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18 Mar 2024 12:55:21
Edd001 are you still under the bed? Was that result a big blow to our confidence do you think or will it spur us on?

{Ed001's Note - I just think the players looked tired. They made bad decisions because they were making tired decisions. The injuries caught up to us at a bad time. We really needed that game after the internationals rather than before. Hopefully most of the players will be back to something approaching full match sharpness after the break. It could go either way now, if we come back firing it will be a spur and drive us on to mame up for it. But a bad mistake could pile pressure on with the players so desperate to win for Klopp and that could cause issues.}

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18 Mar 2024 14:47:30
When people like Gakpo play like we are 5-0 up every time they play no wonder we are making poor decisions, he needs a massive boot up the arse and Danns to be coming on instead of him until he learns we play at full pace or nothing, massive let down, thought the decision to take Robbo off was poor too, they couldn't handle that left side until then, i get he did it because Anthony likes to turn inside on his left but let's be real, it was Anthony and they showed too much respect for a poor player, bad decision making all round yesterday, field and the bench.

18 Mar 2024 14:53:43
Edd001 did you think it was wise with 1 minute to go to put everyone forward for the corner leaving bradley alone for 3 against 1. Endos legs were well gone to catch up.

{Ed001's Note - if he hadn't you would have been complaining he didn't go for it. It is always a risk. We stuck with the way we always play at corners and got unlucky, it happens.}

18 Mar 2024 15:06:30
@FSG. Gakpo is going through a horrible patch. He looks unrecognisable. But has shown when he first came to the club that he is a player. One thing I have learnt from our club is not to write off players straight away. I admit I sometimes fall into that trap. We have all learnt with a number of our players that we thought were done but they managed to pull it back. As for Danns, he looks like a very good prospect but needs game time.

The boys have to erase this game out their heads. 10 cup finals in the title race to bring to bring the Premier League home. Just hope City either beat Arsenal or at the very least it ends up a draw because that would put it in our hands. Play to our level and we get through the semi’s of the Europa and in a final anything can happen.

Yesterday was a bitter pill to swallow because it’s United and every fan wants to win every competition, but todays a new day, so you got to just take it and move on. But one things for sure we can’t afford to drop anymore points in the league. Or any off performances or games where we don’t finish our chances in Europa Cup because we will be punished. So a lot to play for still.

18 Mar 2024 15:34:16
Piling up for a corner worked against Notts forest and got us 3 valuable points, got caught yesterday but we attack minded team who always try to win a game.
And that's the way I want lfc to play.

18 Mar 2024 16:46:35
Spot on lads and Ed01. I was mad at the way we mismanaged the game as well BUT our guys looked dead on their feet and the accumulation of games finally told and we all knew it would at some point. I can accept a lost like this (our 4th of the season in all comps. ) under these circumstances.

IMO, I think it is just painful and frustrating cos of WHO we played more than anything else, a team I would not want to lose an argument to let alone a football match. It is what it is. At the end of the day, we play Utd twice and if I had to lose one to them, I'd rather it be this one. We go again cos Brighton like it or not, is a much bigger game than this one.

18 Mar 2024 16:46:41
@FSG, you attacking Gakpo is just showing your wretched attempt at scapegoating cos he was NOT even on the pitch when those chances were being missed so take a day off with the scapegoating cos it is just petty and of poor taste. Gakpo is one of the reasons we are even here to begin with cos he and Diaz were the only two forwards who were fit and helped us win 4 games in ELEVEN days, something Klopp himself did not think was possible before hand. He is having a bad time of it, just like Diaz and Darwin did earlier in the season. Pretty sure it happens in football to all players.

And forget the Danns comparison too. He is literally a kid and him coming on to effect the game full of youthful adrenaline suddenly does NOT make him fit enuff to talk to Gakpo who is a muh better player than he is, despite his tough run so far. Miss me with such foolishness, please.

18 Mar 2024 17:27:08
If the players were so tired it begs the question why did we play such a strong team in the europa when we'd already won the tie?

18 Mar 2024 20:53:08
Red-Will-is-1, it's not like you could field the academy in a European game either cos that goes against UEFA's competitino guidelines. We fielded the team we had and Klopp got reviews for doing so so as to rotate, give guys like Szobo and Salah minutes to get up to speed with their finess. Same goes for Robbo.

Not sure what the prob. is here cos Klopp has been doing this since Jan in an injury crises. This is nothing new and cos it did not work on this one occasion does NOT mean it was the wrong decision either as recent history has shown. Or are we now engaging in hidsight stuff again just cos we lost our 4th game in all comps. this season, everyone now seem to be geniuses after the fact?

18 Mar 2024 21:02:21
Really think people allow their own feelings and insecurities drive their perception of the team. I mean it’s natural I guess, but haven’t we seen far more evidence of this teams bounce back ability?

This isn’t directed at the OP but in general the response from many Liverpool fans especially regarding comments about Gakpo have been an embarrassment to the club and football followers in general.

18 Mar 2024 22:29:20
Not the whole academy no. But perhaps McConnell instead of Endo and maybe Koumas instead of Nunez for example. Endo and Nunez are certainly not short of minutes and could have been saving their legs for a game that mattered. Not hindsight stuff as you put it. Just logical, makes sense stuff. I'm Klopps biggest fan but like any human he sometimes gets things wrong. He got this wrong in my opinion and people are allowed to have their opinion aren't they?
We shouldn't have lost that game. We got ourselves into the winning position and lacked the game management to see it out. Players (nunez, Elliott) and klopp. Its a real shame. I think im upset by it because I want klopp to leave with the best send off and another cup and it feels like we threw that game away somewhat.
Im sure we will bounce back in the next game. I'm not worried that we've become bad all of a sudden I'm just gutted we threw that one away with some poor play and poor choices. It's a shame.

19 Mar 2024 00:53:43
I'm with Red Willis on this. The European cup tie was basically a done deal and we could have fielded a much younger team to give those who have been playing a lot a much needed rest. Players like McConnell, Koumas, and Tsimikas should have started. Understand that we do have players coming back that need the minutes too, like Nunez, Salah, and Szob but there was no reason for both Salah and Szob to play the full game in what is essentially a dead rubber game.

I love Klopp and what he has done for the club but I think we can agree that he and the team got it wrong for this FA game. I think he severely underestimated Utd and overestimated our players' capability to keep churning out results despite their fatigue.

19 Mar 2024 01:04:19
lost a game we shouldn't have at OT, won a trophy we arguably shouldn't have. it's sports and it's how it goes.
if the world worked as it should then City would win everything all the time.

19 Mar 2024 09:01:21
I’d prefer it if we were to win every game we ever play but in the context of what’s left this season, if we had to lose a game, a game in the FA Cup isn’t the worst one to lose. If we needed a bit of a kick up the backside this was a good game for it. Not a good performance by any means, let’s take the lesson and move on.

19 Mar 2024 12:06:03
Dracred and Red-Will-is-1, I respectfully disagree cos when it comes to lineups, everyone seems to be smarter only after all the facts are known and only after we don't win. That what pundits do and I can't stand them for that. A manager does not have that luxury cos he is dealing with the reality in real time so he has to go with the best info provided to him in real time. Sorry, I do not subscribe to that mess. And how many times has Klopp had the "wrong" lineup and still won? Again, not bothered with such things anymore cos there are NO guaranties if footie. The fact that I have to say that is weird already.

Klopp played the team he had based on the info he had and again cos it did not work does not mean it was the wrong thing either. After all had we taken our chances, would this convo be happening? If the answer is no then why da football should it happen now? Cos we lost? Nah, hindsight intelligence does NOTHING for me. If we were okay with the lineup before the loss then sorry, we can't come back an start kicking off on something we did not complain about when we were winning. If you said nothing then? Say nothing now, really.

19 Mar 2024 12:13:24
@ OliRed, give over, Gakpo was terrible and he lost the ball many times and didn't even have it in him to take anyone one, he linked up nothing and brought nothing, take off your Red tinted glasses, not bothered if you like it or not, give your opinion, you slag players and have a fit if no one agrees with you then stick your tongue up the arse of anyone who slightly agrees with you. The team selection for Thursday was ridiculous and cost us, the subs cost us on Sunday too, it happens, Klopp and his team aren't perfect, stop acting like they are and crying when people think they aren't. Salah got 90 mins in a dead rubber, then looked shattered after 45 mins of a massive game, that's poor decision making.

19 Mar 2024 13:54:40
FSG you have no clue what you are talking about.

How do you know that the team selection on Thursday cost us? How do you know that the subs on Sunday cost us?

If we’d played a weakened side on Thursday and sent Salah, Nunez et al out half baked in Sunday we might have lost 3-0.

Also if we’d left Szob and Salah on we could’ve lost it in normal time 3-2. We will never know.

To look at it after the fact and say ‘if we’d have done this then that would’ve happened’ is pure conjecture and quite frankly is absolute nonsense.

If you want to criticise players then that’s your prerogative but you simply cannot say with any degree of certainty that a different line up on Thursday or different subs on Sunday would’ve made any difference whatsoever.

19 Mar 2024 16:43:40
@Becker, of course i can, why didn't Salah attempt once to take on Wan Bassaka? He was coming back from weeks off and played 90 mins instead of 45 is crazy. Gakpo has shown he is a very good player but he needs to up his tempo, he had a shocking game so i called it, rotation is massive to help players stay sharp, Szob went off injured, different case, we missed his drive when he went off, didn't miss Salah when he went off, United struggled and we dominated the left when Robbo was on, soon as he went off that threat went.

19 Mar 2024 17:39:08
The thing with Gakpo is, he has been playing poorly for a while now . seems slow n indecisive. But I do think a fixed position for him would see him settle better . we all know he is a good player n he had showed it for us n the Dutch national team.

19 Mar 2024 17:43:07
I think it’s safe to say if Klopp knew Sundays game was going to go for 120 mins then selection and substitutions would have possibly been different on the Thursday.

Looking at both games now the Utd game was the harder one but I think we kind of thought it was a forgone conclusion after City performance that we would win.

It’s never nice to lose to your rivals but hopefully that result has removed any complacency the players and fan base (I’m Guilty of this) were building up thinking that it was a case of well just win every game.

Brighton next which is always a tough game for us but probably a good game for us to get back focused and hopefully back to winning ways.

19 Mar 2024 19:57:35
So FSG you are telling me that Salah didn’t try to take Wan Bissaka on because he played an extra 45 minutes on Thursday? Are you for real?

How do you know the threat on the left side would’ve continued if Robbo stayed on? You don’t.

We lost a game, sometimes there’s no one to blame it’s just football. We’ve had our fair share of late winners over the years and even over the course of this season but this time it happened to us.

If this had happened and that had happened we would’ve won is just pointless. Klopp had his reasons for playing who he played and he’s the manager with all of the info in front of him. Just accept it. You don’t know if a different decision would’ve had a better outcome. As much as you think you do, you don’t. Nobody does.

21 Mar 2024 16:28:43
So we should just watch a game without passion or feeling or no thought of our own because hindsight isn't real, nice, this sight would be quiet if no one reacted to the goings on around matches etc.



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