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14 Jan 2024 07:28:12
Ed 1
Rumours of Bruno guimaraes being available 100 mill buyout
He would be unreal at the base of our midfield I know he was your choice on here a while ago that ball for isak last night was just pure filth .

Do you think the club would sanction such money for him and also are the club keeping a watching eye on him?

Surely he's the right age to bridge the gap from endo and bajetic

Be interested to hear your thoughts on him . Loved the way he kept nibbling Rodri .

{Ed001's Note - if Klopp really wanted him, I am sure the club would find the money but I don't know if we are interested at all. Great player though.}

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14 Jan 2024 09:02:20
Ahh shame that I think he’s one of the top players in the league .
Ya never know though Ed I remember we wasn’t interested in caicedo either ???.

{Ed001's Note - I said I don't know mate, not that we aren't. I have no idea.}

14 Jan 2024 09:18:47
He would be a fantastic signing and under Klopp he would get even better just can’t see it happening though.

14 Jan 2024 09:48:24
The time 2 get bruno was before he went to Newcastle.

14 Jan 2024 10:53:38
Talented, effective DM no doubt. But he likes to play on the edge between what's permissible and what's not okay (in terms of tackling) . Very much like Rodri. Klopp would probably sort that out.

Worth 50-60 Million? Yes. Worth 100 Million? No way. And Thuram and Kone would still be ahead of him on my list.

{Ed002's Note - He is not moving to Liverpool.}

14 Jan 2024 10:58:16
He is great player. I think is we were able to get him in the summer that’s all we would need. Then let the youngsters fill the other spots as they are doing now.

14 Jan 2024 12:29:26
He also that magnificent ability to carry out Fernandinho level of fouls without getting booked.

A seriously underrated quality in a midfielder.

14 Jan 2024 12:43:23
Our midfield annihilated Newcastles a couple of weeks ago and he was left trying to foul our shadows. I’d stay well clear.

14 Jan 2024 14:48:44
All good players play on the edge in my opinion. They weren’t shrinking violets and if the boy from Southampton went for £50 million (circa) then a player of Bruno’s quality would certainly be heading towards £100 million.

14 Jan 2024 21:54:06
Ed01, He's a good player but he is a car crash waiting to happen. Guimaraes is a ticking time bomb, very indisciplined and will cost us in games with his reckless. On the contrary, I don't think Klopp will go anywhere near him for these reasons in spute of his ability as a pkayer which on the merits, is outstanding, IMO.

14 Jan 2024 23:10:32
Ed001 - is that what happened with Caicedo? I. e Klopp really liked him so club were going to back him with the funds?

{Ed001's Note - yes.}

15 Jan 2024 08:02:15
Endo has 5 yellow cards in less than 700 minutes of PL football, Bruno has 9 yellow cards in about 1800 minutes . I guess we should get rid of Endo then if we are talking about discipline.

15 Jan 2024 10:58:58
@IR, another pointless stat coupled with a false and dishonest comparison frankly full of intellectual dishonesty and baseless so allow me to help you for free.

What you fail to realise or conveniently omitted are the numerous red cards Bruno should have gotten whether it be vs Arsenal (blatantly clobbing Jorginho in the head for no reason) or the red card he should have gotten at Anfield for several bookable offences and that's just off the top of my head. Has Endo done any of this? Didn't think so so pointless comparison. Oh, and you can add Joelington as well. You want him too cos he plays on the edge?

Come back when you actually have valid points and arguments to support your point (or lack thereof) rather than pointless comparisons and baseless stats with NO context which make your point essentially full of it.

{Ed025's Note - dont be so condescending Oli, the guy has his views and you have yours and they are opinions like we all have mate and it does not make them wrong or right..just opinions, people need to respect other posters views even if they dont agree with them otherwise it can just end up as a slanging match..

15 Jan 2024 11:40:40
More conspiracy I see and I thought it was only Man City that got favour, now it’s Newcastle and their players too. Laughable.

15 Jan 2024 11:50:36
Joelinton is a very good player too ?.

15 Jan 2024 12:01:50
Quite frankly Oli the fact that you give your “opinion” why a player should have been red carded even tho it wasn’t at the time and no retrospective action was taken either is just ridiculous. Only to follow it up with some nonsense about valid point?‍♂️. Endo has got more yellow cards per minutes played. That’s the reality and not some made up opinion on what card a player should get during a game because that’s how you see it.
You weren’t right last week Oli about DCL’s red card either, accept it and move on ?.

15 Jan 2024 15:28:13
@IR, you're so predictable. First off, nobody mentioned Man City. Also, your post essentially boils down to who is wrong and who is right hence, you really don't have the ability to have your own opinions and analyse situations on their individual merits apart from what is actually fed to you, based on the incompetent PGMOL and their wretched officiating. You literally proved my point with DCL issue? Unlike you, I am not interested in being right when I get into a debate. That's your job, apparently. Oh and if they had rescinded his red, it would not have changed the fact that they are relentlessly incompetent. Or is that another conspiracy?

You do know that since VAR checked the elbow Bruno gave Jorginho and did not deem it a sending off offence, NO retrospective ban will happen, right? Seriously, I give up with this guy. Now whether there was retrospective ban or not, anyone that knows any thing about football know Bruno is a car crash waiting to happen and cos the refs lacked the bottle to send him off for elbowing a player does not mean that was the right decision cos everyone was miffed as to why that did not happen cos we all know the PL refs are supremely competent, right? That is not a conspiracy theory, mate. That actually happened hence, I brought it up. Again, fact.

Endo getting 5 yellows is a stat that is of NO difference to me. Why? Show me the stat where Endo has been going around recklessly crashing into tackles, diving all over the place as soon as anyone breathes on him and elbowing anything that moves? I'll wait. Or rather, I won't. Also, did you think Endo or Darwin would have gotten away with any of the recklessness stuff Bruno gets away with had they done it with this refs in charge? Mate, you're drowning here so I'll stop now.

15 Jan 2024 15:31:42
Yeah great player, that's why Newcastle are where they are now and a half fit kdb was allowed to win the game, no stamina and can't hack it in big games.

15 Jan 2024 16:20:11
“Also, did you think Endo or Darwin would have gotten away with any of the recklessness stuff Bruno gets away with had they done it with this refs in charge”

Another conspiracy theory ?. You’re tripping over your own words .
I agree you’d better stop ?.

15 Jan 2024 15:45:07
Ed25, I hear you on that. The guy made a pointless comparison that has no basis in reality when you apply context. That's it.

If he wants to debate me, he should use things that are present in reality. Not "Oh, I was right and you were wrong" crap like a kid in high school.

{Ed025's Note - we all need to be a bit more tolerant of other peoples posts Oli, yes its ok to disagree but some of the replies are getting beyond the pail mate..

15 Jan 2024 18:29:17
I think you need to look when 25 said not to be so condescending (which you are) and when I put up my “I’m right, you’re wrong” post. Maybe have a look a the correlation of the posts might help?.

Maybe you’re just having a bad day, seems so ?.



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