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02 Dec 2023 08:39:42
It is such a shame about Thiago, great footballer but he is just not a fit for the way we play and trying to adapt obviously haven’t helped his physical problems. I’d be extremely surprised if if he plays more than a couple of games for is before he leaves in the summer (possibly January if the Saudis come calling).

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02 Dec 2023 09:19:02
I absolutely hoped it would work but it was pretty obvious quite quickly that it was a failed experiment. We should have let him go a while back TBH but I suppose there has to be a taker….

02 Dec 2023 10:00:20
He’s Barcelona bound from all accounts. Great player when fit just not reliable enough . Pure luxury squad player nowadays .

Wish him the best when he goes absolute baller but agree not suited to us at all.

02 Dec 2023 10:38:21
Everything has an expiry date. The smart ones look for it and act accordingly. The others don't, and pay the consequences.

02 Dec 2023 11:40:55
Hence the need for a strong director of football who will overrule Klopp when necessary, and who would have put a stop to this nonsense a season or two ago. Thiago is a fantastic player but he has been injured pretty much since he arrived at Liverpool, as anyone could have predicted given it has been this way his whole career.

03 Dec 2023 00:11:34
I’ve been very vocal in my criticism of Thiago but I do think it was an experiment worth pursuing.

He is such a talented player but for me, injuries aside he just hasn’t worked hard enough to adapt to the role he needed to play. He’s too slow on the ball and his defensive positioning is woeful. People see him charging about making tackles and mistake that for working hard for the team where the opposite is true. He’s not syncing with the rest of the midfield so he gets bypassed way too easily and then has to dive in from the wrong side to rectify his own error.

Given time and space he’s brilliant but you just don’t get that in the premier league and he has never adapted his game to get the best out of his undoubted talent.

I see him as someone who can be world class but it’s gone to his head and he wants everyone else to adapt to him rather than the other way around.

Time to admit defeat and move him on for me.

03 Dec 2023 10:27:51
I think you’ve hit the nail in the head
Time and space is not a thing in the PL - which should have binned any idea of signing Thiago.

03 Dec 2023 10:46:11
We all know he’s going to come back into the squad and be the difference maker for the latter half of the season to clinch the title. It just feels like something he’d do.

03 Dec 2023 11:08:29
Hindsight is always 20/ 20; it's a wonderful thing. Thiago is an "experiment" that cost 20 million and another 50 million in wages, over 5 years. For me it was not worth it. We should have learnt our lessons with players like Keita and Ox. Players with clear injury records. I fully agree that Thiago is a world class talent and I too, had high hopes for him from the day he joined. Like I said. Hindsight.



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