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05 Jun 2024 18:55:51
Question for Ed1 really. just seen Phil Boresma chatting and comparing Shanks and
Paisley. he said were as Paisley won more trophies he couldn't have done what Shanks did, meaning drag us out of the 2nd division and make us the force that we were, he said he never had the personality n he wasn't a nice man . first time iv ever heard someone sayin he wasn't a nice man . always came across as humble but sure he was ruthless when he had to be . sure you have said you've had some dealings with his family. what's your views on it.

{Ed001's Note - I think he was meaning in terms of his ruthlessness. All Boersma seems to have done is say everyone is not a nice man. He said the same of Toshack as well. Boersma comes across as a very bitter man, blaming others for his own failings. He was moved on for not being good enough and is trying to make it seem like that was down to nastiness, rather than him just not being good enough.}

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05 Jun 2024 22:16:12
Suppose it just depends on your opinion I suppose and what your dealings are with these people.
I used to work with someone who previously worked closely with king Kenny and she used to say he was horrible and miserable, the worst person she worked with at the club, Something I was very surprised at. I’ve met him a couple of times and he seemed alright to me if a little lacking in personality if I’m honest.
I’ve met Rafa several times over the years and it’s always for a couple of hours at a time and I’ve found him to be the friendliest, most down to earth person I’ve met from football, he will talk to you all day long about tactics if you want and he’s got the time and he’s very willing to help anyone in any way he can. But the other day I saw a YouTube video of an ex Liverpool player laying into him for being cold and unprofessional and I thought it’s a million miles away from the Rafa I know.

05 Jun 2024 23:44:34
You have to be ruthless to be a successful football manager in my opinion. You also have to be very demanding. It’s a high pressured emotional job.

Sometimes it’s hard to be nice all the time when you’re demanding more from people/ groups.

I know a fairly prominent employee of the club, been in the job a fair few years. I was taken aback when he said Klopp was not well-liked amongst a lot of staff.

But at the end of the day, these guys have to be demanding so I don’t expect them to be everyone’s mate at work. Outside of work I’m sure they’re different, but they’re so invested in work their out of work persona is suppressed.

Do you want to be David Brent? Everyone’s mate, totally garbage as a manager or do you want to be successful and effective?

05 Jun 2024 23:47:42
Yea your right Ed1.he said Toshack wasn't nice aswel. he does seem bitter . I remember he worked with Souness at Liverpool n that didn't work out aswel.

06 Jun 2024 07:50:00
What have you got against David Brent and his style of management? Oh my god. Are you Ron Swanson?

06 Jun 2024 08:32:41
Ron Swanson would make a great manager MK.

06 Jun 2024 22:26:51
Any leadership position in any aspect of life requires a certain set of skills. Positive ones. But I don't think popularity is one of them, even though it could be a low priority plus. I think it's more important for the leader to be respected and feared.



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