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11 May 2024 12:58:55
Seems very strange that LFC reappointed The two people that walked out on the club and put one in a top position within the club and we lose Klopp does not feel right to me and i know i will miss Jurgen Klopp more than i missed Edwards and Ward.

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11 May 2024 15:08:16
@iwillbered. You can praise Klopp without bizarrely taking a swipe at Edwards and Ward. I mean, whether you like it or not Edwards alongside Klopp of course was heavily involved in our successful period. Also, not sure what’s strange about Edwards fixing our structure, which I may add was not there prior to his appointment. Each to their own I guess.

11 May 2024 15:37:38
Klopp wants a break. Let him have one. He's a person as well as a manager.

12 May 2024 00:16:02
All of them were successful with us, of they fell out fine, Klopp stayed and they left. Now Klopp is leaving they are coming back. All good.

12 May 2024 00:52:08
Totally agree that Klopp has had enough, which is fair enough

However, the interesting question is, if Jurgen had decided to stay on until the end of his contract does anybody think it’s likely that Edwards and Ward would be back?

12 May 2024 08:53:44
What's strange about it? We all know Edwards left as there was some power struggle going on btw them. Ward left the same way by saying that it was becoming too difficult to do his job effectively, which means he had some beef with Klopp as well. Now whether they were competent and qualified enuff to be the DOF is another issue we can debate.

Now as clearly there is a restructuring not just at the club BUT at FSG on the footballing side, the owners have brought in guys who were very successful working on the footie side with Klopp to start a new era under as Klopp is now leaving. This is how big businesses work when restructuring happens periodically, man. Nothing else to see here, IMO.

12 May 2024 15:00:30
I get the impression that for some of the new appointees or re-appointees the carrot is the seeming emergence of FSG’s plan to purchase one (or more) teams and follow, amongst others, the Citeh model. A ‘today Liverpool, tomorrow the world’ type of thing.

12 May 2024 15:58:27
“Least likely to see at anfield” would be a cracker!



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