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21 Nov 2023 07:55:43
in my opinion we are back to the 18/ 19? Madrid first final. 3 players away.

So, this season will be fun. However, the next two transfer windows are make or break for the next 3 seasons. There's no room for error now. They all have too much money, pull, power, competitiveness and general offer that we can't wait.

There is 6 teams in the league who are just 3 players away. There's not that many players for us. We need specific players. So, like they have to have the right attitude. Be into hugs. Team player. Work horse. Good leader (no matter rhe age) . It's not just the skill we go after.

Point being Jan and the summer are serious. It's not a time to argue over 5 million. its time to spend 65 million on the world's best goal keeper.

But we are a champions league team. Minimum quarter finals with current league form and positio n

For example spurs would be 6th. they can't cope like we can and we don't have that for much longer.

We haven't got many of the cl finalists for long. So 2.0 is still going. Whilst success if demanded. Nothing can or will go wrong. YNWA

Anyway if you got this far, who do you want those 3 players to be? Where and why? How much and how good do you think they are or generally could be - hopefully the eds can weed out the good from the crud and compile a dream list of 3. All fun and games!

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21 Nov 2023 11:47:16
@Humble - it’s not necessarily about spending big - it’s about the right player / person at the right price. The right price might be high but then again it might not.

21 Nov 2023 13:51:49
At the minute i think we are 2 top class players away from a title winning team. A cb and a defensive minded midfielder. as for who they are, at cb I not sure nobody realistic stands out to me. As regards midfielder rice or caicedo was my choice but again both gone, don't know anything about trinade or thuram or them guys that we have or have had interest in the past.

21 Nov 2023 16:49:35
You’re never going to get a complete team, there’s always going to be room for improvement, just the nature of the game.
I think our squad this year is actually quite capable of winning the title, especially if we are lucky with injuries and a million other different elements.
I think early doors though if we continue to play with the current tactics and formation then I would say LB/ LCB role could be upgraded as Robbo doesn’t look great there and maybe a Defensive midfielder. But if you looked at every team in history, even the ones that won it all you’ll always find weaknesses and players who could be upgraded.

21 Nov 2023 16:49:50
Would agree with you Digger. We're only a couple of players away from a complete squad and those positions you mention are the obvious ones.

For once, I have no suggestions for ideal candidates for these positions given it is not clear what our new system is.

21 Nov 2023 18:38:02
1985 - we had a complete team when we won the league in record time.

Crowd or not.

I agree with two at min. But think we need to pick one of gakpo or diaz and then sell and upgrade the other. Both are good enough to understood prime Mane. We need akither 15 goals from the front. imo.

21 Nov 2023 20:26:04
@Mikey, imho, the best team in the world isn’t made up of the best player in the world in each position.

It’s a bit like the old interview with the Beatles when they got asked if Ringo was the best drummer in the world and one of them - I think it was George - said he wasn’t even the best drummer in the band. Ringo was nowhere near the best drummer in the world but him being in the Beatles was a significant contribution to the Beatles being the best band in the world.

21 Nov 2023 23:26:27
I hate this make or break clap trap.
This must be a Netflix generation thing that has infiltrated all level of football fan. Snap ya fingers and get what you want = happy. Don’t get it = doomsday

Anyways, I’m pulling for Baj. Young fullah right under our nose that has a bright future.

22 Nov 2023 09:40:53
HumbleKop like Flash said, this whole "make or break" stuff is unhelpful. that is just adding fuel to a narrative of like, "We have to act now or else. ". Or else what, exactly? What's going to happen if we don't? Leave that stuff to the side, man cos again, it is not helpful. Also, the club will do what they are going to do in spite of this narrative so in the end, it is useless. We are in a rebuild so let's take it phase by phase, shall we?

Now for me, spending big is not a thing and we do not engage in such things. Utd is who you want to go to if you are looking for clubs in the PL who just "spend big". For LFC, it's about spending on the right players who fit what we want to do and achieve, end of story. And if it means spending big IF/ WHEN indeed a deal can be worked out like the 115m we were ready to splash on Caicedo just a couple or months ago then, they will do that. That is the way we roll and it has worked and continues to work for us so far. Long may that continue.

22 Nov 2023 20:10:33
Well it's your own opinion. But if city, Chelsea, spurs, arsenal and the likes of Newcastle and villa keep spending and adding.

We are there now. There all going into the market is my point so it's unlikely our targets will remain available. Plus we have a specific list of players, not your average Joe's. So, I'm just saying its now for what we want. Which judging by the summer, looks like we will have a very good list lined up again. Similar to the fab, vvd and allison trio. After losing the cl. Aside from vvd. Be a shame to lose for a few million when the team just needs tweaking, like it does, this team is going far. In everything. As it is. Jo doubt. It's just thinking ahead. But you're right to enjoy the moment.

But one cb. Defo.
A dm. Defo.
Lw. Imo.



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