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23 Jul 2021 18:02:56
Its the Naby show!

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23 Jul 2021 18:23:20
This'll be his season I'm sure. Definitely this time. He won't stop trying or get injured again.

{Ed025's Note - i have heard ducks fart before SR..

23 Jul 2021 18:29:30
Player of the season so far.

23 Jul 2021 19:11:34
Here we go"This will be Naby's season"🤦‍♂️.

23 Jul 2021 19:17:49
Only as good as your last game Barry, best player on the pitch by a mile today! credit where its due and all that😉.

23 Jul 2021 19:18:09
Naby show? A few step overs is now considered a good performance from him?

23 Jul 2021 19:21:50
There is definitely a player in there, he just needs to stay clear of injuries. Problem is I'm not sure his body is capable of it.

23 Jul 2021 19:31:02
Yawn. It’s literally a friendly. Normal service will be resumed once real football starts. Needs booting out the club.

23 Jul 2021 19:31:06
JH I've run out of giving Naby credit.

23 Jul 2021 19:33:10
Usual from noby half decent pre season season kicks off window closes then the sick note we know comes back and it goes on and on and on! Usual crap he’s had his chance he’s done nowt for the club he should be volleyed out! But won’t he’s a klopp signing!
Worst signing we’ve ever made with money concerned!
Rant over.

23 Jul 2021 19:46:59
WY, it's more than injuries and fitness. He has to want it, and he has to put in the effort when he's on the pitch. He just hasn't done that, regardless of how long or how many games it's been since his last injury.

Ox is injuries. He comes back from an injury, he'll at least try. He'll run and he'll put in effort. Even if he looks lost on the pitch and all his touches are awful because of his lack of match practice, and even if he's sluggish with his running and turning because his body isn't right, he'll still try. Naby comes back from an injury, he doesn't try. He hides. Actually he hides even he's not coming back from an injury.

I'd say Ox did more in the few sub apps he managed last season than Naby's managed in 3 years.

And I sincerely hope that I have to eat every single word I've just written cos Naby pulls his socks up and delivers this season. But based on performances to date, I'm not hopeful.

23 Jul 2021 19:45:08
Any of you Mystic Meg's got tonight's lottery numbers?

23 Jul 2021 19:54:07
I'm going to love the hysteria in here when Klopp makes it clear that Naby is staying for this season at least.

23 Jul 2021 20:21:23
Naby has been poor in the past and his injuries have been probably the most frustrating out of any other player in the squad as they seem to be so minor and different every time which keeps him out for weeks / months. However I do believe if he’s still with us when the season starts then it’s a new season and a clean slate for him from me. Pointless letting my past judgements of him effect my future ones so the ball is firmly in his court. After all look at players like Lucas and Hendo etc. Once upon a time they were deemed not good enough and both are arguably legends in their own rights at the club. He needs a massive season and the ball is firmly in his court to produce it. He can either win the fans around or go down as one of our biggest most expensive flops in history. For the good of the club I know which one I want him to come out as. If he’s successful then it’s great for the team and club.

{Ed025's Note - you make a good point about keita JK, but then you spoilt it by saying lucas was a legend mate..

23 Jul 2021 20:42:40
Never tries on the pitch, hasn’t bothered to learn English, is injured most of the time, appears to be made out of glass, has issues away from the pitch (one particular allegation was particularly bad), is a big time Charlie, has not had one match winning performance his whole time here but I’ve seen loads of poor ones. I’m done with him, sell him, get the cash for him while he has any monetary value.

{Ed025's Note - not a big fan then mate?..

23 Jul 2021 20:51:30
Not really Ed. Does it show?

{Ed025's Note - i can just see you now VVVV, tying naby to a railway track while laughing and twirling your handlebar moustache vaudeviile villain you .. :)

23 Jul 2021 20:53:07
Again though, the difference is work rate and effort. Lucas and Hendo were never faulted for lack of effort. Even when fans who thought themselves very clever were saying they were useless, no one accused them of not being bothered. They were considered not good enough cos they weren't glamourous and exciting to watch. They didn't go around pinging 50 yard passes (although Hendo has since demonstrated that he absolutely can do that) or scoring 25 yard screamers with the regularity of Gerrard, or dribbling past people. But they ultimately won people over cos they grafted and were effective on the pitch.

With Keita, we know he has the talent. In terms of out and out technique on the ball, he's probably better than every midfielder we have bar Thiago. He just hasn't bothered his backside applying his ability properly for 3 years. I actually can't think of a player who's turned that around.

{Ed025's Note - thats a very fair summary mate..

23 Jul 2021 21:16:57
Don’t put ideas in my head Ed. Lmfao!

{Ed025's Note - love it mate..

23 Jul 2021 21:54:34
Judge by performance not likeability or injury record. Someone said "so a few stepovers means a good performance now? ". well its a darn sight more than what anyone else did. I'd go as far as to say that if Naby stayed injury free, therefore playing regularly he would start the majority of games for us. Now i also realise the likelyhood of that happening, about the same chance as Matip or Ox staying fit all season. But all i said was he was the best on the pitch today, don't think that's even in doubt.

23 Jul 2021 21:57:04
Just been announced he's injured again.

23 Jul 2021 22:03:17
That's a excellent summary especially of the two midfielder's SR👍.

23 Jul 2021 22:19:09
No barry, just suits your opinion😉.

23 Jul 2021 22:26:00
Ed0025 that’s why I said arguably in their own right mate. As I think some fans would class Lucas as a legend. Personally myself I wouldn’t but others do.

Something red you’re spot on mate Hendo and Lucas always tried and again it can be argued that Kieta hasn’t. My point was that they were under the cosh and turned it around so hopefully Kieta can. Fans didn’t judge Lucas and Hendo on previous seasons when they did turn that corner and the ball is in Kietas court to turn it himself this season. After all with us not having money to spend for whatever reason Kieta turning that corner is only good for the club otherwise we will be taking a massive hit on him fee wise.

This isn’t me sticking up for him or saying he is going to come good. It’s me saying for the good of the club and team I hope he does.

23 Jul 2021 22:34:17
Dont start talking sense JK23,doesnt go down well.

23 Jul 2021 23:17:52
If a few step overs is "a darn sight more than anyone else did" then the team is f*cked. He was neat and tidy in the 1st half just like Leighton Clarkson was in the 2nd half. Difference is Clarkson isn't a £50m midfielder.

23 Jul 2021 23:22:56
There’s no chance that Naby will pull his socks up, he’ll get an injury doing that. Stick him on eBay and let’s see what we can get for the waster.

24 Jul 2021 01:02:45
I’ve judged him on his performances, likability and injury record and his performances have been dreadful, he’s not likeable in the slightest and is always injured.
His career with us ended in that first half against Madrid, not that it ever really started. Can’t believe how dreadful a signing he turned out to be.

24 Jul 2021 02:35:08
Good from Naby. There's a player there. Hope he finds his potential and fitness cos he would be valuable player for us.

24 Jul 2021 06:20:15
Its a shame Naby season only lasts during preseason.

24 Jul 2021 07:08:04
I find it quite interesting that those sticking the boot into Naby have probably never seen him live. Now let’s get one thing straight, I’m not suggesting he’s consistently shown his worth because he hasn’t but…. there’d is a player
In there as some have mentioned.

There was a spell, a couple of seasons ago where has had a run of games and really started to look good, breaking up the play, moving the ball forward etc, he then broke down again and that was it. I believe the injuries have severely hampered his progress both physically and mentally. It’s a shame, because I’ve seen glimpses of what he can do.

24 Jul 2021 07:36:53
Drogie, it's the dependability from Naby is the problem. He wears red so when he plays I'll always hope he has a stormer. But unfortunately like Matip and Ox we're just waiting for the news he's out for whatever ailment it is this time. Would be interesting to see what he can do should he manage to keep himself fit but I wouldn't bet my house on it.

24 Jul 2021 07:51:51
Drogie u must of followed him in Germany to watch him live did u?
I’ve seen him twice live he’s a lazy b#%#%#%!
Not havin this there’s a player in there crap 3 years that’s been pumped out it’s boring now!
He done absolutely Notting us but cost us money he’s poison!
We all see glimpses of players doing sumthn it’s not enough 3 seasons mate he’s done F all! he's taking a slot in a team and it’s wasted nat Philips will be shown the door by the looks this summer he’s done more in 6 games then Keita ever has!
All for being a nice guy but get a grip mate the lad needs booting!
Watch us play Madrid again his last game if might help u.

24 Jul 2021 08:17:32
Like I said, he had a run of games where he actually looked like he was turning a corner, you probably wasn’t at those games then?

I’m not defending Naby but clearly his injury history has hampered his liverpool career.

24 Jul 2021 08:42:02
Klopp clearly sees something in Keita, and he isn't going to give a monkey's about the opinions of anyone on here.
Although I'd say if Keita doesn't deliver this season it will likely be his last, he'll be given chances to prove there's a player in there. It's down to him to take those chances, no matter how much some on here may squeal about it.
Last chance saloon for Naby.

24 Jul 2021 08:52:40
There’s not a player there. He’s lazy, ineffective, has no awareness of things going on around him, he a total lightweight, he makes Joe Allen look like Graeme Souness in comparison. He’s contributed the square root of sod all in the three years he’s been here and I’ve no reason to think he’s going to change suddenly. Should be sold at the earliest opportunity.

24 Jul 2021 10:09:43
Lots of great opinions on here and cracking debate. Unfortunately only one man and one man alone will decide if Naby has a future at the club or whether his career is over with us. And only reading between the lines it looks like that man Klopp is going to give him at least this season. So if we aren’t behind Naby we are against him. And that would mean we are against the team.

There’s quite a few players who need to step it up this season and if finances had allowed I believe a lot of them would have been replaced. But they can’t be so we might as well get behind them and hope for the best from them. Last season has gone. Even the guys who played well last season it means nothing in this one so let’s just at least give everyone a clean slate going in to prove their worth.

24 Jul 2021 10:39:25
Flash the red your right klopp does see sumthn in Keita it’s the £60m he wasted on him had the club pay over the odds for etc! U think klopp wants to be made look a mug he will give him all the love and chances he can till klopp gets his I TOLD YOU SO moment!
Well it’s not coming the player is dirt!

24 Jul 2021 11:51:31
He’s got two years left on his contract, he’ll stink out this year, then we’ll either let him leave for peanuts next summer or he’ll go on a free. A few fancy tricks in a friendly isn’t enough to make up for three years of dross. The man is all fart and no poo.



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