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03 May 2024 13:22:56
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Seano_ has written an article entitled, What Liverpool FC Should Do

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03 May 2024 14:00:40
Good read, Seano.
I agree with a lot of what you said other than a few of the players to be assessed rather than kept or sold. In the same way that Gravenberch and Jota should be sold, Szoboszlai should be kept.
Van Den Ven as well? He’s an athlete rather than a defender.

03 May 2024 14:38:57
Kerkez from Bournemouth would be an ideal left back signing. Is a pretty good two way player (good forward and back) and iraola likes to invert full backs too so it's a role he's played.

03 May 2024 14:55:57
Sell Salah, keep Jota. Other than that I concur, Seano.

03 May 2024 14:58:58
@Lowel - true, but he has the pace to deal with anyone and is physically strong. He’s not the best reader of the game but next to Van Dijk he wouldn’t need to he. That ship has sailed so it’s largely irrelevant but I do think he would have been decent for us.

@Nevada - have heard he is a very good prospect, hopefully we’ve got him on our radar. Do think LB is a key position to look at.

03 May 2024 15:04:09
Good read but baj has had the same growing pains injury as gerrard and ibou gets rested by Klopp to much it’s not always injuries, Díaz and Salah can go for me .
Díaz runs into to many alleys and doesn’t cross enough balls for me.

03 May 2024 15:26:48
Agree with all your conclusions for GK, defenders and midfielders, but agree with none of them for the forwards! We just see the game in different ways I guess.

Also think you're being a bit harsh on Robbo and Jota for their injury records. In both most recent cases they've been out bc an opposition player landed on them. Robbo dislocated his shoulder and Jota hyperextended his knee. Hardly their fault.

03 May 2024 17:15:20
Nice one, Seano. On Szobo, I think it is the tactics and the way he is being used that has stifled him. We signed a play who is literally built to play the high press like he did and axcelled at at RBL and here we are having him cover ground defensively and playing in a slow possession system that does not suit him. For me, he is the most athletic mid we have and should be used in the high press under Slot, IMO.

Jota and Robbo? I can see why you want to move hthem on so I can agree with that even tho, I think they still have stuff to offer. All in all like you said, we just need to get 3/ 4 players in the right positions, sort out the GK situation cos Kellerher will want to go and most importantly, our boys need a new motivation, a new message and most importantly as ED01 said, 3Have a new boss to impress again".

03 May 2024 18:38:25
Only from a selfish and atmosphere point of view I hope we don’t sell Jota and he stays fit next season.

On match days the 3 best songs to get the atmosphere going over recent years are the Bobby, Klopp and Jota songs.

We’ve lost Bobby, we’re losing Klopp and if Jota goes as well it’ll be another great atmosphere song gone.

{Ed025's Note - i wrote a song for Jota JK...its called.."! couldn,t trap a bag of cement" mate.. :)

03 May 2024 16:29:01
Enjoyed that, really good and agree with a lot especially LB. As for Szbo I understand he joined mostly to work with Klopp, he has said this. Could his drop in form be due to the disappointment? Maybe EDs might know if he had other options and after Klopp announced leaving he may regret choosing LFC?

03 May 2024 19:21:08
It’s definitely the tactics that is effecting Szob.

He was much better the first few months of the season when we were playing the inverted full back over the last couple of months where we’ve switched to the inverted full back.

Szob doesn’t know if he’s coming or going.

{Ed025's Note - hes actually fell off a cliff JK, when he first came i thought wow, now im not so sure on him mate..

03 May 2024 21:08:56
I think we need a striker who will score the goals that Salah WAS scoring! The days of our wingers getting all the goals are long behind us, as we don’t play that way anymore. Salah will score goals wherever he goes, but it seems that he was being asked to play a lot wider this season. If a good offer which was tempting for all parties came in in the summer, I would be surprised if we turned it down. Jota is our best finisher, but injuries are a big problem. Again, if a big offer came in I would definitely take it. The remaining forwards I would keep, but not to play as a main striker, as they don’t score enough of their chances and are better out wide. Not sure who this free scoring striker is, but it’s where I would I would be looking.

03 May 2024 22:12:31
The alarming thing with szob is his body language screams I'm not arsed.

03 May 2024 23:11:24
Nice work Seano.

No2, LB, CB, DM, LW, RW needed imo.

03 May 2024 20:59:55
Ed25, tht is cos the tactics and the way he is now being used is diff. from the start of the season where we just unleashed him in the high pressing system and let him do damage. Now, he spends his time covering ground and for others which clearly, is NOT the way or the best way to use him. This not hard to understand, mate.

{Ed025's Note - i get what you are saying Oli, but playing out of position does not make you unable to make a ten yard pass or unable to tackle...that is not hard to understand either mate..

04 May 2024 06:29:17
I told eds many times the answer to Salah is Serhou Guirassy!

04 May 2024 07:26:57
Ed0025 Szob was flying and got injured. And Hasn’t hit the same heights since he came back.

Trent, Salah, Jones, Jota were all playing much better prior to their injuries and since returning haven’t hit the same heights.

Maybe it’s something to with that.

Some believe it’s what Klopp tells him what to do and restricts his game but I don’t have the same privilege of being part of those Klopp / Szob tactical conversations as them.

{Ed025's Note - a professional footballer should still be able to do the basics if hes had an injury or not JK, he looked great when he first came in but his form has nosedived mate, it could be something else tough i suppose..

04 May 2024 10:01:57
Re: Szoboszlai

The fact he came in and started so well tells us there is a very good player there.

Isn't he a big Liverpool supporter - surely that would have been a bigger pull then just playing for Klopp

Whether it be the tactics / position, or the initial loss of form coming back from injury maybe its just a confidence things, which let's face it the full team look devoid of right now.

New season, New manager = Fresh start, hopefully gets him back to his best.

Personally - I think we have to consider selling Mo, as this is the last chance we're probably going to see to get a decent fee. as good as he has been, maybe he's on the natural decline. Dominik may be the answer to covering his position.

04 May 2024 10:24:52
The thing with Szoboszlai is that he isn't as good as everyone was saying he was at the beginning of the season. To be honest, I never saw enough back then to agree with a lot of people that were raving about him.
I hope he is a success for us but if you are expecting another Gerrard you are going to be disappointed.

04 May 2024 11:23:54
Ed25, you saying he can't do the basics is just porkies, man. And yes, you can be hindered if you are playing in a position and job that you are not used to hence, you are not in the right positions or right angle to make the tackles which for you is the basics, apparently for a pro footballer. Just so you know, anyone can tackle or pass the ball 10 yards, man. It's not about just making tackles or passing the ball 10 yards. It's about being efficient with these things and getting your team on the front foot as is/ was his role, which he is struggling with right now due to the job he is being asked to do.

You don't need to be in the room with Klopp. All you have to do is use your eyes. Just look at the way Szobo was playing in the begining playing in his right position and how he had no issues making tackles or creating opportunities and getting assists compared to now where, all he does is cover ground to allow others (like Trent in int inverted role or Bradley inverting or playing high up) . He cannot do the damage from deep and defensive areas that he was doing while playing further up the pitch earlier in the season. It's that simple.

04 May 2024 08:35:00
Ed0025 i agree mate and i'm not trying to use it as an excuse just pointing out when players return from injury they don't always recapture that previous form straight away.

There again footballers are the same elite athletes that struggle to play at 1230 on a Saturday despite the fact they probably train 90% of the season at 10am.

I'm fed up of these managers and players moaning about kick off times because never once has any of them mentioned the fans.

The ones who have to get to games and home at all times of the day regardless of the kick off or what day it is.

If clubs aren't happy with the Tv schedules then for me its an easy fix.

Don't accept the 100-200 mill tv money at the start of every season and then you won't play any games at those inconvenient times.

{Ed025's Note - its all about the money now JK, the amount of money in the game is obscene mate and fans dont seem to matter..

04 May 2024 20:54:54
Ed0025 who cares as long as Oli can watch his replays on Youtube for free then the rest of us can just suck it up.

{Ed025's Note - me and Oli dont always see eye to eye JK and thats fine by me, my only problem with him is that he can be very condescending at times but i do think he is a good poster mate and a good guy...most of the time.. :)



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