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27 Jul 2021 13:21:39
How many years is left on Robertson's contract? I hope the owners don't make the same mistake they did with Gini with him.

{Ed002's Note - It is nothing to do with the owners.}

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27 Jul 2021 15:45:30
really don't understand how people think its down to the owners when it comes to player contracts they'll have nothing to do with it.

27 Jul 2021 14:04:42
Hopefully not an issue as Robbo is 27 and Gini is 30. Robbo's contract appears to run through to 24/ 25 when he is 30. I'd hope we look at a new contract for him in (probably) 2 years.

27 Jul 2021 16:12:25
Gini wasn't let go because he was old. Stop spreading SOS lies. He was let go because he wanted more money than we would offer him. The contract was on the table. Milner has had 2 new contracts in his 30's and Van Dijk will get one too i'm sure. Gini just thinks he is better than the people at Liverpool think he is. It's that simple.

To be brutally honest he is not worth the salary PSG have given him. He has never been consistent away from home or against lesser opposition. He's a decent player capable of a handful of magnificent performances a season. Great servant, not a great player. No way does he deserve salary parity with Salah or Van Dijk. He was just a good cog in a great machine.

Letting him leave wasn't a mistake.

27 Jul 2021 16:46:28
I don't think he moved to paris only for the money and i don't think he was asking to be paid same as Virgil or Mo but i think he saw the money Ox nabby and shaq was on and they didn’t contribute nothing compared to him who played 90% of the time and felt under appreciated by the club.

27 Jul 2021 17:14:01
Great teams are not made up of 11 great players though.
You need those Mr Consistency types that are always there and rarely fall below a 7 out of 10.
A bit like Ian Callaghan was, but without his longevity.
I felt that Wijnaldum was like that, and he particularly stood in for Henderson’s many absences in a way we couldn’t achieve back in 2013/ 14.
Henderson missed 8 x matches in 2019/ 20, and Gini just the x 1 for instance.

27 Jul 2021 17:19:05
Albanian Red, I am pretty sure it was purely for the money. He was practically dead set on Barcelona and then PSG offer to double his salary and suddenly it's his dream to play in Paris! Do I blame him? Absolutely not, I would do exactly same and so would pretty much anyone else.

27 Jul 2021 17:37:57
I equally don’t think he moved to Paris because a few people were mean to him on the internet. In fact i think it’s utterly pathetic and downright embarrassing that he tried to pretend his departure was anything but a disagreement over his own worth.

He’s obviously trying to save face after his tantrum on the final day of the season, when surely somebody must have pulled him to one side and reminded him that being unable to agree a deal with another party is not a criminal offence, and that Gini would not have been the first individual to experience this in the last 10,000 or so years of human civilisation. He’s spent the last couple of months trying to come up with a story that will suitably explain or justify his protests, and this was the best he could come up with.

Why he couldn’t have just said nothing and go out on a high, as the club clearly intended for him to do so, i do not know. He had to spoil it with his childish and meritless complaints. He has gone down in my estimations massively, and that’s after me trying to forgive and forget the final 6 months of his career when he clearly couldn’t be bothered putting any effort in when the team needed him most, although in his eyes he seems to think we should have given him a participation trophy just for being fit.

I’d even go as far as to say it’s a sign of clear contempt for the fans. If he believes we’re too stupid to realise that A) none of us noticed that he was playing walking Subboteo football towards the end and that nobody is allowed to question his commitment, and B) that we’re all seriously meant to believe that he upped sticks with his entire family to another country because of abuse he got on social media (apparently people are immune to this when living in Paris), then he probably doesn’t have much respect for any of us at all.

From where i’m standing, Gini comes across as a pretty narcissistic and petulant individual and i for one am glad he is no longer playing for Liverpool Football Club. He’s turned his departure from a ‘timely farewell’ to ‘good riddance’ all on his own.

27 Jul 2021 17:07:41
Albanian Red, whatever way you dress up the finer details, he wanted more money than the people at Liverpool valued him at. Klopp and Edwards would have been a huge part in that process so if the manager and the DOF deemed him surplus or not value for money, it certainly can't be levelled at FSG or some mythical over 30's rule (as per the OP) .

Last thing we needed was a Sanchez-United or Ozil-Arsenal scenario where a player gets a contract for more than they're worth out of pure desperation to compete or keep fans onside. We're not desperate right now and Wijnaldum is hardly irreplaceable. There are probably 50+ midfielders in Europe better than him. 500+ if you look at it through Ed025's eyes!

27 Jul 2021 17:57:33
Can't deny his contribution down the years, Juicer. He'll be rightly remembered as a player who helped us lift no.6 and no.19.

All i'm saying is that he was offered a contract, and he chose to go to PSG because they were paying more. He has every right to do so as well. It's not an insult to him, just defending the people at Liverpool FC who made the decision. Gini is very replaceable in the context of our best XI. Gomez and Gini were the 2 weakest links from our title winning team. Hence Thiago and Konate. You can't stand still in football.

27 Jul 2021 18:04:29
Is there 50+ midfielders in Europe that are better than Gini available/ attainable to Liverpool to replace him though MK?

27 Jul 2021 18:13:53
The one thing Gini did have was reliability, which is probably the best ability of all as he was almost always fit and almost always gave a 7/ 10 performance (final year apart), I’ve no ill will towards him. Like any other employee he’s found more money else where and at least he was always fit, available and didn’t cry off because he’d broken a nail unlike others who can remain nameless, now we should find a suitable replacement *cough* Saul Niguez or Yves Bissouma *cough*.

27 Jul 2021 18:52:45
Ngl, I completely agree with MK and mostly agree with anonymous woolback on this. They pretty much summarise my feelings on the whole thing, an agreement couldn’t be reached, gini thought he was worth more than he was, and that’s a wrap. He and the partner of VVD were the two most replaceable cogs in that 2 year period we had, and I always thought we would eventually need better than the two we had in those respective positions, if we were to carry on being able to compete. We still need some reinforcements in midfield, but for me, it’s not because gini has left, it’s because Henderson isn’t as reliable as he was fitness wise, and the jury is still out on whether Thiago can play at his usual high levels on a consistent basis in the premier league. I have no doubts over Fabinho, and the supporting cast in midfield aren't pulling up the trees that they were supposed to. We will see how things unfold. Good luck to gini, but I for one am not as upset as some that he has left, I just wish we were in a position to get a fee for him instead of running his contract down and letting him leave for free. He was at least a £25-30m player in today’s market.

27 Jul 2021 19:35:07
I understand Thiago was Gini’s replacement, MK, but feel he and Hendo both play best on the right hand side of a three.

I have a suspicion we’ll move to more of a 4231 this season, with Salah/ Jota thru the middle a lot more and a new right sided attacker added.

We shall see.

27 Jul 2021 19:54:08
Klopp didn’t want to keep Can, Klopp didn’t want to keep Gini. How many times people Gini was put up for sale 3 years ago and there were no takers.

27 Jul 2021 20:47:51
Kloppers, it beggars belief how people keep saying that FSG wants to give contracts to this or that person and not this or that player. One more time for the people in the back: FSG do NOT handle player contracts. Period.

As for Gini, he got the contract PSG thought he was worth and all credit to him. That’s business. Whether anyone thinks he was worth it or not is irrelevant at this point. I think this whole issue is becoming stale and boring now. People need to let it go and move on cos clearly, Gini has.

27 Jul 2021 22:50:14
that's MK, was gini asking for pa y parity with Mo and VVD?



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