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03 Feb 2024 18:35:30
Just heard Conor Bradley's father passed away this morning. I highly doubt he will be in the squad tomorrow.

Real shame as I was hoping to see him start with Trent coming on late once Arsenal where tired and beaten.

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03 Feb 2024 18:41:47
NO, What is a shame is that a young lad has lost his father.

03 Feb 2024 18:56:10
Awful news. Kid will need time to greave and come to terms with it.

No doubt’s the club and Jurgen will be fully behind him.

It’s a cruel world ?.

03 Feb 2024 19:09:20
Some things are way more important than football. I know nothing about his father’s sickness but I hope he was well enough to see his son fulfil his dream of scoring for Liverpool football club.

03 Feb 2024 20:32:48
He would have been immensely proud of his son I’m sure.

Seeing that smile on Conor’s face would have made him a very happy man.

Any Dads on here will know exactly what I mean. Any future Dads will know it one day.

Rest in peace.

{Ed025's Note - nice words FF..

03 Feb 2024 23:05:54
RIP Joe Bradley YNWA

Not sure of the circumstances, but he passes away one very proud man - his son was the first northern Irish man to score for Liverpool in over 70 years, added to that two man of the match on the bounce.

Connor son, you made your ol da a very proud man.

YNWA ♥️.

04 Feb 2024 01:58:14
Gutted for the lad, such a young age about to be the real big deal and then this happens, it's devastating. The club will be there for him, I have no doubt.

04 Feb 2024 06:41:50
Absolutely disgusting post from the OP. Completely tone deaf.

04 Feb 2024 09:56:46
I don't think it was an absolutely disgusting post Changing. It was misspoken which can happen a lot in these circumstances. I'm 100 percent sure that Bobby did not mean harm and just meant that he loves seeing Conor Bradley play.

From experience and I'm sure others here also, losing a parent is absolutely gutting. I feel so sorry for Bradley and really hope he takes the time to process this and be with his family.

This team seems really really close. I have no doubt they will all rally around him when he gets back. Likewise, I know the fans definitely will too because it's clear we absolutely love him too. I'm also glad we have Klopp in these times. He will find the right words I think will help Conor in these sad times.

And just to echo footy above, seeing your son or daughter achieve things just makes you so immensely proud. It is better than achieving stuff yourself. I have no doubt Conor's Dad would be absolutely bursting with pride of his son throughout his life obviously but to see your son score at Anfield must be something else.

RIP Joe and YNWA Conor.

04 Feb 2024 12:39:40
Sorry Davey, but anyone whose first thought is “sh@g that’s bad news for a game of football” vs “sh@r that poor lad has lost a parent at 20 years old”, their moral compass is massively out of whack.

04 Feb 2024 13:34:25
Changing, you're looking into it too much mate, take a step back and realise the op probably meant nothing by it. You're acting silly now, sort it out. Jesus h Christmas you're like my ex wife, going on about bugger all.

04 Feb 2024 18:57:56
I really hope his dad was well enough to see his performance on Wednesday night. Very sad news we are all with you Connor. YNWA.

06 Feb 2024 12:46:31
Changing, the only disgrace here is your comment. I made a post about why Conor will not be in the match day squad. This is a football site and me passing my condolences to the family was actually in person. I have no need to state anything g other than football here and your post is an over reaction and demanding I post personal messages when I have no need as already done personally. Learn your place and understand people have no need to explain their own story or feelings. Really understand why the eds rather not post when responses are brain dead.



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