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05 Dec 2023 20:33:01
I saw a lot of comments about the Spurs kit they wore against City.
Its got nothing on this kit Arsenal are wearing tonight, proper assault on my vision!

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05 Dec 2023 21:45:54
I'm somewhat distracted by Raya committing crimes against goalkeeping.

We complained about Caoimhin, but I'm pretty sure he's better than both Arsenal goalies.

05 Dec 2023 22:40:24
SR, me too. That kit is the absolute worst of th worst. As for Arsenal, This GK disaster that Arteta has created is going to cost him dearly, IMO. If Kellerher conceded goals the way Raya deed, I would be fuming as that is just wretched goal-keeping at a fundamental level. And like you, I would want nothing to do with both Raya and Ramsdale at LFC either.

As for Kellerher, I never complained about Kellerher cos to me, he just got unlucky with the first 2 goals esp. since we did not defent both phases of play well at all. The first one, goes thru his legs which happnes to every GK and that includes Alisson cos he has conceded such goals several times in the past yet nobody says a word.

The second one again, poor defending on the corner and the ball rocochets off two players and the bounce on Tettey's flick wrong fotted him even tho, Keller got a foot on it, it wasn (t enuff. Again, unlucky. Hope he does better vs Sheff. Utd.

05 Dec 2023 23:02:06
Football genius Arteta. His solution to having an over-rated dodgy keeper is buy ANOTHER over-rated dodgy keeper.

Can't wait for him to sign Onana from United next year and have a three way rotation of over-rated dodgy keepers.

06 Dec 2023 06:56:47
5 points clear at the top, pretty good with an overrated dodgy keeper.

06 Dec 2023 07:02:19
A see that haaland is going to escape punishment for his outburst on Sun regards Simon hooper pep says its human nature but its not where can you behave like that and think its OK 1st Mr hooper should have either yellow carded them all or red card the most aggressive one some of them need to grow a set and deal with it do you see a referee shout in a players face for missing a sitter no so why do they think its OK to do such fair enough it may have been a mistake that happen but vergil got done so why not haaland me I'd give him a decent haircut his hair is longer than my wife's. In all fairness I though when greasing recieved the ball from haaland the linesman in his headset was saying to the referee offside so maybe that's why the free kick was given is that possible.

06 Dec 2023 08:32:11
Mr Bean, so? Is that the best you could do in terms of banter? This may be foreign to you but multiple things can be correct at the same time.

Them being 5 points clear (with one more game played) does not remove from the fact that they have a GK debacle on their hands with two "over-rated disasters" at the GK position who I would not want starting ahead of Kellerher, let alone AB1. Do better, mate. Life isn't that binary.

06 Dec 2023 09:38:53
It’s a fact, it’s not banter?

06 Dec 2023 09:48:44
Stop making excuses for Kellerher, he ballsed up simple as that. He's a good goalkeeper just had an off day, hopefully it's out of his system now and can move on.

06 Dec 2023 11:25:32
Arsenal have been grinding results whilst not being great which is an important thing for title challengers to do.

However not having a great keeper will cost them. I really believe you need a top class keeper to win the league.

Also Artetas over complication of tactics and trying to shoehorn Havertz into that team when he is not needed will be costly.



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