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09 Jan 2022 11:14:58
Ed0666 I see reports on here about Thiago being out for the season don't know where the reports are coming from or if they are true. I see you say we need to get rid because he can't stay fit, I'm not sure how many games he has missed this season but the 40+ games last season I think most was after the Everton game where he was lucky it was not the season and that could have happened to any player. I think the likes of Naby Ox need replacing first as they are just not good enough and the same can be said about Milner he seems to miss games and is just not up to the same levels anymore. But the Fabinho and Henderson they both miss games as well but I would not want to lose any of them but the back ups need to be better it's not as if Ox and Naby where cheap signings. I have all ways liked Ox but when him and Naby are playing we lose bite in are midfield and that would be ok if they added a lot more going forward but they don't it's not as if they are adding 10+ goals a season.

{Ed0666's Note - mate it’s just my opinion I really feel I would let Thiago go. I understand it’s a dramatic thing to say. We need a players that can be counted on to be fit and I don’t feel you get that with Thiago:

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09 Jan 2022 18:01:42
There’s more than just Thiago who is always injured. We have many players who miss too much football.

09 Jan 2022 20:10:54
Mainly midfielders - but that's because Klopp's midfielders are worked hard.

09 Jan 2022 20:13:36
We have had this discussion for 6 months. It’s getting worse not better. Thiago is not suited to the PL.

09 Jan 2022 21:08:11
Last season Thiago was being blamed for our downfall by some pundits and fans but as they say the cream always rises to the top. I think it’s something like 16 league games he’s played this season and we won 14 drawn 2.

For me you cannot question his quality but his lack of availability now far outweighs his ability and especially as he’s rumoured to be our 2nd joint highest earner. We have no money and have a lot of big earners in this squad who are unable to play matches week in week out.

Our midfield do work hard but so does Trent, Robbo, Salah and Mane up and down them touchlines week in week out with hardly ever being rested or injured.

Would be interesting to see our midfielders running stats compared to the other 19 teams. Anyone know if it’s possible to view this. I’ve tried Google but without success.

09 Jan 2022 18:05:27
I’m with 666 on this in 2 seasons Thiago has played 44 games in all comps! We need reliable players there is just way to many soft arse’s in the team!
Thiago ox Keita sell to who ever we can get what we can!

{Ed0666's Note - I wholeheartedly agree with anyone who agrees with me.

09 Jan 2022 22:01:44
To be honest I'm surprised he's played 44 games. Another who came with a dodgy injury C. V yet a lot tried to justify the fee and the astronomical wages 🤷‍♂️.

10 Jan 2022 06:52:11
Wasn’t Thiago injury prone geode he joined us?

10 Jan 2022 10:18:27
He always good for about 30 games a season and i among others highlighted that when he was targeted. A player of Thiago's quality is worth having even if he misses a third of the season.

He is a different entity to Keita in that when he does play he isn't useless/ lazy.

Klopp says he'll be back in 3 weeks anyway.

10 Jan 2022 10:57:49
We knew this when signing him, we cannot rely on him to play regularly but if we can get 25/ 30 games out of him that’s fine imo. He should be treat as a luxury imo and wrapped in cotton wool and brought out for key games. That said this year it isn’t looking like he will get close to 25 games so maybe questions should be asked about him staying/ leaving especially as he’s a top earner.

10 Jan 2022 11:03:26
Honestly, the biggest issue isn't that he's picking up these injuries as we knew this would happen, but that we have evolved our whole system over the past two seasons with his inclusion in mind. We do not have another midfielder that can do what he does and therefore, with the reality of his frequent non-availability, you have to question whether this evolution of system is too big a risk and is going to see us fail to hit the heights expected.

10 Jan 2022 11:25:18
Does he miss a third of the season tho? His best contribution is 60 odd minutes in the CL, zip in the EFL Cup, zip in the FA cup albeit 1 game, 4 of his 11 games in the PL amount to just over 90 minutes played. No idea what it amounts to last season but I would guess its not much better. He is the highest paid player at the club, with that I would have hoped that he would have had a far bigger impact.

10 Jan 2022 14:06:36
Fully agree, MK Scouser. That said, it is becoming a problem now and it is only magnified due to the situation we are currently in. We will have to see what happens cos the guy is absolute mint as a footballer, hands down.

10 Jan 2022 10:34:28
I understand both sides of the argument here, but for me I'm with ED and I'd reluctantly let him go in the summer.

I understand your point about he's good enough for 2/ 3rds of the season, but the problem with our current set up is that we've lost crucial points when he's not been fit, as our back-up to Thiago either isn't good enough (Ox, Milly etc) or have been injured themselves (Keita, Jones, Elliott etc) . We have Milner who's apparently leaving, Henderson who is prone to the odd lay-off, Jones and Elliott although brilliant are still young, Keita who has a love affair with the physio's table and Ox, well, for me his time is up. So can we afford for our best midfielder along with Fab, to miss a third of the season?

I think were he at say Man City, where they can fill his absences with the likes of KDB, B Silva, Gundogan, Foden etc. then he's worth keeping, but for me with him also reportedly being on £250k p/ w, I'd let him go and sacrifice some of his technical ability for durability.

There's absolutely no questioning his incredible talent. Probably the most technically-astute player I've seen play for us, but I'm just not sure it's best for us in the long term and moving forward, especially if we're going to persist with another injury prone midfielder in Naby Keita.

10 Jan 2022 14:33:59
Great post, smplfc.

10 Jan 2022 15:05:37
Hopefully the injury isn’t that bad (the club have acted to dismiss the rumours about season ending or even March), but he should be one of those players taken off after 60-70 minutes if we’re comfortably winning, and there’s no doubt he’s a special player and has a good mentality, just a shame he’s so fragile.

10 Jan 2022 17:30:32
Agreed with the eds here. Always injured. Great when playing but the wages he is on. wow. get shut.

{Ed077's Note - I hate to be that guy but "I told you"🤣🤣

10 Jan 2022 18:30:10
" but he should be one of those players taken off after 60-70 minutes"

Sounds about right, the last third 👍.

10 Jan 2022 20:45:20
Ed0666 I get what your saying but Naby and ox miss as much football as Thiago and when fit they don’t play as much and nowhere near his level so I would rather they go than Thiago. Are main problem is Fabinho Henderson Thiago Naby and Ox all miss far to much football. Naby has never produced at the right level Ox does not look like he is going to get back to the level before his awful injury, are main 3 when playing are very good but we cannot rely on them to stay fit. I hope Klopp gets some backing in the summer because if there is any chance of him going extending his contract he needs some backing because if anything we will fall Further behind city and Chelsea.

12 Jan 2022 12:41:58
We never lose when the guy plays with Fab, he is on another level to our other mids for his vision, Jones and Elliot couldn't have a better tutor to learn from, no way he needs to go.



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