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12 May 2024 17:44:07
Hi again Ed002 - anything more concrete on a £69mill tentative bid for Aurélien Tchouaméni which is currently doing the rumour-whisper-around?! And with Julian Ward now back as part of the back room Dream Team will FSG give them a substantial warchest for Slot or will it be sell first and buy later? Thanks as always ?.

{Ed002's Note - Aurelien Tchouameni (CM/DM) Real Madrid do not wish to sell but recovering the money spent last year would go a long way towards topping up the Mbappe pot. Real Madrid has spoken to with Chelsea, who were previously blocked from completing negotions for the player, about him during discussions over two other players and some sort of exchange may be possible, but I suspect uilikely this summer. Bayern Munich have also told Real Madrid that they will be interested if he were to be made available, but they would like a loan with an option to buy although an exchange may be possible with Davies. Manchester United would be interested in taking him if available. There is no declared interest from elsewhere and any move seems unlikely. Previously illegally tapped up by Klopp but Liverpool but Liverpool may just return to see what can be done but there is certainly no advanced talks or bids. Madrid would possibly look to a part exchange with Trent Alexander Arnold.

I don't know what you mean by a "warchest" but Liverpool will have the funds to ensure the squad remains competitive.}

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12 May 2024 21:43:31
I personally think losing Trent would be a catastrophic move and would much prefer to keep him than p/ x him with Tchouameni ?. By “war chest “ I mean additional funds on top of what we’ll get for finishing 3rd in PL (circa £170 mill ) PLUS circa £17 mill for CL qualification. They were prepared to splash £110 mill for Caicedo and that hasn’t been spent (apart for Endo purchase) ??.

12 May 2024 23:21:33
You do realise Schultzy that transfer funds aren’t determined by league placements. There’s only £3m difference in prize money between finishing places.

13 May 2024 06:08:59
There’s always been a big box in Edwards’s office where we keep the war chest for transfers. Every week we have a whip round and put the cash in the chest.

13 May 2024 06:42:24
I always thought it was just a sack with a huge dollar sign drawn on the front of it. Good to know that it's an actual chest.

13 May 2024 08:02:46
And get 10 lucky dips to see if we can boost it up a little Dracred.

13 May 2024 10:31:08
Ah, the annual Tchouameni chase. He's the new Simao.

13 May 2024 12:01:16
If it came down to it would you take Trent and Endo or Bradley and Tchouameni interested as to what people should choose.

13 May 2024 13:50:33
Fuser we will earn over £165 million for finishing 3rd in PL which goes straight on the bottom line so I’d like to think (perhaps naively indeed) they’d spend a large portion of that on an incoming quality left back, centre back and DCM…. not too much to ask for is it! ? Howling at some of the comments on FSG ???.

13 May 2024 14:46:41
@OneKiss, what makes you think it is one or the other. We already have TAA, Bradley and Endo, why don’t we just buy Tchouameni too and have all four?

13 May 2024 15:03:14
Can we please stop using words like warchest. It's a transfer kitty. We're not at war. In this day and age, it's a bit insensitive.

{Ed033's Note - Transfer kitty's are for women's football. :)

13 May 2024 15:52:49
Football finances are so massively misunderstood by fans. Everyone thinks it's like household finances.

Clubs almost always spend money they don't have and then aim to gain the money later via a variety of means.

The transfer fee is actually the cheapest part of a transfer, salaries are the most expensive and the part which accountants sweat over the most.

13 May 2024 16:16:44
I don't get the impression at all that the player wants out, further complicating any potential transfer. He had previously spurned LFC for Madrid after speaking with Klopp directly, so I just can't see him being interested in this move at the moment.

13 May 2024 22:01:15
mftjones, but now his godfather (slot) is taking over the reigns.

15 May 2024 01:35:03
Schultzy, and what money pays for the £350-400m/ year wage bill? ?.



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