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27 Jan 2024 07:38:07
Hi Eds

Do you think Zidane would be a good manager for Liverpool.

{Ed001's Note - god no. The football under him is dire.}

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27 Jan 2024 08:06:38
Spot on Ed001 Zidane is not the answer.
If we look at the up and coming managers we would be targeting Alonso, Amorim, Nagelsman, De Zerbi, and the fella from Girona.

27 Jan 2024 09:41:30
De Zerbi has been taking Brighton backwards though, if you compare last season to this. He's giving me Rodgers' vibe and I wouldn't be surprised if Brighton were to be relegated in a few seasons if they stick with him. So no, I wouldn't want him to be our manager.

27 Jan 2024 09:46:27
Ed01, I am not sure people actually know what Zidane is actually like on a tactical level and they only focus on what he won in a boss Real Madrid with exceptional players in their prime who really don't need to be coached that much. The guy is absolutely dire.

27 Jan 2024 11:04:43
I think even Zidane knows his limits which is why he's never even tried a job anywhere else. A chequebook manager is not what Liverpool needs nor what FSG would go for IMO. I also hope they don't pick an abrasive type (e. g. a Mourinho type) as I love the relationship that Klopp seems to have with the supporters and players. I've no idea who is available, happy to give Xabi a chance, wonder if we could snatch Emery from Villa, he seems re-energised there but don't know much about him.

27 Jan 2024 11:09:04
Your best post this year, Oli.

27 Jan 2024 11:10:13
Isn't Zidane a hands-off manager like a lot of the big name ex-players? They usually leave the actual technical work to someone else. Gerrard and Rooney the same. But he was good at massaging the egos of star players as he used to be one of them.

27 Jan 2024 12:53:34
Spot on Babbity Rabbity and in addition, he used to play against some of these RM players under him at the time like CR7, Ramos (a youngster at the time), Modric against Croatia and this, just off the top of my head.

He was also assistant to Ancelloti and Rafa before he got the job after Rafa got sacked so like you said, he already knew the players. On a tactical level, I wouldn't touch him with a 5 foot pole, let alone a 10 foot one.

27 Jan 2024 15:55:44
Zidane would be terrible. His football is dire and he’s got zero charisma. Not to mention that he doesn’t speak English.

That said I’d happily take Simeone as he could ****house our way to a title.

27 Jan 2024 17:00:42
Think I'd even choose Zidane over Simeone though VV. Awful football his teams play - no thanks.

28 Jan 2024 06:53:31
But Zidane won’t have much to do as a Liverpool manager
We don’t have big egos that he can a manage
But we have a team that wants and needs to be coached and he doesn’t seem to do that much.

28 Jan 2024 10:17:13
The thing Simeone has over Zidane is that he’s very hands on, his teams are extremely organised and well drilled, yeah, they can play ugly, but it’s a results game, critically he also gets under the skin of his opponents, you can imagine him absolutely winding Fraudiola up and he gets the crowd going, he’s a big personality. He’s gone toe to toe with teams who have far better resources and beaten them. He should be a contender.

28 Jan 2024 06:58:03
Jose, s available and brings his own fleet of buses ?.



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