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04 Feb 2024 17:25:46
Trent will be extending his current contract with Liverpool.

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05 Feb 2024 09:38:53
Nice, plenty more displays like yesterday then.

05 Feb 2024 12:31:10
Give the lad a break, he’s just coming back from a lay off. I see you played well yesterday?

05 Feb 2024 13:45:47
@ Mr Bean

Wonder why I am thinking your not a red?

05 Feb 2024 14:40:36
Hey Bean, when do we get to turn on Bradley? Since that's how the best and or most knowledgeable fans treat their players. Big them up when they break through and then hammer them if they have a poor game. I'm dying to take him down a peg, who does he think he is coming into a Premier League team at 20 and looking like he belongs in it?

Trent has played 301 games for Liverpool. He's been actually bad (as opposed to sad, obsessive weirdos employed by Sky Sports overanalysing his defending bad), at most, 20 times. Probably less.

Also we conceded twice *after* he left the pitch yesterday.

05 Feb 2024 16:34:49
Come on, Trent is so nonchalant with everything. Scores a decent goal and it’s forgotten just how bad the rest of his game is. He was only on the pitch for a few mins against Chelsea and it went to pieces.

05 Feb 2024 23:50:08
Maybe you should be like Mr Bean and remain silent?

06 Feb 2024 07:21:33
Who’s me bean?

06 Feb 2024 08:35:44
Interesting question, will he extend his contract or will he sign a new one?

Pretty reasonable guess by the way.

07 Feb 2024 07:50:02
sounds like Mr Bean would rather sell Trent.

07 Feb 2024 08:04:18
Think it’s fair to say that Trent divides opinion. I think we have looked slightly more solid at the back when he was out, but like at the same time, he does so much going forward. Klopp is happy to take those risks and knows a lot more about it than us. I like Trent but I think Bradley looks like a cracker too, great to have all these great players at our club.

08 Feb 2024 06:17:43
It doesn’t really matter if he divides opinion or not though, does it? The current manager thinks he is worth a starting spot - based on the evidence of the last 5 or 6 years anyway.



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