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15 Jan 2024 14:42:03
I said at the start of the season that Postecoglou wasn’t my ‘cup of tea’ but that doesn’t mean that he is a bad manager - far from it. In my honest opinion, it’s best to ignore what other clubs, their managers or their players say. From a Liverpool perspective, their opinions are irrelevant. Tottenham had a bad month, in December, mostly due to injuries and suspensions but they have ‘regained their balance’ and if I had to pick who I’d more likely to last the distance - Arsenal or Tottenham I would probably go with Spurs.

With regard to officials and / or VAR making mistakes then if people feel the need to criticise then they should bear in mind that the mistakes impact all clubs and - as has been said - should be called out, irrespective of Liverpool bias / weird conspiracy theories.

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15 Jan 2024 16:12:23
Ange is brilliant. Football he plays reminds of when Klopp first came in. Fearless football. Would definitely consider him if Klopp were to leave.

15 Jan 2024 16:49:47
My choice if Klopp was to leave would be Alonso.

15 Jan 2024 17:14:07
I like him WDW, breath of fresh air to the PL, at least at the minute, that might change?‍♂️
He’s doing well at Spurs so far with the squad he inherited basically. That might change also. His biggest issue might be his chairman releasing the purse strings.

15 Jan 2024 17:22:48
How has liverpool faired regards FfP are we OK? and are Everton in a position where more points could be deducted.

{Ed002's Note - Everton are potentially in a very bad place.}

15 Jan 2024 17:39:22
He had a good honeymoon period but had an excuse when it all went wrong. We were the better team at their place even with 10 men then with 9 men we still held our own.

Now he’s getting his players back he’s got to produce. We’ve all had injuries to key players but have not been afforded the leeway he’s been given.

He seems to me like a siege mentality kind of manager which is probably why I don’t like the guy. I’m not supposed to. Some of the things he says and his general attitude is just not for me.

On another note my brother is a football coach in Australia and works with a coach that used to work with Postecoglu. He’s been told that his main managerial goal is to manage Liverpool as he’s a huge Liverpool fan. He also told me that he is an extremely arrogant man and is not well liked by people he has stepped on to get where he is.

15 Jan 2024 17:46:35
Too one-dimensional. Teams will work out how to beat them soon, and then he won't have an answer.

15 Jan 2024 19:46:56
Anytime u watch spurs u will always have a good game. great watch under ange, i really like him as a manager. Whether it translates into trophies we will have to see.

15 Jan 2024 20:11:27
@Beckers, didn't need the info from your bro to say that Ange is arrogant cos that was in full effect with his wretched comments after the LFC game and other games he has lost. You can also add his self serving hypocrisy to his repertoire as well as his waffling about when things don't go his way.

As for him being a good or bad manager, I don't really know cos as someone said, he seems to only have one way of playing and when that doesn't work, he seems to just keep doing the same ol' stuff. I mean, the guy couldn't figure out how to outplay an LFC team with 11 then, 10 and then 9 men. Can you imagine if we had won or drawn that game? Needs to do a lot better and work on his managerial game and tactics before I can truly judging him on the merits.

15 Jan 2024 21:13:33
Ange negotiated in his contract a trophy cabinet to be built somewhere in the new stadium but apparently Levy said “ it’s a business mate so I have no time for trophies sorry”
I think arrogance in Ange is confused with confidence and that never say die attitude Aussie teams have
I have to admit I am looking over my shoulder at Spurs and think Ange will have them closer than I like to a title.

15 Jan 2024 21:14:11
I’m going to judge the guy on what I’ve seen. He has come across as really pleasant guy in his interviews at Spurs and Celtic. Quite witty if I’m honest. It’s a definite ? from me.

15 Jan 2024 23:46:35
Becker’s Pecker - I can believe what you say with regard to the info about Ange’s arrogance. But the idea he’s stepped on a lot of people to get where he is is a strange one. He’s in his late 50’s and only had his major break in European football a few years ago. He’s also been generally successful throughout most of his coaching career and had to take a long, arduous route back to top-level coaching after his career went downwards in 2007. Arrogant? Yes. A Machiavellian strategist? No, I don’t buy it. I have nothing but best wishes for someone who gets such a good opportunity later in their lives.

16 Jan 2024 12:14:35
Lowe I’m just relaying what my brother was told by someone who knows Ange and has worked with him. It’s up to you to make your own judgements.

For all I know Ange might have slept with the guy’s wife and so that’s why he’s got an axe to grind? Who knows?

I just know that I’m not a fan of the guy as a person. As a manager it’s very hard to judge right now although he has had success before but that wasn’t going up against some of the best teams and managers in the world.

Time will tell, one thing is for sure though he has got Spurs playing a brand of football that will keep the fans onside for much longer than Conte or Mourinho did which is half the battle.

16 Jan 2024 20:57:39
In fairness spurs seem to be ahead and are far more entertaining to watch than Utd and Chelsea and have spent a fraction of their money and also sold their best player in the summer.

Fair play to Ange. I doubt he loses much sleep over what Liverpool fans think of him.



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