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13 Feb 2024 21:34:45
A bit nostalgic already about the klopp era. Who would be in a klopp all time eleven. Ali, robbo, trent, virg, matip, hendo, Bobby, fabs, mo, manè, coutino. subs would be milner, gini, konate, origi, çan, shaqiri.

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13 Feb 2024 22:30:20
Gomez above matip for me and Millie way ahead of couts ( although I did love him at the time not a chance he gets into an all time klopp 11, also no way can gets on the bench )

13 Feb 2024 23:06:27
It would be the XI that played the CL final in Madrid. Alisson, Trent, Matip, Virgil, Robbo, Hendo, Fab, Gini, Mane, Bobby, Mo.

14 Feb 2024 00:23:31
No coutinho for me.

Gini and Milner would have to be in there as well.

14 Feb 2024 00:34:09
Ok - I’ll take gini above Millie but prime Gomez in cab I think offered more than matip.

14 Feb 2024 06:33:08
Gomez and Milly for me in the starting 11. Close between Milly and Gini from a CM pov but Milly just pips it for me. Gini did well but he frustrated me in a red shirt massively. Never did understand the clamouring for him TBH.

14 Feb 2024 08:55:08
Formerly_FlyPelicanFly, I would pick that one too.

14 Feb 2024 09:40:42
I would pick the team that has gave us most success pretty much. So, Becker, Trent, VVD, Matip, Robbo, Gini, Fabinho (not much option here), Salah, Mane and my two of Darwin and Szobo instead of Bobby and Hendo.

Tough on Bobby Super talented player, great at creating spaces @JK ?. Not so tough on Hendo tho, pretty basic player, good at shouting and industrious but Szobo is that too with talent. No brainer

Subs, Konate, Diaz, Gomez (good utility player), Bobby, Milner, Henderson.

14 Feb 2024 11:32:59
Formerly_FlyPelicanFly's lineup sounds good to me. This was the team that was considered the best in Europe at the time, by most. But it's a bit unfair on players like Gomez, Milner and Origi who played crucual roles from the bench.

14 Feb 2024 14:07:44
Take Gini out for Szobo for me. Never rated Gini, I know a lot did like the lad but he wasn't my cup of tea.

15 Feb 2024 07:10:25
I think there are three different teams that are getting a bit mixed up to be honest:

1. People’s favourite team
2. People’s selection of the best player in each position in the team
3. People’s idea of the best - the most effective - starting team

They are (or can be) three different things. As an example I don’t rate Gini as an outstanding footballer but I think he was a very, very effective part of a great team. (The sum of the whole can be greater than the sum of the parts) .

15 Feb 2024 09:04:42
You're quite right jb12. Joe gomez should definitely be there. Sorry, Joe I just forgot. Coutinho was signed by Rogers, I know but did play lots for klopp too. Controversial choice so maybe millie instead . No problem with that. Should gini start.

15 Feb 2024 13:32:36
Summed up pretty well that WDW.

15 Feb 2024 18:12:09
Trent- Prime Gomez - Virg - Robbo
Fab - Hendo - Milner
Salah - Nunez - Mane

Subs: Kelleher, Matip, Gini, Jota, Bobby

There are players who I prefer the style of play over Milner, but his work rate and willingness fo do the selfless runs gets him in.
Seeing Mane as well as Salah play off the chaos Nunez causes is just a fantasy to be honest. Purely on results it would have to be Jota in there.
Feels harsh on people like Tsimikas and Fabinho in particular, and Szob more recently but got to have a cut off somewhere and I went for the traditional 5 subs and thought of the adaptability of people like Gomez, Hendo, Millie to cover at the back if needed with Jota also being able to play in a traditional 10 role if needed.

16 Feb 2024 00:18:20
@Anfield Andy - how’s it harsh on Fabs - you picked him.

My most effective team would be


TAA Matip VVD Robbo

Hendo Fabs Gini

Mo Bobby Sadio.



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