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27 Jan 2024 21:29:50
Meltdown incoming Ed's.

Xavi leaving Barcelona at the end of the season.,

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27 Jan 2024 23:07:46
I imagine Jurgen would enjoy working in a different climate for his next job, but just don't see him going to a club with a backdrop of complex politics and renound player power.

I believe that he will take a year out, with the German national job being the most likely, since it would allow more time to live, however, my outside bet as far as club football goes would be Athletico, with Napoli a distant second.

Whatever you do Jurgen, bless you and your family, we wish you the very best.

28 Jan 2024 00:45:33
Who is having this supposed meltdown and why?

28 Jan 2024 09:39:17
I’m still in full on meltdown. No one’s bigger than lfc but Klopp is damn close. A leader of people and icon for the club, City and all LFC supporters worldwide. Devastating news and a real worry we go same way as when Dalglish left. Klopp gets every ounce out of his players, extra 10% which is only reason we have won a lot of those games this year. If that goes we are a top 6 team at best. They should have given Klopp a sabbatical year to recharge.

Given Linders the chance to step up and prove himself. Klopp has said in his interview Linders is a key man in all of this. For those of us who remember what Souness did and the decades it took to recover and only after a one-off legend like Klopp came in did we get back to where we were, it is definitely full on meltdown for me.

28 Jan 2024 13:24:34
Seems unlikely that Ljinders is in serious consideration for the job given his departure has been announced too.

28 Jan 2024 21:38:25
I find it odd seeing a few posts calling for lijnders to be given the role when last season everyone was bemoaning his influence on Klopp towards tactics played and kicking off about the release of his book. Back then any tactical change was attributed to his influence and it seemed many slammed him for taking us away from Klopps ethos of "heavy metal" football. I personally would look for a clean break. He'd be under immense pressure to maintain the status quo and any failures would bring immense pressure immediately. I'm not sure he has the experience or gravitas to manage that yet.

28 Jan 2024 22:07:02
Time for us all to put our big boys pants on. Jurgen has been absolutely brilliant and has made a grown-ups decision. We have to be grown-ups too, enjoy the rest of the season and then get excited about what’s next.



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