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31 May 2024 13:55:45
Question for ed 1 if you've got time please.
Centre backs, with vdb coming back off a great season we will have 3 very good RCBs why can't one off them be trained to play as a LCB to be a log term replacement for Virgil rather than buying someone?

{Ed001's Note - Quansah can play there.}

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31 May 2024 19:37:52
Van dijk still has a good few years in him yet but we do need to think about his successor I would love that to be quansah. Just seems like a really good lad and
His anticipation in the opposition box at set pieces looks very natural aswell could be a decent return on goals from him aswell . He had a brilliant display in the fa cup game against Arsenal at lcb just had a monster and best version of konate that overshadowed how good jarrel was that day aswell ??.

31 May 2024 21:05:46
Do you see Quansah as a natural successor to VVD, Ed001? Right footed LCB?

Do you think we would suffer without having a naturally left footed CB? Or could we do like we do on the wings with left footers on the right and right footers on the left?

{Ed001's Note - it would be better if it was a left footer, but it is not vital. Quansah has a lot to work on before he can be considered as a VVD replacement.}

01 Jun 2024 05:10:16
Inacio is the one.

01 Jun 2024 10:42:27
Given most teams play with left footed wide men on the right and visa versa, wouldn't it make sense for managers to try out right footed players a LB and LCB and left footed players at RB and RCB? Surely it's easier to defend against them when the cut inside? No?

{Ed001's Note - but then it would restrict the teams even further when going forward. The idea is to let the full-back overlap into the space vacated by the wideman cutting inside.}

01 Jun 2024 11:11:15
Hanson played as lcb for years and didn't bother him being right footed!

01 Jun 2024 13:55:03
VVD has played on the left (being right footed) for us since the day he arrived as well, Digger. Didn't hurt him one bit.

01 Jun 2024 14:15:27
Probably the 2 best cbs ever 2 put on a red shirt oli would u agree?

01 Jun 2024 19:11:11
Digger, brilliant shout, man. Both players had/ have an aura, a presence about them that you can recognize as soon as you see them on the pitch. True cornerstones of successful LFC teams.

For me like AB1, I can argue VVD is the best CB the PL has ever seen in terms of sheer ability, impact on a whole club not just the team.

01 Jun 2024 22:27:09
Crazy to think that Hansen was this global superstar pre the internet, sky and streaming.



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