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29 Nov 2023 20:46:00
The approach should have been to introduce VAR in Leagues 1 and 2 for at least a season to iron out any quirks. After that you introduce it at the elite level, (fairly) confident that the technology and the people who use the technology are actually capable.

Of course, the FA decided to jump straight in and now they have a PR disaster and a tainted product. If I ruled the world, I’d withdraw it for re-evaluation and perhaps re-introduce it in League 1 and 2 for next season. It won’t happen though because the FA won’t back down, although I think you could make a case that the failure of the tool and / or its usage are bringing the game into disrepute.

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29 Nov 2023 21:17:31
Var has been round for 4 years in the prem if they can’t iron out the problems by now then they never will. It’s not fit for purpose!

29 Nov 2023 23:46:48
I think we’re long past the stage of questioning the technology.

The whole network in football is too much of an old boys club. It needs a massive shake including diversity of thought in governance.

30 Nov 2023 02:02:31
Perhaps the FA should introduce another layer so that we have the Ref who has VAR as a back-up and then have another group - perhaps call them VARref - who check to make sure VAR haven’t stuffed up. Fans going to the match could take sleeping bags or tents and settle in for an over-nighter.

30 Nov 2023 11:35:49
WDW3, I can agree with your first paragraph of your OP but like @Faith said, this is no longer a technological issue as that is not the problem anymore.

It is implementation in good faith with the need to have fairer outcomes. NONE of that was considered when implementing the VAR system in the PL.

VAR ain't perfect by any stretch and we see that in other leagues BUT nobody can and will ever be able to convince me that it is only unfit for purpose in England whereas it works very well for the most part in other leagues and in the CL. Nah, that's not a thing. The FA/ PL did not want VAR hence, implemented it the way it is on purpose, to protect themselves esp. with the "Clear and Obvious" crap. That is the issue and Mike Dean snitching on them is your proof. This ain't complicated, IMO.

30 Nov 2023 11:43:19
Maybe we could have an app so fans can vote on a controversial decision? It could be limited to 20 seconds response time to make sure the delay is not too long.

It would add to fan inclusivity and create real drama!

Also we could have fans selected as the referee and linesmen to make sure we get the correct decisions every time.

We could also have a time out every 15 minutes for comfort breaks for older fans so they don’t miss any action.

Beer should be allowed to be delivered to fans in their sheets…. Football fans have been treated as second class citizens for too long.

Players mums should be allowed to sit in the dugout to make sure they behave whilst on the pitch…. No more dissent when their mums are watching!

30 Nov 2023 14:45:45
The technology is generally ok, but how it is used is the issue.

The big incidents - penalties, red cards etc - similar, nah identical issues that occur, seem to be judged differently each week - perhaps according to the club badge, the stadium the match is in or the player involved?

the red cards, dodgy tackles annoy me tbh - I mean it is obvious if a guy goes in two footed etc but we see a lengthy VAR check on the Endo one, which looked grand, just an old school hard tackle and then others not even considered - why?

Handballs are a dodgy one these days, but it seems the rules are just plain wrong - what was wrong with the old one? Used to be accidental or deliberate, ball to hand or hand to ball - sometimes if you're close and a guy kicks the ball it hits your hand, if it's not in a weird outstretched position then no penalty - used to be easy enough this rule.

Offsides - I mean should be an easy one really - use one still when the ball was played, if he's off he looks off by the naked eye, if it's too close to tell and you need lines to see if maybe his big toe is off then I'm sorry, the benefit goes to the attacker and he's onside - 30 secs max and simple!

They need to get rid of this 'clear and obvious' rule - if it's wrong it's wrong but show the ref different angles of an incident, not a still of a tackle to make it look its most brutal

Tbh lads, VAR is irritating but it's simply how it is used is the issue - though given the PGMOL do any of us really believe things will change for the better - even just doing what I said for offsides would see the game flow a lot better and if they actually did a wee bit of the above things would be much easier but I'm sure none of us have any confidence in that group anymore.

30 Nov 2023 15:48:45
Like lots of institutions these days the PGMOL has over promised and under delivered.

30 Nov 2023 18:20:13
I'm pretty sure the M in PGMOL stands for muppets.
Because that's what they are.

30 Nov 2023 19:33:42
VAR is joke and I agree it is far too easy to get bookings. Ashley young for example in the Derby, 5 years never would’ve been a red. These cheap red cards are soiling the entertainment…. I am at the pint where I am not really bothered about watching the games because I just find them boring, infuriating or both……10 years ago it was a much better game! No it is just a farce with players diving and playing acting, var meaning you cannot celebrate a goal because you know they’re looking for every reason to disallow it and the referee’s just making poor and inconsistent Decisions. Added to that, most games nowadays are like a training match where it is attack v defence with every player being micromanaged!

01 Dec 2023 07:57:54
@Oli, I agree totally - there’s nothing wrong with the technology. That’s not really the point, though. It is perceived as being flawed, so the fact that it isn’t doesn’t really matter.

Like one of my philosophy lecturers back in the day said, “Suppose God didn’t exist but still controlled everything”.



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