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04 Nov 2020 08:48:42
Liverpool since Virgil van Dijk's injury:

✅ (0-1) v Ajax
✅ (2-1) v Sheffield United
✅ (2-0) v Midtjylland
✅ (2-1) v West Ham
✅ (0-5) v Atalanta

I love VVD, he wasn't playing at his best for quite some time and since his injury the whole team have really stepped things up. Everyone was going a bit daft the other week when it was confirmed how bad his injury was (including me) but we must remember he is ONE player, we have a team full of quality, if one player is out the rest step up, this is what Klopp has built. Onwards and upwards!

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04 Nov 2020 09:53:52
Its not just VVD, we could have put a whole different 11 full of injured or squad players last night and still won that game. VVD's obviously gone for the year but with just about every1 else bar the Ox nearly back were going to be very strong coming up to xmas while hopefully have qualification in the champs League sorted with a couple of games left.

04 Nov 2020 10:31:54
So VVD was clearly the problem. Thank Fowler he got injured then ey.

04 Nov 2020 10:46:06
Can anyone tell me what's wrong with Ox and do we have any idea when he'll be back? I know he had a very bad knee injury so is it a reoccurence of this or something else?

04 Nov 2020 10:48:50
Bar city. I don't see who is really going to play us with the intention if causing real issue at the back. VVD played when they battered us 4 nil and even then we could of easily scored a handful. I'd take a draw from them but a win would certainly rubbish everyone up about Virgil being out for the season. What will be really interesting is if Jota or firminho plays or even both with Bobby dropping into the hole and causing a world of problems for rodri. Citys back 5 isn't better than ours even without vvd. Thoughts anyone?

04 Nov 2020 11:49:42
I agree Salah, the rest of the team has really had to step up in the absence of Virg. It seems with a few youngsters coming in and the form of Jota the team appears a bit fresher.

However, VVD is probably the best cb in the world and he will be a big big miss this season, Williams was excellent last night, Phillips was at the weekend. But can these guys continue to put in these sort of performances on a consistent basis? And does Gomez have what it takes to step up and be the leader of that defensive line? Personally speaking, I think he has all the attributes of a fantastic centre half but the question has to be over his mentality. Let's take it one game at a time and accept we will concede some goals this season but not throw anyone under the bus.

Who's you backline at the weekend? Williams over Phillips IMO.

04 Nov 2020 12:57:03
Who’s VVD?

04 Nov 2020 14:04:37
Virgil Van Phillips.

04 Nov 2020 14:17:54
On a positive note about injuries, what a great season for the youngsters. That goes for all teams (OK maybe not one managed by Mourinho) .
With the amount of injuries there will and the lack of funds about there is a good bunch of them that will get their chance.

04 Nov 2020 16:47:01
Salah, this is where you have give mad credit to the coaching staff for the great work they have done in keeping the boys focused, locked in and committed to the cause cos a devastating injury to not just the best CB in the world but to arguably our best player, could have done real damage to the team’s morale in the short term.

The fact that not only did this not happen but it actually brought the team together and guys took responsibility and stood up to the challenge, is testament to Klopp and his staff for creating a brilliant atmosphere under which our boys can work. As Klopp told the media b4 the Ajax game, “it is our job to prove you wrong”. We are well on our way.

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04 Nov 2020 17:23:06

I used to post using sizemick previously, a change of address and new iPad, plus a bad memory meant I hooked up again after being away for a few years and went for my current username instead. Being a bit thick I wasn’t sure if I could use my original moniker? , and confirming my ineptitude . how do I change back.


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04 Nov 2020 17:32:50
You're right salah. Can people remember our defence before Virgil? It was poor, oddly poor because we had decent cbs but shocking keepers I suppose.

I think since big v's injury we've seen the influence he has had on the young defenders around him. They're a different animal now.

04 Nov 2020 18:04:57
I really can’t agree with that point Salah.
That list of opponents, with all respect to them, is hardly stellar.
If you want to make a judgment about how Virgil’s absence may be felt, do it against top six sides and in the k. o. stages of the CL if we get there.
I don’t fancy facing a Bayern Munich or PSG without him, and we’ve got a big test against City to come at the weekend too.

04 Nov 2020 18:34:53
Yet salah has been doing it for years? You sound as hypocritical as the British government.

04 Nov 2020 19:12:34
Doing what for years?

04 Nov 2020 19:51:15
Everyone thinks that VVD came in and suddenly we had an incredible defence but as superb as he is, it's important to remember a brand new defence was built around that time. Trent emerged, Robbo solidified his place and Alisson was bought.

04 Nov 2020 20:48:21
Great post livered, Virgil for me is the best in the world but it sure helped that Trent and Robbo came along too.

04 Nov 2020 21:09:58
JH and livered, you’re missing the point to a degree imo.
Trent and Robertson’s emergence and development as attacking full backs happened precisely because of the speed and solidity that Virgil offered at centre back. If he wasn’t there, we wouldn’t have developed that style of play to the extent that is enjoyed now, it would be just too risky.
The high defensive line and press probably wouldn’t have been as successful either.
Alisson’s signing has definitely been key as well though, I certainly agree on that.

04 Nov 2020 22:38:08
Salah doing what for years - positivity and goid spirit you mean?!

04 Nov 2020 23:01:10
Completely agree juicer.

05 Nov 2020 00:28:31
VVD is the best CB in the world in my opinion but let’s be honest he was having a poor season so far. I think it was Ed1 who commented that the Villa debacle was largely down to his refusal to drop a bit deeper and so just leaving Gomez exposed time and time again. It was happening in games before that too which resulted in this ‘high line’ discussion all over Sly Sports.
I have no doubt that he would’ve got back to his best but since he’s been out we haven’t been anywhere near as exposed in behind than we were when he was playing.
Problem is the whole defence was built around him so he was impossible to drop (not that I think he should’ve been) . This has forced the other players to take responsibility and not always follow his lead which can only be a good thing long term. There will be mistakes and poor defensive performances as they get there but I think they will and then when VVD is back and hungry we will be a much stronger unit with more options and confidence.
Just my take through these red glasses that I just can’t seem to shift from my face.

04 Nov 2020 21:51:41
Cheeky Ed025 🤣 i am scrumptious though!

{Ed025's Note - i dont doubt that for one minute mate.. :)



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