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02 Dec 2023 08:34:17
By far the best thing FSG has done is streamlined the Academy and having the kids and seniors brought together at the new training complex. Look at the squad picked for the EL games - the lads who have come through the Academy. I have read that the standard in the EL isn’t that good and relative to the CL that’s true but it should be said that the EL is still a senior European competition and we had Kelleher, Bradley, Quansah, Chambers and Elliot on the pitch at the end of the game with Pitulaga, Gordon and Doak on the bench. The only reason we didn’t have Baj there and possibly even Bobby Clark is that they are injured.

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02 Dec 2023 09:36:15
I think the best thing FSG/ the club has done was sign Klopp. Without him everything else is irrelevant.

02 Dec 2023 10:19:25
Agree Irish on Klopp.

In fairness the club are doing lots of good things at the moment and the new stand is looking great and can’t wait for it to open.

Big month coming up starting from Sunday.

02 Dec 2023 10:39:50
The new stands, and the consequences of such, shouldn't be forgotten.

02 Dec 2023 12:59:21
WDW3, FSG always had a framework under which they wanted to work from on and off the pitch cos both are linked, IMO. They could have hired other managers like Jorge Jesus to replace BR cos per Ed02 at the time, he was interested in the job but for some reason, it did not happen. As soon as Klopp was interested, they were all over that and since the interest was mutual, the rest is history.

None of what we have achieved on or off the pitch happens without Klopp, his mistakes be damned. That's just the truth of the matter. And he will be the reason we achieve anything in both regards moving forward in this rebuild under him. Klopp is the face of Liverpool Football Club and that is the way it should be.

02 Dec 2023 13:31:49
So apart from the manager, the stadium, the training centre and the Academy what have the Romans, whoops sorry FSG, ever done for us?

02 Dec 2023 20:08:51
@Oli, without FSG there would be no Klopp, without FSG we are seriously staring administration in the face.

Don’t get me wrong, Klopp is one of the best managers in the world, possibly the best - his only real Achilles heel being his occasional stubborn streak. As you rightly say, he is the face of the club, but to disregard the support and mechanisms put in place across the whole club on and off the field - the front and back office as FSG might say - by the owners does them a serious disservice.

03 Dec 2023 11:46:33
WDW3, I do not see how I did them a dissaervice so I weill speak on that. FSG hired Rodgers under the same framework and he was clearly in over his head so clearly not all managers can succeed with it. FSG hired Klopp and the framework they have is the same he worked under at Dortmund. The diff. was FSG had a lot more financial muscle than Dortmund and were able to pay the wages to keep our best players, unlike Dortmund. FSG get all the credit esp. John Henry who was persuaded to hire Klopp despite his reservations based on his last season at Dortmund. Remember that, as well.

Also, success on the pitch is linked to success off it, IMO. You got to be winning on the pitch to get the revenue and sponsorships off the pitch which allows to ivest in new infrastructure, facilities, medical department and the whole lot. Klopp's success on the pitch and the investment in the off-field success cannot be separated. FSG hired Klopp and it has worked for all parties concerneed. Everyone gets credit.



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