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19 May 2024 21:37:50
Edd001 how are you feeling?

{Ed001's Note - drained, all those tears take it out of you! I am just looking forward to the next chapter with excitement, though I will always miss Jurgen. It was the right time and he dealt with it all so well, his speeches touched the right chord and he even got us all singing the next man's name. The best thing about it is that there was no artifice, this wasn't like 'Arry Redknapp playing to the crowd with his cock-er-nee barra boy spiel, pretending to be a good guy. This was genuine, from the heart and just what we all needed to hear. He may not have won as much as he maybe should have, it might have fallen apart a bit in the run in, but I don't care, I wouldn't have swopped the time with Jurgen Norbert Klopp for anything or anyone else.}

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20 May 2024 03:54:03
Well said Ed001. The genuineness just comes through in his speeches and we could all feel it. It was a good, positive farewell all around.

{Ed001's Note - you can see why his players are so inspired by him. Players that played for him always talk about him in glowing terms and it is no wonder. I think we would all have run through brick walls for him yesterday.}

20 May 2024 06:29:54
John Keith said that in 1971 when Mr Shankly spoke to the crowd in front of St George’s Hall, if he’d asked to run through the tunnel and sack Birkenhead they’d have done it.

Yesterday, Jurgen could have done the same - although i’m glad he didn’t.

Great speech from a great man. We will miss him.

20 May 2024 07:21:37
The thing I loved more than anything else was he actively went out of his way to make it just as much about everybody else as well as him.

In a football world with egos that match the size of their salaries, that’s such a beautiful thing and a real measure of the man.

Also - if you haven’t seen it then have a look at pep guardiolas press conference last night where he is getting emotional talking about klopp and what he has driven him to be.

20 May 2024 06:05:31
Ed1, are you planning on writing something to sum up Klopp time at Liverpool in the future? Still can't believe that he lead the whole Anfield into singing the next man's name. Just show what a great man he is. The final speech he gives yesterday is like his final pep talk for all Liverpool supporters all around the world. He doesn't want his name to be said among other club's great Shankly, Paisley and Kenny. But there is not a single doubt that he belong among the club's greatest.

{Ed001's Note - yes mate, I am intending to do something.}

20 May 2024 10:00:26
I guess it will be something that is hard for you to do Ed1. Given how much Klopp has brought back a lot of joy for us Liv fans, I imagine few tears will come out when you're writing that. What a blessing it is to have him as one of our manager.

{Ed001's Note - very hard mate. I am dreading it. I was back in bits this morning watching the footage.}

20 May 2024 10:02:31
Edd001 ino was tough because he was special and we all know to get a klopp is once in a generation. Not the success but the man and how he emotionally connected soo well to the club and it's fans. His personality is unmatched. I think we've seen the best from klopp but look at virg, cried when embracing him. He's been like a father figure for the club. I think arne has a very tough job to be honest and i hope he doesn't underestimate it.

{Ed001's Note - just look at all the ex-players too. Lovren in particular posted a very touching tribute.}

20 May 2024 10:11:38
I fell you, Ed01. I was not as drained as you were even tho, the onion cutters did a decent job on me a bit, lol. Everything looked genuine. No phoney, mealy moutth company mine schtick. Just words from the heart of a man who really cared about his players, the club, the city and the fan base. Royalty, man.

Did you see Slot's send-off at Feyenoord? It was not as big and colorful as Klopp's BUT it was a very good one. They sang him and his kids off with YNWA (rendition was very diff. ), as well. Im excited about what he can do and he seems to be ready to make that jump.

Klopp is now a fan now and the best way for him to be a true fan was to sing the new Arne Slot song to welcome his successor. Time to support Big Arne, the way we supported and believed in Klopp. The man asked us to do so as a parting wish. Who are we not to oblige? YNWA, Jurgen and Queen Ulla! You will be sorely missed but NEVER forgotten.

{Ed001's Note - I am looking forward to Slot now, the send off he got was nice to see.}

20 May 2024 10:18:35
Getting the crowd to sing Slots name was incredible I thought. To the last, Klopp was thinking about making sure the club was in the best position to move forward. I was born in 1991 and only really started supporting when I was around 15, obviously missed out on the glory days of the past but man, I am lucky to have got to see the Klopp era live.

20 May 2024 10:56:05
Have to say Klopp singing an Arne Slot song was not on the bingo card.

Thought the arrangement of the celebration was a bit strange.

But it's a mark of the man. He wanted it to be about his colleagues and the next man rather than just him.

It's a shame the stadium cleared out before the lap of honour. Not sure if that was intended.

Regardless, a good send off and as he said, he's now one of us.



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