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10 Feb 2024 09:36:59
Any interest in Paqueta? looks a dynamite player. Do you know what price WH would be after?

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10 Feb 2024 10:17:38
Didn’t City have something like a 70-80 mill bid for him turned down in the summer.

Seen him against us earlier on in the season and he did look a good player but not really seen much of him since.

With us currently having no manager or DOF for next season I think player recruitment is down to Dave the cleaner and any new book releases or formation tweaks will be Cath the cook.

{Ed001's Note - he is under investigation over betting on matches and picked up a few injuries.}

10 Feb 2024 10:32:01
Ed001 we should sign him and Tony.

In the 90’s we had the spice boys and next season we could have the bookie boys.

{Ed001's Note - in terms of quality of players I would agree with both, but I would avoid them like the plague. Toney being caught on camera saying "f**k Brentford" shows how little respect he has. They have been good for him and to him. Paqueta tried to force a move to City until the betting came out and they dropped interest. He also has a tendency to give the ball away needlessly in dangerous areas.

I certainly wouldn't want to replicate the spice boys, they were good enough to win trophies but let themselves down with their attitude. Btw do you know where the nickname actually came from? It was because Fowler was (falsely) rumoured to be dating Sporty Spice and one of the tabloids used the line and it stuck.}

10 Feb 2024 13:29:16
On the spice boys ed1,we talking redknapp, mcateer, babb, fowler, mcmanaman, collymore ain't we? Was the rumoured bad attitude and a bit of lack of professionalism correct with these guys? I had thought they got bad name due to white suits in cuo final and because they lost it the name stuck. Man utd where equally as bad on the day but they won.

{Ed001's Note - the lack of professionalism was standard in English footie still at the times. You would regularly see the United players in the same nightclubs at the same time as them. The issue was the attitude. Collymore would only turn up for training when he could be arsed. Redknapp would only bother trying when he could be arsed and fannied around in training as well as in games, which is why he was so physically weak he could not stay fit. Babb was just not good enough. McManaman disappeared up his own backside after getting a few player of the year awards. Being brought back down to earth at Madrid did him the world of good and made him a much better player. McAteer and Fowler partied too hard instead of focusing on their game more. They failed to win trophies due to their own failings and inadequacies. Oh and you forgot about James, who just didn't really care.}

10 Feb 2024 14:06:02
Whose place would Paqueta take in the starting lineup? Looking at it from all sides, I would not bench Szoboszlai in favour of Paqueta. And we do not spend 125-130 million on a starter and a backup for the same position; it's not the LFC thing to do. I wouldn't replace Mac Allister either; his polyvalence is too important to the club right now.

10 Feb 2024 14:31:14
Get an article wrote up ed.

10 Feb 2024 17:15:05
Ed001, do you think Robbie Fowler could have been even better if he had a cleaner lifestyle?

{Ed001's Note - of course, he wouldn't have picked up so many injuries for starters.}

10 Feb 2024 17:17:22
Funny enough thought of james the second after I pushed send! Always knew players partied hard then but surprised at lack of effort in triaining, thought it was play hard party hard. V surprising they got away with that.

{Ed001's Note - some players did that but the problem at Liverpool at the time were pricks like Ruddock, who partied hard but then arsed about in training. Too much interference from Moores stopped the coaching staff from being able to discipline the players properly to keep them in line.}

10 Feb 2024 18:40:10
Wow, Ed01. Had Klopp taken over at this time, not sure he would have been able to change this culture cos as you say, it was rampant up and down the league. And had Moores been interferring with Klopp (something FSG do NOT do and get NO credit for it), he would have walked. We din't win the league for 30 years for many reasons and there is tons of blame to go around.

10 Feb 2024 19:33:41
Ed1 talking about macmanaman, what did you think at the time he left on a bosman . I was at the last game he played and most cheered him but a good few berated him, myself included . I thought it was terrible that he left for nothing, I know we were trying to sell him because of his contract running down but with him being local n bit of a hero to the fans etc.

{Ed001's Note - I actually knew him well and he deserved the stick he got. He got too big for his boots, forgetting those who had been there for him before he got famous.}

10 Feb 2024 21:23:16
Yea you see him now on TV n he comes across as intelligent sometimes but he must have knew what people would have thought of him in the city after that bosman . so your most probably right because he didn't seem to care what people thought of him, he just done it, which I thought was selfish because the club could have done with that money at the time . thanks for the reply Ed.

{Ed001's Note - oh he knew, he would drive around in his flash convertible round Bootle all the time.}

11 Feb 2024 10:16:26
Friend of a friend situation, but I've heard that macca's a good egg these days, looks after his ol' da' and is generally a lovely fella. Was always one of my favourites when I was a lad, and we don't blink an eye these days of someone runs down their contract, he was just one of the early cases of a big bosman signing.

12 Feb 2024 13:33:21
Didn't James just sit up all hours playing video games? Awful he was for us.

Far too much partying and drinking in those days and it's a shame cos some lacked the discipline to work harder and it showed and then the likes of Fowler picked up injuries through not looking after himself.

Then you had Owen, great player when he first broke into the team, but wasn't there a lot about gambling with him? Seem to remember him playing poker etc with the younger lads and encouraging them to bet massively - nothing to him on the wages he was on but thousands mattered to some of the younger ones he was playing with. Was he also not the reason Fowler was sold? Then forced the move to Madrid, and then to top it off, played for Utd - should be nowhere near the club imo.

12 Feb 2024 13:40:39
James is the reason we didn't win, he was awful, too young to have the gloves back then, he aged well but even then was only a shot stopper really, we would of won 2 leagues had he not been in goal, if we got The Great Dane in goal, the spice boys would of won something major.



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