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03 Jun 2022 20:40:57
Just read an interesting report about Trent and how he completed the 2nd most through balls in Europes top leagues this season. Only Messi completed more.

I was sceptical of Trent drifting into midfield early in the season but it actually worked out alright in the end with how good a season we had and the numbers he produced to help us do so.

However, it frustrated me against a low block as i think we lacked width down the right at times. I wonder if Calvin Ramsay is of interest with the long term view to moving Trent into midfield? I've always said he should stay at right back (don't fix what isn't broke and all that) but if he's going to drift central anyway, I'm toying with the idea he should just play there and a new right back be signed to get down the line and whip in crosses.

Thoughts welcome. I can't even sell it to myself convincingly!

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03 Jun 2022 21:02:54
Mk I read earlier in the season that Trent was dominating the right and right and central of the pitch from back to front which is the first time De Bruyne hasn’t dominated the forward right hand side in his premier league career with City.

If Trent is doing this from right back then attacking wise he’s basically covering two positions already and if we were to move him into midfield he might still dominate the midfield areas but not the right back defensive areas.

For me the only reason to move him out of right back is his defensive game but as much stick as he gets he probably gets caught out twice a season there which is probably the average for any other defender and his pros at RB for me far outweigh his cons.

Only my opinion though.

03 Jun 2022 21:35:11
The only way I would be convinced to move TAA to midfield is a) we have someone better to take over at right back, and b) ensure that TAA is better than the midfielder he is replacing in midfield. If something is not broken then why fix it? Yes, he let's a winger pass him by once in a while, but i ask myself the question the other way around. If the likes of Son, Grealish, and Vinicius can't dribble past TAA, once in a while, then what good are they? Yes he's also been caught out ball watching but that too is a minor issue that improves with age and learning focus and concentration. Salah danced his way through the entire left hand side defense of ManCity for his Goal of the Year and Pep didn't start shunting players around. It's football. It happens.

03 Jun 2022 21:40:47
I think the trent thing is about flexibility. I don't have a reference for whether he could actually play a game in CM. He is involvement in the middle of the park is standing around still midway between box and halfway waiting for the ball and then shuffling it on. Not sure I've seen the guile etc and know how as a CM but presume he could pick it up at senior level.

With his "defensive frailties", whilst he does get caught out I do think its become a bit of a red herring. He got almost all the blame for Vini's goal but if you watch it again, where was Robbo? Where did the CMs go? What was VVDs attempt to block the cross?

And now to combine the two points together, his position is often away from a traditional right back spot and then he is chasing back. This is a tactical thing yet people just want to focus on diagonal balls going over his head. Surely Klopp and co can ser up us up to account his this weakness in how we set up?

03 Jun 2022 21:19:38
Calvin Ramsay will provide cover for Trent, the same way Kostas provides cover for Robbo.

I am not against the idea of him playing in midfield but he would have to improve his goalscoring for a start.
For a player of his ability he should be scoring more goals, he can play a 60 yard pass to perfection sometimes without looking yet he cannot hit the target from 20 yards with plenty of time and space to do so.

Also MK, another thing to consider does playing in the full back position allow him to see the bigger picture in terms of his defence splitting cross field passes?

You have picked a good subject, speaking personally i am always happy to see you post as over the years i have enjoyed reading your many thoughts on all things Lfc.

Lets hope if Ramsay does sign he lives up to the hype and allows Klopp to give Trent more rest time, he is only 23 and he has already clocked up 200 appearances, Southgate is kind enough to not pick him for england but they don't play with the same intensity as a klopp side.

04 Jun 2022 07:52:33
I'm all for keeping Trent where he is. Its obviously a tactic the team use and with the figures he is producing it works. Off course Trent might get caught out a few times a season but it is only a few. I honestly can't see Trent moving from RB ever.
Liverpools biggest problem is who to cover for him that can produce even half of what Trent does from RB? Basically no one!

04 Jun 2022 08:37:36
Trent won't play in midfield while Klopp is manager. Maybe when Gerrard takes over, like Southgate, listens to the media narrative and plays him there. Thankfully Klopp has a mind of his own.

04 Jun 2022 09:00:36
I’m convinced that this tactical switch of Trent coming infield and Hendo (or whoever is playing 8 on the right) drifting wide was made with Elliot in mind. We know Klopp trusts Elliot (Starting games before injury) and we know that he is perfectly suited to drifting out wide and whipping balls in due to his history as a winger. This then allows Trent takes his spot from the more inverted position.

For me, that’s something I’m really looking forwards to hopefully seeing and I think that the right hand side of TAA, Elliot and Salah can produce wonderful things with a full pre-season under there belts!

Don’t post often but love the site - and want to give a big shoutout to all the Eds in particular for their hard work - you guys rock!

04 Jun 2022 09:38:06
How many times do we let him fall asleep at the back post and cost us a goal or a trophy before we say actually something needs to be done about this lad. Forgot CM. Play him right wing if salah was sold that’s the obvious one take away 50% of his defensive duties which he clearly can’t be arsed with as it’s the same problem time and time again and he’s not learnt yet. Right wing Trent someone solid like robbo behind him if we can find someone on that level, let Trent play how he does now.

{Ed001's Note - are you for real? Embarrassing this is. He has been the one covering the centre-backs so often this season only for idiots to believe the morons in the media about how the lad can't defend. I will just ignore you talking about football from now on because you have the insight of a guest on Jezza Kyle's show.}

04 Jun 2022 10:12:37
NickJH, you should post more often mate. That's a brilliant point about Elliott. Would definitely improve the lack of width if Trent continues to come infield, and that hadn't actually crossed my mind. Now you mention it though i remember it from those first few games.

Enjoyed reading all these replies this morning lads 👍🏻.

04 Jun 2022 10:15:48
The other thing to consider about him moving to MF is that it is a totally different position tactically. Trent gets a lot more time on the ball to pick passes from RB whereas idlf he is in CM, he will always have at least 2 offensive players in close proximity. I don't personally don't think he will be anywhere near as effective as he currently is. I also don't believe he currently has the mind to play CM, though this could develop over time.

04 Jun 2022 10:18:40
@Ed001 lol the "Jezza Kyle show" 🤣.

04 Jun 2022 10:30:20
Unfortunately the pundits are clueless and the clueless fans believe there bull. Trent is the best tv in world for assists and defending end of.

04 Jun 2022 13:05:29
I don't get this with regard the UCL final. Yeah Trent could have maybe done a bit better, yeah Virgil could have closed down before the cross came in, Robbo could've maybe not pressed to high. other players could have provided better cover. The fact is we lost that game because we could not stick the ball in the back of the oppositions goal. due to some good saves, some poor shots etc. No one person is responsible.

Trent. Is not as bad at defending as people will make out. the way we play is going to leave him vunerable if teams beat the high press.

04 Jun 2022 13:15:05
Calvin Ramsay is seen as a replacement for Neco. Nothing more. This does not mean that TAA will not have some role in midfield during some matches but buying Ramsay is not to facilitate this.

04 Jun 2022 13:33:26
For me the fact that Trent is so high in the creativity suggest that his playing at RB is getting the best out of him. I am not convinced he would be as effective in midfield, although at times he does pick up a central position. It is easier to play the pass with the play in front of you than it is to have to receive the ball with back to goal etc.
I don’t believe he is a bad defender, at times he gets caught but generally he is good, and he is clearly instructed to get forward which means he will get exposed at times but this is tactical rather than an inability.
In other words, keep in at RB as he is doing brilliant there and has established himself as one of the first names on the team sheet.

04 Jun 2022 13:37:12
I just don’t see a case for Trent in midfield. He becomes less and less effective the closer to the opposition box he is. What sets him apart is the passes and crosses he can make from 40+ yards, some of which are even made whilst he’s facing his own goal in his own half with a player pressing him. He’s like a golfer with that right foot nowadays. He doesn’t even take a touch anymore. It just immediately leaves his boot. Unsurprisingly he makes a lot of unsuccessful passes too.

04 Jun 2022 13:52:02
His 1v1 defending is fine but ask him to stop the ball going in at the back post every other week and you’ll find him wanting. Maybe it is system related in that he doesn’t get the protection he should, maybe it’s the fact that everyone shuffles over and salah doesn’t track back unless it’s the full back or a counter from a corner but it happens too often and you can’t just dismiss that. Plenty of people say we’re a team with no real weaknesses and now everyone knows all you need is an overload at the back post and a decent delivery.

04 Jun 2022 13:52:32
Araye that one time he let some one get past him cost us the champions league.

04 Jun 2022 15:50:53
So Salah or Mane not finishing one of their chances didn't cost us?

04 Jun 2022 17:05:33
Win as a team lose as a team.

Trent, Salah and Mane didn’t cost us the final on their own. We could go through that final and dissect it and every single player In the squad would have made a mistake at some point be it missing a chance, losing possession or a tackle etc.

04 Jun 2022 17:15:54
Albeydred. I can see your point. When you have a chance, have a look at the number of times he stopped the ball from going into the nets in all the games that enabled us to reach that final. Or was it a ghost playing right back for us against all those left wingers in games we won?

04 Jun 2022 18:14:43
We would have won if Courtois was in our goal, and Alisson was in their goal.

04 Jun 2022 21:33:45
Bot putting the ball in the net at the other end of the pitch with the chances we had cost us the Champions League, not Trent or anyone else's defending.
If we don't score we don't stand much chance of winning, especially against a team like RM.



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