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30 Jul 2022 21:38:12
What I take from that game is that Bobby is done with us. So ineffective. Zero pressing, zero goal threat, no linking the play, doesn’t even seem to be able to play simple passes or hold the ball up anymore. If Juve are still interested we should be biting their hand off. Nice bloke I am sure and a legend no doubt for past exploits but I reckon his time is up.

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30 Jul 2022 22:00:44
The team cannot play or score without him. It’s a fact.

30 Jul 2022 22:20:55
Way to get behind the team/ players Westwood : (
So happy for Nunez to get the goal and thank god it wasn't him that hit the bar from 5 yards out like Hartland
Great to have the footy back and all looking promising.

30 Jul 2022 22:21:55
OP, it's a matter of opinion, but mine is that you are way way off the mark. I'll accept that he's not as he used to be, but the team is far better off with him than without him.

30 Jul 2022 22:34:22
Well jk23 if that's the case we are done as a football club if we have to rely on one man that decides wether we play football or score goals. We have moved on from them days surely .

30 Jul 2022 22:56:39
Always look on the bright side of life.

30 Jul 2022 22:57:02
Really Westwood?
I thought Bobby played really well, first half especially, and was instrumental in Liverpool being the better side?
A good game all round, credit to both teams, and all the more enjoyable with the end result.
Nunez looks direct and pacy, if he gets his confidence he’ll be a top player for us.

31 Jul 2022 00:27:31
Guess we won’t be doing very well this year though if we can’t play or score without him seeing as he’s going to be third choice striker soon. Funny though, because we scored 3 goals and two of them were after he went off. Look I’m always behind my team and of course I want him to do well and will say as much when he does, but I’m not sure what some of you saw though because the only thing I saw him do was get surrounded by city players and either loose the ball or get fouled and spaff a single shot wide. He was never quick but what little pace he had is gone. I hate to say it because as I have said on here many time I used to think he was great but lately it’s not even average, he’s been poor. As ed025 would say take the red specs off and see it for what it is.

31 Jul 2022 00:28:30
I must have missed that to be honest. He looked lively and tracked back to regain possession successfully. Each to their own.

31 Jul 2022 00:52:50
? I don’t know what game the op was watching
Nunez definitely has more of a goal threat
But I thought the pressing, defending from the front, was better from Firmino

Anyway it’s a known fact Bobby takes while to get to his best in a new season and him playing like that at this stage is quite fine and on course.

31 Jul 2022 01:58:46
Please don't say anything to the OP. I think there is a serious chance that the OP will keep posting 'Firmino shortcomings' all season each time he gets a chance.

30 Jul 2022 22:18:10
What have you done for LFC mate? Bar complain. About nothing.

31 Jul 2022 05:44:27
Oh wow OP.

Why don't you tell us how you really feel about Firmino.

Firmino is not going to score in every game, I get it, but it's what he brings to our overall game that is so, damn important. Pressing, link up play, chance creation, possession retention, counter press, intelligence, off the ball work rate. maybe watch what he actually does before spouting your nonsense.

31 Jul 2022 05:47:17
Bobby had one of his better games. I thought he was ok.

31 Jul 2022 07:19:37
Wonder how many times we’ll see Trent not tracking back quick enough this season again, doesn’t seem to be improving the defensive side of his game and more him hoping being wrong side of attackers won’t lead to a goal.

{Ed001's Note - or maybe he is doing as instructed and expecting the midfield to cover as they are also instructed to do? Some of his defending was top class last season, covering when van Dijk went through a rough patch and making goalline clearances, only for this kind of utter crap to be spouted! I give up, people just want to bitch and whine, even if they have to make up a reason to do so.}

31 Jul 2022 07:39:41
Rubbish, City’s first goal came from him not tracking the player back. He gives goals away from not putting the effort in to get goal side, Goals cost us titles,

{Ed001's Note - if you say so. Clearly waste of time discussing this with you as you are just spouting bull. I will just ignore your comments from now on, it is clear your insight into football is up there with Michael Owen and Stevie Wonder.}

31 Jul 2022 08:35:31
Yes I will complain when he plays badly, and I will laud him when he plays well the same as I do with all LFC players. That there are more instances of the former than the latter is not my fault. I honestly don’t know what people are watching then because I count Nunez won the ball back more time in his first 5 minutes on the pitch than Bobby did in his 60 mins before then, and won a pen, and wrapped the game up, and Bobby did what before then? Should we not have brought Nunez on if he was doing so well? All opinions I guess but if the ‘popular stance’ brigade is out to shutdown objective critiques then not much point in even having the conversation is the there. I’m a red as well remember and I want the best for my team. Refusing to Blindly defend players regardless of performance does not mean I want him to do badly.

{Ed025's Note - spot on Westwood..

31 Jul 2022 08:50:54
I need to stop posting sarcastic comments as they don’t seem to be coming across as intended.

{Ed025's Note - I know how you feel Jk .. ?

31 Jul 2022 09:11:12
Damn Ed01 Owen is my Hero and Stevie Wonder is a legend. Seriously then, how did you see it as I’ve only watched highlights which shows the City player outpacing Trent at start of the attack but then Trent getting close to him but not making effort to get close enough / goal side and the ball goes to attacker who is through on goal with Trent too far behind when he could easily have made up the ground. others were miles away and Trent could have defended it. Am fully open to other interpretations as it’s easy to blame Trent’s defending. Btw I love Trent he’s prob in my top 5 current lfc players but I’m concerned how players get goal side of him constantly when it looks to me like he could get closer to them and we then concede. Love you whatever and the team is awesome.

{Ed001's Note - the midfield should come across and cover that. The reason Robbo didn't get caught out as much is because Mane would cover. Salah plays a much less responsible role on the right than the left side does, that leaves gaps. The midfield and right-sided centre-back should be shifting across to cover it. One midfielder should always be dropping in alongside Fabs, but only Milner ever does it, which is why we are often left with our centre-backs one-on-one. Unfortunately Matip's defensive reading of the game is not the best, so he often fails to spot what is happening and either adjust his position accordingly or yell at the midfield in front of him to do so. That leaves space to be attacked and everyone wants to get at that space because it is away from Virgil, so it becomes a weak point.

If Trent killed himself getting back every time, then he wouldn't have the ability to put in the quality he does going forward as you don't deliver the best while gasping for breath. Just like you don't if you are going at full tilt either. It is not Trent's fault that we only have one Virgil and he can't be everywhere at once. His tracking back should be just forcing the opposition into an alley because the midfield and centre-backs should be cutting across the space. He shouldn't need to sprint back to do that, he only needs to be close enough to apply pressure. It is then up to the rest of the team to close off the other options. If you have him sprinting up and down at every attack, then we would see his performances drop off the way Robertson's often do during a season as he is clearly struggling with fatigue.

Sometimes you have to know when to save energy as well as knowing when to sprint back and he has shown he does. Much as we would all love our players to be able to spring constantly and never stop, they are humans and they have to pick and choose their sprints.}

31 Jul 2022 09:45:32
Awesome, thanks Ed001.

{Ed001's Note - very welcome Mickey Wonder.}

31 Jul 2022 09:51:23
It's not by mistake that Trent is so far up the pitch at times. His ability to pass the ball with ease, his crossing etc means we are sometimes left with a massive space at right back. It's unfair to put all the blame on Trent as I'm pretty sure he is being told to play in the opposition half as much as possible.
That's not to say he doesn't track back, clearly he does but on occasions the opposing team can take advantage of the space left but as already being said, our defensive record is great whoever plays so it's a risk work taking.
The way Trent plays for Liverpool is also the reason he doesn't get on the England team because they don't play to his strengths and would rather use a more orthodox full back in Walker. The way we play Trent is perfect for us and I think over the last 2 seasons he has bulked up a bit and looks physically stronger. Just my opinion tho ?‍♂️.

31 Jul 2022 10:06:10
I thought Bobby was good, not great. Think the OP is going OTT a bit much and I’m not sure why. As for TAA, nothing Ed01 has said is any secret regarding the way we are set up for him to thrive offensively and defensively. Again, a bit of OTT on this topic from WarMachine, IMO.

31 Jul 2022 10:19:02
Seeing Trent and Robbo live Is actually a joy to watch.

Whilst not possessing electric pace Trent also isn’t slow but he just appears to read the game exceptionally well and just appears in these spaces up the field without actually seeing him bust a lung to get there in the first place. It’s the same as when he gets back. One min there’s space and as the opposition look to exploit it he seems to be back. But as he plays on the front foot a lot it is easier for the opposition to exploit that space if they find a great ball into that space quickly.

Where as Robbo goes forward and backwards at full steam. The guy looks like he loves running even when it’s not required. I’m pretty sure you could put a couple of brick walls down his flank and he’d try and run through them. When the ball goes out for a goal kick just watch the speed Robbo gets back at. Anyone swear he’s going towards the opposition goal rather than his own.

Both are top quality though and compliment each other and the team so well.

31 Jul 2022 10:23:19
Would be good if Klopp could tweak the right side defence as it gives me a heart attack watching teams with fast attackers like Spurs City etc nail us there. Unless we just accept it’s the way we play as I can’t knock the defensive record.

31 Jul 2022 12:03:43
Some of us got it JK?.

31 Jul 2022 13:29:29
@WarMachine, if City keep nailing the right side of our defence how come the scoreline shows we won? Somebody somewhere is doing what’s necessary in defence or so it seems.

31 Jul 2022 14:19:38
WDW - watch their goal and tell me you think Trent couldn’t have done better. I get the tactics point from Ed001 but in this case Trent was tracking back and eased off too soon causing a goal. I’ve seen him ease off at other times when he can easily get goal side or be closer to the attacker. IMO he’s defensively at fault and it causes us to concede eg European cup final. I get he gives a lot to the attack but no way was matip, Henderson or Salah were getting to that attacker, it was Trents man and responsibility and he didn’t cover. No chance of him getting in the England side with Southgate watching that City goal whether he cares or not I don’t know. Lots of goals come down our right side so Klopp needs to sort it or we are not learning from our mistakes, I’m focussing on what I see as improvement areas so we improve. Overall, the team is awesome of course.

31 Jul 2022 14:39:50
RE Trent tracking back. Well said Ed01, alah doesn't cover trent like Mane covered the left side, i think Diaz will cover Robbo more too. AsEd01 said, only one Virgil, shame he can't go right side and ahave Konate left, mix the best and experienced up, just my opinion.



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