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15 Jun 2022 17:23:03
So who’s scoring more goals in the prem next season?
Nunez or Haaland?

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15 Jun 2022 17:30:55
Haaland is my guess but Nunez will do us proud.

15 Jun 2022 17:45:17
Inevitably because of the fees the players will be compared, but I think it's an unfair comparison early doors because Haaland in my opinion is a generational talent and already more established so of course we should all think he will "probably" score more goals. The only question mark for me is he was starting to show signs of issues with injuries, will he stay fit for the whole season?

15 Jun 2022 17:51:53
No idea, but I can't wait to find out!

15 Jun 2022 18:22:34

15 Jun 2022 18:27:53
Halaand is not a once in generation talent. He’s good but he’s not that good.

15 Jun 2022 18:33:04
This whole Haaland injuries business. You do know that Nunez had a nasty ACL in late teens. Let’s hope neither get injured as that’s a horrible way to live your lives. Instead hope our CF just bangs in a lot more goals!

15 Jun 2022 18:38:40
I think they will score a similar amount of goals. My guess is there will be less than 3 in it, injury permitting.

Haaland is better at bringing team mates into play, Nunez is better at pressing. So with that in mind, they've probably both joined the right team.

15 Jun 2022 18:39:30
Golden boots mean nothing. I'd be happy to have Nunez scoring less goals over all as long as he scores the match winning goals.

15 Jun 2022 19:50:02
Sorry @1jj I wasn't implying I wanted to see Haaland get injured. Haaland himself though has had more frequent injuries and he is younger so definitely has the worse record, incidents like ACLs are typically just had luck whereas Haaland seems to pick up a number of muscular injuries. That is not to say the pattern will continue for either, just what it looks like to me at present.

@lfcmad agree to disagree on that one. I'm not saying he's going to be one of the best of all time but I think he's right out there at present in this cohort of strikers.

15 Jun 2022 20:00:18
bigbaz, so just the 38 goals in the prem then? ;-)

15 Jun 2022 20:18:53
Based on what I have read, their transfer fees are almost the same at 85 Million (including add-ons, but probably not the other goodies such as agent fees) . Three times difference in salaries because Haaland has better "quality" experience, I would guess and because ManCity have to maintain that reputation of best paymasters in the League (LOL) .

I give Haaland the head start. But give Klopp and staff 6 months with Nunez, and I think it will be a different ball game, towards the end of their first season. I don't see too many physical differences between the two. So I think the mental aspect of the game will differentiate the two.

15 Jun 2022 20:54:37
Salah lol.

15 Jun 2022 21:22:17
The comparison is irrelevant cos it lacks any type of context as it’s all media driven.

15 Jun 2022 22:01:02
I didn't realize Mikey1985 works in the media.

15 Jun 2022 22:32:27
That would do me Zed.

15 Jun 2022 22:37:33
Nunez will smash him to bits.

16 Jun 2022 05:05:56
Nunez had a lower Xg this season than Haaland but a better overall goals scored something like 1.17 vs 1.03 per game suggesting he gets less chances but is more clinical.

{Ed001's Note - the most ludicrous pointless stat ever invented. It is complete nonsense.}

16 Jun 2022 07:38:14
I suppose the answer lies in whoever adapts the quickest to the prem. I think both players are going to enjoy a lot less time and space than they enjoyed in the German and Portuguese leagues.
Can’t say much about the way Portuguese defences set up but some of them German ones are wide open, I can see why so many strikers do well there but struggle elsewhere.

16 Jun 2022 07:38:15
Nunez all day ??.

16 Jun 2022 08:40:28
Honestly think Nunez not that he’s a better or worse player but halaand picks up a lot of niggily injuries it seems and with the premier league schedule tending to be quite intense I think he’ll miss a fair portion of it. Luckily for city they can play without a striker so I doubt he’d ever be rushed back like at Dortmund.

16 Jun 2022 08:43:20
Nunez will offer more in his all round game.

16 Jun 2022 11:38:09
With you there Ed. Xg is a complete and utter bullsh@t statistic, invented I suspect by betting companies to relieve the punters of even more of their cash. Please let this be the last mention of it on here …. ?.

{Ed001's Note - it is ludicrously subjective and so should not be considered as a true statistic anyway. The whole point of stats is to take subjectivity out of the equation, but that is the complete opposite.}

16 Jun 2022 12:01:34
If they both stay fit Haaland will smash it for fun. He's on another level.

16 Jun 2022 14:02:44
XG don't mean squat, bro. Just saying.

17 Jun 2022 18:24:16
ND it was a discussion point and I think Ed made his. No need to jump on the bandwagon and be so condescending w the ?.



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