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05 Jun 2024 19:00:07
MK, agree with most of what you have said about Ali and VVD. However, I personally think Salah should have been sold last year and think he should definitely be sold this year. The players you listed were all certainly banging them in, in their 30s, but how many were doing it in the PL?

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05 Jun 2024 19:45:00
I think it’s only classic English arrogance that has us thinking the Prem is so much better than the rest mate. I’ve been guilty of it myself. How’d the English teams get on in Europe this season for example. Arsenal came 2nd here and nearly got put out by the 3rd best team in the Portuguese league which is borderline mocked by some on here. Newcastle and United couldn’t even finish 3rd in their CL groups to limp into the Europa League. We got battered by the 6th best team in Italy. Villa finished 4th but couldn’t even get past Olympiakos.

But to answer your question Zlatan came here in his mid30’s and scored 28 goals in 46 games. Ronaldo came in his mid 30’s and scored 24 in 38 games as well. I wouldn’t mind betting that the others I listed would’ve done the same had they been given the opportunity. Salah will continue to score 20+ next year and I hope it’s here in a Liverpool shirt. We kept Ian Rush until he was 35 and he never let us down. Salah is the best goal scorer we’ve had aside from him. Doubt him at your peril.

05 Jun 2024 23:49:04
No, Salah is not the second best goalscorer we’ve ever had.
The point remains, he’s very good, but not 2nd overall.

06 Jun 2024 08:02:33
Ron he is 5th for the total number of goals in our history. Our all time top scorer in Europe. The only player to score 20+ goals in 7 consecutive seasons for us. The only player to be our top scorer 7 seasons in a row. In his first season he broke the 38 game season Premier league record without penalties and playing as a winger. He's just 17 goals away from catching Billy Liddell in 4th place, and only actually 30 away from Gordon Hodgson in 3rd place.

By the end of next season he could very realistically be 3rd on our all time top scorers list and Roger Hunt in 2nd place has his stats significantly padded by 3 seasons in the 2nd division.

So I'll stand by my statement, that he's the 2nd best goal scorer in our history. You can disagree by all means mate, but people won't truly realise how special Salah is until he is gone in my opinion.

06 Jun 2024 09:22:17
Agree 100% MK.

06 Jun 2024 09:59:55
I think comparing one off games in Europe is a false representation to be honest. I doubt those strikers would do that in a full season in the PL and the examples given (Ibra and Ronaldo), Ibra was the single focus on the United team and Ronaldo is one of, if the not the, best player ever and has scored goals everywhere, no point comparing salah with him or Messi as he is not that level and never has been.

06 Jun 2024 19:15:57
I’m only disagreeing on the stats.

On pure stats he’s 5th.

If you want opinion and tweak stats then I’d say Owen was a better finisher and Fowler was almost on a par with Rush.
Torres was a great finisher
Suarez was better than Salah.

All great players, but if you want to add context then I think you need to look at number of chances converted.
Salah is not the most clinical goal scorer, he benefits from the volume of chances.

Don’t get me wrong, he’s been a legend for us, but he’s not the 2nd best goalscorer in our history in any conventional metric.



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