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04 Dec 2023 14:13:26
Just forget about the tribalism and partisanship in football these days; the refereeing standards need to improve across board a few notches. Simon Hooper was wrong yesterday, and if that was Liverpool, I don't know how I'd feel. How are these officials able to get away with these poor calls week after week? Now I hear Haaland should be sanctioned for cussing. What do you do to the referee for triggering the curse? Players get banned for being upset at refs, yet the refs get retarded for substandard job done.

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04 Dec 2023 14:19:17
Yes I agree the refs need improving. but that doesn't happen by shouting and cursing at them does it. both the ref and players should be reprimanded for it 1. players should be banned (already happened with VVD) 2. Refs should be trained more demoted for a bit others given a chance etc. any other workplace environment you'd be pulled up on it.

the players are meant to be setting standards and this crap is still being seen in grass roots even kids football the amount of times I've had to tell another parent to shut up or there wrong for the abuse there giving refs at my nephews games is mental.

04 Dec 2023 14:41:33
VVD got done one game and 100k for doing the same thing Haaland did so the punishment should be equal even tho, I the refs trigger these players on purpose, IMO. Sad but true.

04 Dec 2023 17:28:38
Haaland completely lost his head despite it being a very poor decision to bring it back when Hooper did. So he gets whatever is coming to him. Frankly he should be more bothered about the face he had a poor game.

04 Dec 2023 18:22:17
He gets nothing FA are charging city as a club not the players ridiculous.

04 Dec 2023 18:39:26
Wassa-lfc, or the sitters he missed but I've been told we are not allowed to say that, according to the "Haaland can do no wrong" mob online.

04 Dec 2023 19:32:26
Actually if you watch it again you’ll see that the ref tries to help ManCity by giving them the free kick after he’d waved on as he clearly thought Grealish want going to get it. The fact that he didn’t help them was a mistake.



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