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27 Nov 2023 22:53:47
Does anyone else think that Szobo's influence on the team has dropped off recently.

He started like a house on fire, but has been much quieter in the last 3/ 4 games.

Maybe it's just me.

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27 Nov 2023 23:22:53
Everybody thinks the same mate. I heard him doing plenty interviews and saying what he is going to achieve. I hope he gets back to doing his talking on the pitch.

28 Nov 2023 01:59:05
think he's been playing fine. the midfielders will have their periods of playing like the best version of themselves mixed in with quieter periods.

28 Nov 2023 08:57:48
To me, Szobo's level has dropped a bit but that is seen as a concern due mainly, to the epic levels he reached after just arriving here. IMO, he needs a rest to get his batteries rechanged physically and mentally so he can re-focus and go again. Not too worried at all. The kid is levels, man.

28 Nov 2023 11:58:45
Sobs a little immature going off his interviews and videos in training. Bellinghams like a 30 year old in comparison . Applies himself extremely well.
In order for sob to reach maybe Bellinghams level he needs to mature imo. Also would like him to gel more with more of the squad than just trent. Dominik has it all but Gerrard had it all but to be a great you have to be ruthless mentally and want it more. I like what carragher said once. These people in the dressing room shouldn't be your mates. You're there to do a job for the football club who employs you. That should be your main focus. Would love a Roy Keane in that dressing room to be honest ??.

28 Nov 2023 12:07:19
@Mark “everybody” eh? ?.

28 Nov 2023 12:02:51
It's amazing isn't it how our expectations change when money is involved.

I guaranteed if I was running two marathons a week. Everyone would hear about it.

It's only the wages their on which make it acceptable to not take notice of the work they do, because they get paid well enough.

He's just knackered. Plays a cm for Liverpool and Hungary. Also captain there. Under enormous pressure. New team etc.

He's going to be the best midfielder we have had in a very long time.

He's 22.

If we kept him until 28. We could have the de bryune of w9rld football. imo.

Try not to get to fixed looking week to week.

He's unreal. Just normal.

28 Nov 2023 11:59:13
Not concerned as he's still working hard off the ball. Hopefully he will find a bit of form again soon.

28 Nov 2023 14:30:14
I would say everyone, unless you know someone thinks he hasn’t dropped off?

28 Nov 2023 17:50:28
I haven’t asked everybody @Mark, so, like you, I wouldn’t know.

Until I do, I wouldn’t presume to speak for everybody and try to add credence to an opinion and present it as a fact.

28 Nov 2023 21:58:42
Mizer, you say he should gel more with the team, but then reference carra saying those in the dressing room shouldn't be your mates?

29 Nov 2023 00:04:21
Klopp agrees and has started substituting him. that's really the only person that counts.

29 Nov 2023 03:40:57
I've felt as tho he's dropped off the last 4-5 games. I don't buy the fatigue bs he's a professional athlete. The way a central defender ghosted past him on Saturday was embarrassing. The one that's really impressive and I think will go on to be our best midfielder is Ryan Gravenberch. He's a little bit ungainly but boy is he effective and fantastic in tight spaces. He's going to be some player imo.

29 Nov 2023 08:31:31
You say Klopp agrees Mark and that's why he's subbing him off - if he agreed with it would he be starting him in the first place?

29 Nov 2023 14:50:00
"I don't buy the fatigue bs he's a professional athlete. ".

Redflyer, This may be foreign to you but professional athletes are human beings like you and me, not machines and even machines get wear and tear and have to be shut down and lubricated to prevent such things. Even worse, you say Gravenberch impressed you. Could it be that he had the legs cos he did not go on int'l break and came on vs tired legs unlike Szobo?

The fact that someone has to explain this to you is what I find embarrassing, not the fact that a CB (another professional athlete) ran by Szobo, something that happens all the time in football. Good heavens.



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