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25 Nov 2023 23:00:28
TAA what a player, what a man. Won everything at club level there is to win. The scouser in our team. Plays RB, but has the numbers of a certain KDB yet Ed025 will have you think he is just a big head who can't defend and struts around the field offering zip. Well he has my vote. He is top drawer, world class, he isn't just a RB, he is the RB, he is that man! Deserved point today away at the champions. Come on red men ?.

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26 Nov 2023 06:24:20
I thought there was a lack of intensity in his game early on but he stuck at it and grew into the game, it's a bit harsh to be critical of players after international break and with a 12.30 kick off.

In retrospective it was probably a good time to play Manchester City in their own backyard and a point from the game I am guessing we would have all taken.

Back to Trent, his goal was world class, he was less of a threat in attack but his defensive side of the game in the last 60+ minutes was OK against an exceptional Doku.

If I was Pep I would have targeted our Greek Scouser more than our local lad, great to have got that one out of the way with a point in the bag, well done the Reds.

26 Nov 2023 06:42:53
Tsmikas did well I thought, especially defensively. Foden, a player I like, flopped to the floor a lot and generally poor on that side. TAA I maintain can be the perfect modern fb. assuming he continues to work on his defensive duties. One really poor header could have been costly.

26 Nov 2023 08:27:36
The whole back four was decent and Mac had a good game. Allison an off day and the other midfielders were not the best. Grav was an improvement when he came on. Our forwards never really got going, shame as City were there to be got at.

{Ed025's Note - "Mac had a good game" Mark?, i thought he was bloody awful mate and i know hes not playing in his preferred position but there is no excuse for giving the ball away or being so weak, i thought he was a great signing but i have to say he has done very little up to now to convince me of that..

26 Nov 2023 09:19:25
Mac had a good game ??????. This is why people stay on live chat ????. The way Doku skinned him was an embarrassment. He is the weakest link in the team currently.

26 Nov 2023 10:08:17
Mac wasn’t the worst thought it was one of his better games!

26 Nov 2023 11:11:33
Mac playing out of position did well. He didn’t get bullied as I thought he would. If Mac was so bad then how do you explain Rodri especially and Silva offering little in the game. Mac won his share of duels and his passing was better than previous games. Especially since he just got back from South America and he played the full 90 minutes.

What happens is people watch the game with pre conceived ideas and don’t judge the game as just the 90 minutes.

26 Nov 2023 11:24:04
Nice use of emoji’s there Habibi.
You must be upset that your team couldn't continue their run of home wins.

26 Nov 2023 12:49:38
Another absolute waffle job by the resident City fa masquerading as an LFC fan. Doku only skinned him once and that was on a counter attack and that was it. As Semibythesea3 said, the City fan is just mad that his team gave us their best shot and could not lay us out and we kept our cool and stuck the dagger in them and even his manager was so rattled all game that he was scared that his team would lose after the 8 mins was added. You and your other fans can go cry in the corner like your manager does when he can't beat Klopp.

26 Nov 2023 12:58:13
Ed25 you are the only one who has slated Macca and his performance that I've sees so let's disect that. First off if you are going to slate someone at least, do us all a favor and actually watch the games.

Macca not that I needed to know it cos I thought he was very good, completed 41 out of 44 passes he attempted all game with 26 out of 26 passes completed in the first half alone (and Im not even a stats guy) . You see how easy your agenda got debunked? So clearly to you, giving the ball away THREE times is now being "awful and weak" and all the other dust you posted? Really? Next time pls, watch the games before you go in on a player. That would be a start.

Again, have your agendas on our players, however baseless they might be BUT at least use facts to back up Macca being "awful and weak", and not your preconceived notions. Just saying.

{Ed025's Note - we all know stats are misleading Oli. The fact that you can’t or won’t see the truth is your problem not mine mate. Now I know you won’t have a bad word said about your players but those of us who are neutral prefer to tell the truth. I think the guy is talented I really do but it’s no use me telling you that he played well when he stank the house out. He’s a square peg in a round hole at the moment and maybe when he is played in his correct position we will find out that he is not as bad as what we have seen up to now. At least I hope so..

26 Nov 2023 23:17:35
At what point do we stop saying Mac is playing out of position and accept that in our team DM IS his position?

He gets better at it every time I see him and had a good game against the most technically gifted team in the world. He didn’t get caught out like everyone was expecting him to and he had a good game.

Ed25 I’m really not sure what game you were watching if you thought Mac was awful. He did his job well, stayed in contact with the defence and midfield and used the ball well if not spectacular. This preconceived idea that he’s not a DM really does sway peoples opinions and if he doesn’t have 100 successful tackles in a game they slag him off.

He’s become the new Naby Keita for some and it’s actually quite sad.

{Ed025's Note - I’m afraid you are looking through red tinted glasses BP. I know you are all desperate for him to come good and I do myself actually. But let’s at least be honest and tell it like it really is. He has had an underwhelming start to his Liverpool career but maybe when he is not shoehorned into playing in a position where he stands out like a sore thumb things will improve for the guy mate..



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