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02 Dec 2023 15:22:55
A few days after the fact, but was really pleased with Salah the other night.
The pass to set up the goal was a delight for me. So many times he would have took on the shot and pretty certain it would have gone straight at the keeper.
It's good to see him adding the assists to his game now.
He's lost a yard or two but if he can continue similar contributions untill the end of the season Ill have to give credit where it's due.

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02 Dec 2023 15:41:45
And credit to you too for saying so mate ?.

02 Dec 2023 18:29:40
Adding assists to his game? You need to check out how many assists he gets every year.

02 Dec 2023 22:34:06
Of all the accolades, trophies and records that Mo Salah had amassed over his time at LFC, the one he treasures most is this one nod of approval from Neggy on the interwebs.

Seriously tho, the opinion of the only LFC ‘supporter’ in the world who wants rid of Klopp means nothing lol.

02 Dec 2023 22:52:03
@ mark I was trying to say that his decision making was getting better. Yes he has assisted throughout his LFC career but he's also hit so many shots when he shouldn't have.
His assist stats would be off the charts if he had done similar in different seasons.

03 Dec 2023 10:54:21
Ah, so assist records are far more important than goals scored. I learn something new every day, on here.

03 Dec 2023 11:32:17
Oh2bnegativehappydays2, it seemas like your comments about Salah is at least a week late and a fair few dollars short, IMO. You're saying "Salah has added assists to his game". Really? You're just seeing that a guy who had the most goals and the most assissts just 2 seasons ago is just now "adding assists to his game"?

You say Salah's decision making is getting better. Again, where have you been this last 3 years? And you come say that that If he had done this or that, his assist numbers would be through the roof again, referring to the past.

Bro, you're all over the place here. If you are going to give the guy credit, just put the useless caveats to the side, give him the credit and keep it moving cos your post was painful to read for me, at least with all the caveats you have in there.

03 Dec 2023 12:28:37
The only difference between a chance created and an assist is the finish.

We have 5 forwards who are all capable of scoring goals so assists should and will be high.

You could have had KDB, Bellingham and Trent in that Rogers side with Balotelli, Borini and Lambert and they would have finished the season on 1 assist between them.

03 Dec 2023 12:55:55
@ Oli you confused me with caveats? Over his LFC career he has a massive history of hitting shots when a simple pass was on.
A few years ago it's likely he would have took that shot on and not passed it.
I am praising him because his decision making has improved especially this season.
Not sure why you would disagree with my original statement. I get you don't like me etc which is perfectly fine but what I've said is true.

03 Dec 2023 21:24:01
Oh2bnegativehappydays2, and Im telling you that you are a week late and a few dollars short with your praise cos what you are giving him credit for now, he has been doing for the past 3 years. IMO, it is you who has not been paying attention to how great Salah has become and all the improvements he has already done to his game. Is that so hard for you to comprehend?



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