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19 Jul 2022 09:58:25
Bellingham is off the market + our midfield is our weak point + the ox just got injured = not strengthening our midfield .
Just doesn't make sense, from an attacking point of view we are sound with elliot, keita, carvalho but defensively we need cover as last seasons at times we got exposed in this area.

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19 Jul 2022 10:44:45
My guess is that the club are not massively satisfied with the midfield options in the squad else they wouldn't be out there expressing interest in so many midfielders.

The tricky part is that nobody is falling over themselves to buy Ox and/ or Naby. The £100m of investment in the two of them probably sticks in the transfer team's craw.

19 Jul 2022 10:46:28
A lot of pressure lies on the midfielders this season in the sense that Hendo, Fab and Thiago need to stay as injury free as possible and then the youngsters Jones, Elliot and Carvalho to step up and make those starting places in the big games theirs.

Is this achievable? Of course it is because if one works technically it nullifies the other. If the young lads step up then if we lose one of the Senior Midfielders (obviously not Fab but Hendo can step in) to a short term injury then we have one of the youngsters there already stepped up. And if the senior lads stay fit then it allows Klopp to fully manage the youngsters without throwing them into the deep end.

I don't believe we will sign another midfielder and whilst i would love us too sign a top quality one i think we have enough in midfield to challenge on all fronts.

Obviously with another quality midfielder thrown in it strengthens what we already have for that challenge.

19 Jul 2022 11:00:24
OP, it is what it is. I want a new midfielder too BUT if we cannot get one that the Klopp wants for whatever reason then, so what? Also for one to come in, one has to go and if that one is not interested in going then again, what can you do?

For me, it's time to back the team and hope/ believe Klopp has a solution to keeping our guys in midfield fit and IMO, the 5 sub rule will definitely help here cos we know it definitely helped during the season's title run-in when we could make 5 changes in the CL latter stages.

The club is not hiding any information on this front and neither are the Ed's on here. We all know the drill so no point talking about stuff we clearly cannot change. It's a waste of time and energy, IMO.

19 Jul 2022 11:09:10
Is it the club that's expressing interest in so many midfielders or just ITKs and clickbait sites knowing if they post some utter garbo about a midfielder that Liverpool fans will immediately fall for it?
We get linked with 20 odd midfielders every transfer window, do folks seriously believe that the club are chasing or enquiring about every one of those?
And as for the money spent on Ox and Keita, I doubt those fees will stick in the craw of anyone at the club, just fans with transfer fever.

19 Jul 2022 11:24:37
Carvalho has been added to the first team squad and he’s a midfielder - potentially we’ve improved our midfield.

Elliot was excellent at the start f last season but only played 4 games before getting a serious injury. He looks fit and raring to go in the pre-season so far. If he can play 30 plus games this season our midfield will improve.

Everybody would love to see one or two world class midfielders arrive in this window but the one we wanted (Tchouameni) wanted to go elsewhere and Bellingham isn’t on the market this year. We may still sign a midfielder if there is someone available who provides added value to the squad we have but if the person who fits the bill isn’t available what’s the point of wasting money?

To be honest I’m not sure that either asking Ed02 every day if we are going to buy a midfielder or continually putting forward the same argument as to why you think we need a midfielder is actually going to change what the club thinks or is plannng.

19 Jul 2022 11:39:08
I really don’t understand why this is so complicated. We have 9 first team midfielders. More than enough to shuffle them around and cover gaps etc. I don’t see the club playing with 10s of millions of dollars on a 10 midfielders to sit in the stands.

19 Jul 2022 11:46:14
Couldn't have got exposed that much. Our defensive record last season must have been pretty good, was it not?

19 Jul 2022 11:51:02
Faith we’ve 9 1st team mids 3/ 4 that are injury prone! Milly is 36 Jones Elliot and carvalho are Young lads!
Come next season Thiago hendo both turn 32! Milly ox and Keita will be off! I can’t picture the club going out next summer and bringing in 3/ 4 mids at one go!
I said it wks ago the club will bring in at Least 1/ 2 mids this window.
The middle is our weak spot at present.

19 Jul 2022 12:48:09
We could have 20 midfielders but they need to be of top quality, not just steady, Keita needs gone and i'd like us to make one more midfield signing of quality to rotate with Jones and Elliot, they need game time for me over most.

19 Jul 2022 13:08:02
So interested in all these midfielders that we've yet to bid on any of them? We were never getting the kid from Monaco as Ed002 told us so any "interest" in him was pointless.

19 Jul 2022 13:41:14
Jay next season Hendo will be 33 mate.

19 Jul 2022 14:34:42
Unless in a month and some change our players have forgotten to play football, that same midfield contributed to the best defense and 2 goals shy of the best attack in the league. We’ve got cover for right back, strengthened in attack and our younger players have gained experience I think we are in very good shape to overturn that massive 1 point deficit!

{Ed0666's Note - we also have bought players that aren’t used to our system and will take time to learn it. Our immediate adversaries have gone and purchased the hottest striker in world football, plugged their gap in midfield and are about to purchase an extremely capable wing back. So I agree we may be able to claw back a point but maybe it’s more than a point we need to claw back?

19 Jul 2022 15:10:46
There doesn’t seem to be a change of formation on the cards but we do seem to be playing our two central midfielders to be more attacking than they have been previously. That does put a big emphasis on Fabs so an up and coming understudy will be needed eventually. I am content with Hendo being able to play that role for a season though. He have already spent big this summer.

19 Jul 2022 15:21:36
I know we say we now have right back cover. But didn't we always have right back cover in Neco?
Its just Klopp chose not to use him and then sent him out on loan for half a season.

Yes Gomez and Milner played a couple of games there but without seeing Ramsay play surely a proven international player with Premier league experience in Neco is that little further down the line than him.

That's not me saying Ramsey isn't good enough i just don't imagine him getting many big game minutes next season at his age and experience when Neco couldn't.

Tsimikas is 26 and settled and he only started 9 league and 4 CL games last season.

Again this isn't to knock the young lad but i don't see us being better off to challenge for the League and CL next season than what we were last season because we've signed an 18 year old understudy right back and for him to play Klopp needs to drop out one of our biggest attacking threats and arguably the best in the world in that position.

19 Jul 2022 16:22:13
Relying on Fabinho to be fit and on form for 60+ games in a World Cup year where it falls in the middle of a season in a blisteringly hot country and the only possible alternatives for our midfield anchor being Henderson or Milner is more short sighted than Mr Magoo, as neither of them are competent in the number 6 role, not meaning to be unduly harsh but it’s an uncomfortable truth.

We’d best hope fab stays fit, in form and doesn’t get exhausted by the workload.

{Ed001's Note - Henderson is not competent in the number 6 role? Are you for real? Henderson is very good there.}

19 Jul 2022 16:25:56
I think it’s easy to forget city have lost a few players also. Whilst not everyone’s cups of tea, Jesus and sterling both contribute on average about 25 plus league goals between them. Those two and zinchenko would likely provide plenty of assists also. Then losing club captain Fernandinho as well.

That being said, I think we would benefit from another midfielder. The injury records of our centre mids is definitely a concern despite having about 100 players who can fill in there.


19 Jul 2022 16:38:25
We need to move one or both of Ox/ Naby on and bring in a reliable midfielder. I'll fight anyone that denies that. :)

ps that does not mean I don't rate Elliott, Carvalho and Curtis. I do but they are still a couple of years away from being ready for the pressure of being first choice in a team competing on all fronts and have, imo, a steep learning curve to be regulars in a Klopp midfield. They will benefit from the 5-sub rule and possibly the switch to 4-2-4/ 4-2-3-1 due to their natural attacking instincts.

19 Jul 2022 17:58:16
Pelican, I think Elliott is ready right now. Jones is very good but needs to improve in his decision making cos he’s too talented not to improve.

19 Jul 2022 17:58:36
Greggers, people seem to forget City have signed Julian Alvarez for this up coming season too. He could prove to be a very shrewd buy for them if he develops as he is expected. i am more excited to see him than Haaland personally.

20 Jul 2022 04:32:47
Jay Dub - doesn’t change the fact that they exist. Blame Klopp and/ or edwards for recruiting injury prone players. But like I said, I don’t see the club bank rilling a 10th body to sit in the stands just in case.

20 Jul 2022 08:44:27
I feel a bit sorry for the the folks whose summer is going to be spoiled because the club won't go splurging cash on midfielders like a drunken sailor on leave.
Our current midfield are too old/ crap/ injury prone/ sit on the pitch smoking cigars instead of chasing the ball but yet still they came the closest any club ever has to winning a quadruple of trophies last season.
To quote John Cleese "apart from all that, what have the Romans ever done for us? ".

20 Jul 2022 09:35:09
This Liverpool squad will take a season or two to blossom, there are several players 19, 20, 21 years old that will come of age, perhaps just not this season. We have new players who need to fit in to the Liverpool way of playing and have zero or limited Premier league experience. City on the other hand have sold Sterling, Zevchenko ( appologise if its spelt wrong), Jesus and Fernandinho has left . But they have brought in the hottest striking talent in world football, Phillips from Leeds and will likely get that left back from Brighton who's name I forget, both of whom have bags of time playing in the division . I think they will win this seasons league buy 9 points or more. It will be the season after that this Liverpool squad, with hopefully the addition of Bellingham next summer, really shines. To win the division Liverpool have to beat City and do no worse than a draw in the second game. I just don't see us taking 4 points off them next season. We haven't beaten them in two years in the leauge. That needs to change to win the league .

20 Jul 2022 11:26:31
To win the League Liverpool need to get more points than City. Beating City along the way adds extra satisfaction.
We could hammer them twice next season and still not finish in the top 4.

19 Jul 2022 15:11:29
Ed city are overhauling their squad they are going to have more players not used to their system than us, and as ed01 says if the right player is available we aren’t shy in splashing the cash either, to top of my post above I think a rejuvenated salah linking up with Diaz who knows the system better and Darwin is a dream linkup.

{Ed0666's Note - Darwin is not a guaranteed success mate. Just because he scored goals for fun in Portugal that doesent mean it’s gonna translate into the Prem. Lakaku was a beast in Italy and knew the English league inside out and look what happened there. City’s nucleus is very well versed on the English premiership they won the title without an out and out striker last season and they are more than capable of doing it without one this irrespective of if Haaland and the Argentinian striker hit the ground running or not. I’m not being a cynic but I’m also not gonna wear red blinkers and think we’re some kind of dream team. There is a clear and present danger in City and we have to be cognizant of this.

19 Jul 2022 16:31:34
ED666, I try not to compare ourselves to City too much nor see anything we are trying to do thru the prism of what City do or don't do cos it only brings trepidation and un-balanced assessment of our team, IMO. Why? Simple. They have inherent advantages that we simply do not have, no matter how much we try. They will ALWAYS outspend us and be better than us overall and the sooner we are at peace with that, the better we can judge our team's chances, IMO.

For ex., they signed Haaland on nearly 400k a week wages, something we can't do due to the advantages I mentioned above which took a long time (and 100's of millions being ploughed into the club for well over a decade) to attain. I accept that cos then beating them to trophies ONLY makes it even SWEETER. In 19/ 20, we signed Van Den Berg, Elliott and Adrian (off his sofa) and absolutely battered the league with virtually 100 points in the bag so we KNOW we can win it.

The fact that on paper, we only have to claw back a point in theory, is testament to the immense job this club, the manager and the players have done and will continue to do under the above circumstances. Other clubs like Utd, Chelsea, and even Arsenal have outspent us for fun for the past 4 years and STILL finish 30+ points behind City on the regular. Like you quoted Teddy Roosveldt, "Do what you can, where you can. " or something of that nature. We win what we can, where we can and as long as we keep competing till the very end, Im good and I never get too impatient.

P/ S: Sorry for the long post.

{Ed0666's Note - I agree with all that you say but history will show they won the title last season and we didn’t.

20 Jul 2022 14:21:22
Truth is Liverpool and City are absolute juggernauts in world football and both are exceptionally good on the pitch regardless of circumstances off it.

Over the last 4 years we have stood toe to toe with City in the league but the only thing the record books will show is they came out on top 3 times and us once.

Over those years we've had better CL campaigns by getting to 3 finals and City 1. The fact we won it once as well is fantastic.

City are favourites for the league but we will push them to the very end to win it ourselves.



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