goal but opted for Sarabia instead so says it all really.

19 Jun 2021 22:50:52
The less games he plays the better. Plenty of rest for next season would be better for us. Same goes for Henderson and Fabinho.

19 Jun 2021 23:05:05
absolutely anonymous. great post mate.

19 Jun 2021 23:37:57
The Thiago i've seen dominating games over the last cupla months is certainly good enough to start for Spain.

19 Jun 2021 23:40:33
Always love it when the fans know better than the couch 🤣🤣.

20 Jun 2021 00:02:39
Yes it’s the same threads everyday. Managers are getting paid millions but the reds posters know better. On what planet is Thiago a better midfielder than Koke or a Better AM than Pedri and Thiago will never be a better number 6 than Rodri. After the season he had he doesn’t deserve to play atm.
Get on the trading pitch, play great for LFC at the start of next season and he will be back in. 90% of posters are totally blinkered re LFC players.

20 Jun 2021 02:03:05
Mark Thiago finished the season great. Was instrumental in our side as we clawed our way back. Koke and the young puig I understand but Rodri? Do you really need rodri when spain have 80 percent plus of the ball against the other sides. Besides rodri is about as mobile as a traffic cone, pep never plays him on his own as a number 6.

20 Jun 2021 02:10:54
Fair point Mark but at the same time i mentioned his form over the last cupla months, was there a better midfielder than him in England during that time including Rodri?

20 Jun 2021 03:49:24
Spain's team reflective of La Liga this season and their clubs' placing in the CL. Yes England are crap too but our teams are dominated by foreigners.

{Ed0666's Note - maybe foreigners are better than the natives?

20 Jun 2021 06:24:15
100%. Exactly my meaning when we have two finalists in the CL.

20 Jun 2021 08:24:21
Yes mate Kante was a level above. I don’t rate Rodri much either but Thiago can’t play the number 6 role. It’s all in Thiago’s hands if he continues where he left off last season then he will be back in the Spanish side. But he he plays like he did for 80% of last season he won’t make the Liverpool bench.

20 Jun 2021 09:20:20
Mark no offence mate but you are talking nonsense. Just because a manager is getting paid millions doesn’t mean he knows best. You’re the type of guy who thinks Southgate is doing a great job with your logic and wouldn’t have taken Trent to the Euros cz he had a bad patch of the season.

Koke has done nothing for 2 games. He’s a great solid midfielder and very functional - very much in the mould of Athletico’s style - he has nowhere near the creative ability of Thiago, Pedri while a talent isn't yet at Thiago’s level and I would say the same thing if he played for Man U. World class is world class. Facts speak for themselves, Spain haven’t won a game yet playing all these midfielders better than Thiago.

Yes his form was iffy for a while but the last 10 games of the season he looked the fittest I’ve ever seen him. Was also class when played in the friendly vs portugal but yes I’m not a manager so don’t know anything. Give it a break mate, with people like you the site would be dead.

20 Jun 2021 09:42:09
Maybe you should apply for the job then josh as you clearly know better. Who said anything about Southgate? Don’t just make stuff up to suit your point. What has Trent got to do with the Spanish team. Are you not getting any at the moment Josh?

20 Jun 2021 10:00:56
Don’t make stuff up Josh, what has Southgate and Trent got to do with this? Thiago didn’t deserve to start the Euros IMO but now Spain have been so bad now he should get his chance. I am actually in the VVVV camp the less we see of LFC players atm the better.

20 Jun 2021 10:53:18
Josh, this isn’t a pile on, but honestly if you were looking to score a goal, Traore would be the last bloke you’d go to as he’s got all the penetration of a Eunuch at an orgy.

I’m still of the opinion that the less we see of our players playing this summer the better. Consider the fact that the new season starts around 12/ 13th August, the less football our boys can play the better.

20 Jun 2021 11:23:25
From what I’ve seen of Spain, their problem is much the same as Liverpool’s was in that bad patch - can’t finish?
A prime Fernando Torres and / or David Villa would make more difference than putting Thiago in there.
Don’t forget the weather conditions also, boiling hot at some of the venues, which slows the games down.

20 Jun 2021 09:51:47
Thiago should walk even more easily into England's side given the lack of creativity in the centre of the park but I doubt Southgate would pick him. Unfortunately it's the way football is played at the moment. Southgate wouldn't have picked Trent for the team even if he was in the squad and Kane is crying out for some decent crosses so he can actually get into the penalty area and maybe even try and score. Defensive managers. Now, where is Keegan when we need him! Let's get back to losing 3-2.

{Ed025's Note - you red lot do make me smile, who died and made thiago an international superstar?, hes bang average WM and until the last few games was an absolute waste of space in the liverpool side, now hes the best thing since sliced bread it seems....get a grip guys..

20 Jun 2021 11:45:08
Ed25 you’re talking dung. He had a slow start to Liverpool, but was controlling games in the latter stages of the season. Form is temporary and class is permanent. However, if there are no goals in front of him eg Liverpool or Spain he is redundant.

{Ed025's Note - i expected better to be honest IPC, hes quite talented but gives the ball away far too often and commits too many stupid fouls for me, had a couple of decent games towards the end of the season but the rest was a nightmare, ah well he made himself a good few bob mate so good luck to the guy..

20 Jun 2021 12:21:35
First of all, the idea that Thiago was rubbish this season for Liverpool is a misnomer peddled by bitter and idiotic fans of rival clubs on the internet. He was injured for half of it and when he came back into the team, he was playing with a set of forwards who refused to move and who couldn’t control any of the countless world class passes he’d fizz into their feet. He also had to play alongside Wijnaldum, who may as well have not been there at all and made Thiago do the work of two players, offensive and defensive. He was one of the only players during that period, along with Trent and Salah and Jones, who were trying to make anything happen. It absolutely was not his fault and he was not ‘average’, although as rival fans would have you believe he should have been getting goals and assists left right and centre (literally not his job and never has been) . Was he at his best during this period? No, of course he wasn’t, but he was doing all he could when the performances from some of the players around him were an absolute disgrace and didn’t want to know.

Secondly, even if you do somehow come to the nonsense conclusion that he’s been one of Liverpools worst players this season, how does that negate the fact that he’s been one of the best midfielders in the world for nearly a decade now? In all the Bayern sides that have made a mockery of the Bundesliga during that period, he has been one of the constants in the team. Anyone who has ever watched him play for either Bayern or Barcelona would be able to tell you he is a cut above the rest, right up there in the same echelon as Modric and Kroos. If you think that his career up to this point has been ‘average’ i’m not sure what sport you’ve been watching, surely he has enough credit in the tank to start for Spain over some of the distinctly average players who are starting for them currently. You’re scoffing at the idea that he’s suddenly ‘the best thing since slice bread’ as if he hasn’t been proving that week in, week out for the last ten years!

{Ed025's Note - even i would look good in that bayern side AW, lets be honest the bundesliga is basically a 1 horse race mate, thiago is talented im not disputing that but lets be honest here he was piss poor except for the last few games, there is a reason why hes not starting for spain my friend...hes not good enough for even probably the worst spanish side for 2 decades..

20 Jun 2021 12:23:57
A Eunoch at ab orgy and one poster maybe not getting any? Love it, who needs to go the pub?

20 Jun 2021 12:31:12
How can a player who was basically injured or ill till January have been crap for 80% of the season Mark? same goes for Ed025's comment, once he was back he took a couple of months to get up to speed then was dominating games. Seem to remember you thought Fabinho was also crap in his first few months with the club Ed, and that Gomes was better than any of our midfielders😆😆.

{Ed025's Note - i retracted my statement on fab jadon as he has become a vital part of your team, now if thiago steps up and becomes average then i may have to think again mate, by the way when i was proved right about bobby i never heard many saying how right i was on that score..

20 Jun 2021 13:05:39
How anyone can suggest Thiago had a good season is just ridiculous IMO. He wasn’t worse than most of his team mates but he wasn’t better either. I think getting dropped for the Madrid games have him a kick up the arse and he improved massively towards the end of the season. But I did expect better from him and in the run of defeats we had he was a liability at the time.
I am expecting to see a much improved Thiago next season. We were top of the league without Thiago btw.

20 Jun 2021 13:16:31
Thiago often played as one of the deeper two in a 4-2-3-1 type formation, for a Bayern side that usually enjoyed 70% possession, packed with class players, all in a weaker (perhaps) league.
So Ed025 does have a point.
He is a good player but our midfield 3 is a struggle for him.
As everyone points out, it’ll be interesting to see how he does with a full strength Liverpool team out around him but I don’t see him as necessarily an automatic choice either Ed, to be fair to you.

{Ed025's Note - he will get games juicer but will be more of a squad player than an automatic choice mate..

20 Jun 2021 13:19:44
Loads of different opinions and some crackers to read. Personally I’m a big fan of Thiago and I think he will prove his quality next season after finishing this season very well in the last 6-10 games. Quite a few of our players had poor seasons last season by their usual standards and the ball is firmly in their court to prove to the club and fans what they can do. The key for me will be keeping Hendo, Fab and Thiago fit to play together. But it’s a known fact that all 3 miss games with Hendo actually missing the most. I’m excited for next season and excited to see what we do in the window when it comes to ins and outs. We’ve been told for the last 14 months that we have no money to spend. But in that time we have bought Tsimikas, Thiago, Jota, Davies and Konate. I can’t wait for the season to start and us put last season where it belongs in the history books.

20 Jun 2021 13:25:55
Thiago hasn't proven a thing yet at Liverpool. He went from poor to pretty good in one season but had less effective games than Nat Phillips despite playing roughly the same amount of matches. I have no doubt he will turn it up next season and prove to be a shrewd purchase but, based on this past season, i think Enrique is right to leave him on the bench.

20 Jun 2021 13:37:16
Good post JK. It’s up to the players to step up and perform to a higher level on the pitch. That is my main worry, keeping the midfield out of the treatment room. I think we are all in agreement that we need a new midfield signing. Then it will be upto the players to perform and show who deserves to start.

20 Jun 2021 13:32:34
Bayern have always been the most dominant team in Germany for sure, but they didn’t win it every single year until Thiago joined the club. He has been a key component of their streak of 9 titles in a row, no question about it. You can’t just cite the Bundesliga being poorer or Bayern being dominant as some kind of proof that their players appear to be better than they actually are, as if playing for Bayern just guarantees you’ll be carried to a trophy. It’s the standards that are demanded of the Bayern players that get them where they are, its not some kind of golden ticket! Would you be saying the same about Lewandowski, arguably the best player in the world right now, does he have it easy because he plays for Bayern? What about Neuer, probably the best goalie in the world over the past decade? Has he been carried to trophies as well? You could go on like this forever. Players who play every game for the biggest clubs and win lots of trophies are not ‘carried’, they do not ‘have it easy’, they play consistently for the best teams and win trophies through their own exceptional ability alone, not as a freebie.

I agree that he was making a lot of rash tackles and forcing passes at one point, but again he was basically having to play two positions because of Wijnaldums uselessness and honestly just seemed to be trying too hard to impress and drag us out of the slump we were in. I’m absolutely not having that trying to step up and take responsibility in the middle of a crisis is something that should be criticised, i’d rather he got things wrong and made a mug of himself trying to get something going than just hiding and expecting someone else to do it, which is exactly what most of the players around him were doing at the time. I refuse to accept Thiago, a new player mind you, as a scapegoat for the pathetic anonymity and cowardice displayed by players who’d been at the club for half a decade.

Finally, we’re not seriously going to resort to international team selection as a barometer of how good a player is, are we? Every international squad across the world has players that don’t play for inexplicable reasons. By that logic, your very own Ben Godfrey must be a really terrible player because if he can’t get in the England squad ahead of Conor Coady or Tyrone Mings, what hope is there? Must have had a ‘p*ss poor season’ then mustn’t he.

{Ed025's Note - in the end AW its all about opinions mate of supporters and managers alike, the fact that we have a wally in a waistcoat picking the national side is testament to that im afraid..

20 Jun 2021 13:54:11
It just shows how football fans are blinded with tinted glasses or have absolutely no idea abt their own players quality and weaknesses.

Thiago at best of he's game won't make anyn difference to this Spanish side. He isn't a scoring midfielder or defending midfielder like Rodri once you pass Thiago there's no way he is going to recover back

Thiago Is good at controlling the gamea which spain already dominates it's opposition to the death but lacks fire power up-front.

Thiago is a pass master some one who controls the pace of the game and keeps on ticking the ball.

20 Jun 2021 14:08:27
AW, what we’re saying is that Bayern’s entire formation and circumstances suited Thiago’s game to a T.
Even when Liverpool stuffed them in the CL, and made him look like an old woman with a zimmer frame, Bayern won the Bundesliga.
He’s a good player but a high-intensity game in a midfield 3 is not his forte, that’s all.
There’s talk of Klopp changing things round this season coming, so we’ll see.

20 Jun 2021 14:14:44
The Spain manager does not think Thiago fits what he is trying to do and that is fine. The issue here is that NOBODY knows what the Spain manager is trying to do as the team seems to lack any form of direction tactically and system wise so it is normal to ask why Thiago is not starting ahead of players who so far, have done nothing.

As for Thiago himself, the guy is pure filth with the football. That is fact. Someone said Hendo was better than Thiago. Now that is hilarious. But the one that took the biscuit was Ed25 who said Thiago was bang average and a waste of space in a team that was struggling mightily from top to bottom for form while at the same time, he was coming back from CV and a near season ending injury (can’t remember what game) . Not sure what the Ed and his fellow Thiago detractors were expecting him to do under the wretched circumstances BUT hey, facts don’t matter clearly.

Thiago came back and showed his worth and has gotten many of us excited about what he can do. I’m excited. As for his detractors, keep the salt coming. It’s hilarious.

{Ed025's Note - i think hendo suits liverpools style more than thiago myself oli, but again thats just my opinion..

20 Jun 2021 14:57:42
I think one thing that is missed as well during Thiago’s poor showing when he did come back from the knee injury was he was playing the no6 role that is usually played by Fab or Hendo. Once Fab moved back into the 6 role with Thiago further forward we went undefeated in our last 10 winning 8. Those results were not down to Thiago or Phillips as some would have everyone believe but down to every player that played. But it cannot be denied that Thiago had his best moments in those games with Fab at 6 and him further forward.

20 Jun 2021 15:18:48
JK, you’re missing the point mate.
The idea is to give Thiago as little responsibility to press and track as possible, or at least reduce the area of the pitch he has to cover, and allow him the time and freedom to work his stuff.
When I said he played deeper in a 2 at Bayern, he was the free one, almost a playmaker, with a defensive minder next to him. He was also allowed to move forward when Bayern dominated the ball as others had the pace to cover for him.
Whether he starts deeper or more advanced is irrelevant, it’s who is in support of him to allow him to play his natural game.
If that support is not there, as it clearly wasn’t due to injuries at Liverpool, he will struggle.

20 Jun 2021 15:30:54
In a Liverpool starting 11 if you have to choose one of Hendo or Thiago, you choose Thiago. Did I get that right Olired? What on earth is that based on? I would choose Hendo for LFC any day he suits the way we play 100 times better than Thiago.
Thiago has skills but can only play one way, he is limited whichever you square it. Hendo was PFA player of the season the year we won the title he played to a high level in virtually every single game in both the number 6 and 8 roles.

20 Jun 2021 15:36:43
Yep he needs Fabs or Hendo in the 6 role to allow him to perform. We should just agree that we hope Thiago plays to the level of his last 8 games and not to the level of the first 20.

20 Jun 2021 16:16:22
Juicer I was agreeing with what you replied mate. Mark you’re right in saying Thiago needs Fab or Hendo next to him to perform better. But it’s not specifically those players that he needs it’s those type of quality players, which paints a picture on our midfield understudies. Hendo is heroised but he would struggle in a midfield 3 If his supporting cast were Jones, Kieta, Ox etc. Like he did at the start of our bad run when we drew with Wba and Newcastle or as he did in the seasons before we improved his supporting cast. Good - world class players play better with better players around them.

20 Jun 2021 16:43:22
Mark, you have it in for Thiago for time now so I can forgive the fact that you either did not understand what I was saying or you did not read my post. Where did I say I would pick Thiago over Hendo? And even if I would pick Hendo over Thiago, it is to play the 6 role as that is Hendo’s other position whereas Thiago cannot play the 6 the way a Fab or Hendo would play it. I’m sure you know this BUT you compare anyway to drive an even

Thiago can only play one way. Now that is even more hilarious. At Bayern, he played the 8 many times for years and in a double pivot in CL with Goretzka when Bayern won the treble in 19/ 20. Can a player who can only play one way do both? Did he not play in the double pivot with Gini/ Milner when we slashed Spurs and WH away? Did he not play the 8 in the final 10 games if the season where he was bidding games?

Hendo is nowhere near Thiago’s ability as a footballer and even he will tell you that regardless if weather he can play the 6 like Hendo or not. Your comparison is as weak as a soup sandwich. The fact remains that Thiago has proven you wrong over and over again in the final 10 games where we needed him the most. Making up weak comparisons to players inferior to him ability wise, won’t change any of that. Cheers.

20 Jun 2021 18:06:22
Even I would struggle alongside Keita and Gini of last season 🤣. You talk about a better footballer but there are many many aspects to being a good player not just technical abilities. Hendo beats Thiago on every aspect of football other than first touch and passing. Souness would school both of them but Thiago would still be a better passer. Just because I was very underwhelmed by his first season doesn’t mean I have it in for him. In the last few games he was just about our best player but I choose Hendo everyday.

20 Jun 2021 16:54:58
Ed25, that is an opinion I can respect even tho I think it is not about whether Hendo suits us better than Thiago. Of course Hendo suits us cos he is the foundational player on which Klopp’s revolution was built. Also, Thiago was not brought in to replace Hendo. He was brought in to play WITH him so again, not the argument.

My issue was the baseless slamming of Thiago and calling him a waste of space and bang average whereas we all know under what circumstances he was underperforming under, I think lacks context and is pretty weak when we know that in the final 10 games, he absolutely balled out. Same with Trent, Bobbie and Mane who had been criticised for poor form all season. Just facts bro. If we are going to dissect player performances, let’s be honest and talk about everything instead picking out parts that ONLY suit our rhetoric.

{Ed025's Note - when i do opine oli its usually in answer to posters who go over the top in their assessment of their own players, a lot of you think every player is world class and should be the first name on the team sheet for their respected countries, i just redress the balance and point out that all players have flaws to keep your feet on the ground is my want..

20 Jun 2021 19:47:36
Thiago never even played in all of the last 10 pl games. Given also that there were 2 draws against Leeds and Newcastle were the team was poor, especially Newcastle. Its hard to commit to saying that he "absolutely balled out the last 10 games"
Personally I would say last 4 games if I'm being generous.

20 Jun 2021 20:30:53
Irish he played all of the last 10 games mate. He started 9 and came on against Villa. He played 67 mins against wolves. 77 mins against Newcastle and 90 mins in all 7 other games.

20 Jun 2021 22:04:48
Mark, now I know you don’t read the posts. I never mentioned Keita at all in anybody my posts to yo so again, you are making up stuff.

Whether you think Hendo is better or not is not even the issue here. What my issue has always been with you is that you have never had anything good to say about Thiago for months now. Worse, you literally make up crazy stuff just to make him look bad. I mean, the guy cannot do anything right in your eyes and even now, you are doing it. If you were underwhelmed by TA’s play then, how is that his fault fir you being unable to grasp the crazy circumstances and give him the benefit of the m doubt like many of us did? That is a poor reflection of you then it is of him. Also, you said Hendo is better in the 6 role whereas Thiago cannot play the 6 neither was he brought in to do that. That comes of as someone with an axe to grind or z’n agenda to push. That is unnecessary, bro.

You did this with Bobbie for 18 months as well. You kept on attacking him till even Ed01 had to step in to tell you to knock it off cos it was becoming cringeworthy and embarrassing. Criticise players for their performances and that is fine BUT pls, b honest about it and give context. You seem to be unable to do so with players you inherently don’t like regardless of performance levels. No need for all this, man. Just my opinion.

21 Jun 2021 00:13:27
I was talking to JK obviously in the first part of my post. It’s obvious you don’t read the posts properly. I have said Thiago was good in the last few games so your point is out of order. I was 100% correct on Bobby.

What you constantly fail to grasp is when a player is playing poorly I say so and when he plays well I also say so. If you want more praise for Thiago and Bobbie let’s hope they pull their fingers out.

21 Jun 2021 09:18:46
Alisson- Wold Class
Trent- World Class
Van Dijk- World Class
Konate- Potential to be
Robbo- World Class
Gini- Over rated (massively)
Fab-World Class
Hendo- World Class, maybe not football wise but add in leadership and he is World Class
Salah-World Class
Mane-Poor Seaon, but Top Class
Hope that's not to blinkered Ed and if anyone has the agents number for the Spain or England job i'd happily apply.

{Ed025's Note - love it lancaster..



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