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04 Jun 2024 17:05:34
Wow City have taken legal action against the whole entire world for being prejudice, talk about class being permanent. Obviously this is going to drag any charges against them out.

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04 Jun 2024 17:50:16
Cheers, Ed. I don't fancy typing it up again. I am sure people will read the reports.

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04 Jun 2024 18:52:38
Maybe the other 18 clubs not owned by nation states should vote to kick them out. They can be sponsored by whoever they like then.

04 Jun 2024 18:11:30
Is that a feature of the site I don't know about?

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You should then find it there.

04 Jun 2024 20:32:50
FPF, I’ve heard that Lance Armstrong is considering suing the Tour de France for banning performance enhancing drugs as it prevents him from having a competitive advantage .

04 Jun 2024 21:13:53
Could any of the eds or fellow posters explain to me what is going on with city, their FFP charges and now this?

Have to say I don't understand it at all, the longer it drags on the more disillusioned with football I'm becoming.

04 Jun 2024 21:53:03
For please post it on the city page I want to read it lol.

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04 Jun 2024 23:11:26
It’s a State backed Middle Eastern mafia with the face of a premier league club. Not a real football club.

05 Jun 2024 01:54:26
I don’t think this one is a ‘take it to the City page’. It’s about football in general and has a direct impact on all clubs including Liverpool. Just saying.

05 Jun 2024 03:15:16
Agree WDW.

05 Jun 2024 12:43:00
Don't worry guys, I didn't say anything profound in my post. It was just a summary for the Times article.



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