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23 Mar 2024 15:39:35
Edd001 if real come in for trent this summer is he gone do you think? Think Bellingham there is a big pull for him aswell.

{Ed001's Note - why would that be a big pull for him? What a bizarre suggestion.}

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23 Mar 2024 15:57:45
Exactly, Ed. Not sure people understand this BUT just like not everyone wants to play or coach in the PL, NOT everyone wants to play for RM either. Just saying.

Now for me and regarding this whole "Trent to Madrid" nonsense, this has only become a thing since the "most reliable journo on the planet" Fabrizio Romano spoke on it. There were wsome noises here and there BUT nothing had really come out and we all have said and Ed, I think you mentioned it) that Trent would sign a new deal and all that.

Suddenly, Romano posts his stuff (never broke as much as a grape fruit as a journo), people jump all over it (cos our fan base are as reactionary as our rivals') and with Trent having not yet signed a new deal (as if that means he won't or may not), 2 and 2 is now 122 and Booom goes the dynamite. For me, this is just useless clickbait rubbish esp cos it's int'l break so nothing cooking in the news. As useless as Danny Mills saying Klopp is overrated just to drive clicks on Talksport and people are all over it like piranha all over a dangling a piece of meat. Just my opinion.

23 Mar 2024 16:58:14
Purely me guessing, I think trent will not sign anything until new manager is there and he has chat with him about where manager intends playing him. i think trent wants to move into midfield and really he is at the age where he probably needs to be moving there if he wants to get to top in that position. I think if new manager wants him to play midfield the contract will be signed no problem. If manager intends keeping him at rb I'm not so sure he stays. Again that's no info just me guessing.

23 Mar 2024 17:10:44
Nah Trent will stay regardless of where he gets played. It’s easier for him to get into team at rb.

23 Mar 2024 19:51:55
Arguably 3 of our best players are approaching the last 12 months of their contracts. 2 of the 3 are our current Captain and Vice Captain.

How does everyone think this is going to play out.

Will all 3 sign or will 1 or more be moved on.

Last season we lost Bobby, Ox and Naby to free transfers and will lose Thiago and Matip this summer but to lose one of these 3 on a free would be a huge financial hit.

23 Mar 2024 17:30:07
Edd001 he's extremely close to jude. It's not as if he'd be going to Madrid as the only English player in the team. I'm sure the lure of Madrid and his superstar bestie is highly attractive. Players came to Liverpool because of the pull of Gerrard. It's not bizarre atall.

{Ed001's Note - it is bizarre. He is extremely close to Robertson and a number of others at Liverpool as well, particularly Szoboszlai I believe, but you think one mate in another team is a reason to move there. How Gerrard is related to this I don't know and you don't seem to understand either. We weren't luring people from top clubs to play alongside Gerrard, they were coming from minor clubs with a lack of quality to play alongside one of the best of his generation. Trent already plays with some of the best of this generation for the club he supports.}

23 Mar 2024 22:55:00
Trent was born in Liverpool, went to school there, has family and mates there, has only played for Liverpool, is vice-capt at Liverpool, he plays every single game when fit.
The only reason he's leaving the club is if he finds himself surplus with limited game time. I imagine the ‘lure’ of Real Madrid and Bellingham means very little to him.

24 Mar 2024 02:56:42
I reckon Trent will retire at Liverpool, he's liverpool through and through. Real Madrid can come calling all they want, he's going nowhere.

24 Mar 2024 06:35:28
I actually have a slightly different opinion to many on here. Of all the English players not named Bellingham, I think Trent would be the one Real Madrid would want. Trent’s supreme technical quality just reeks of Madrid, he’d fit in very well there. I have no doubt he’d go to Madrid if he isn’t completely satisfied at Liverpool - behind Bellingham and (probably) Mbappe, Trent would walk in as their 3rd-best player.
None of this is to say he won’t want to continue playing for Liverpool. Liverpool is his boyhood club and he is adored by most of the city. We just need to make sure we’re serious about re-signing him and that we’re able to offer teams he’d easily get elsewhere.

24 Mar 2024 08:33:39
The mental gymnastics some folks go through to try and convince others that a player will move is comical.
Transfer discussions seem to make some lose their cognitive abilities.

24 Mar 2024 11:47:37
Bradleys come throgh, why don't we make a few quid outa Trent. ??Love LFC fans around the transfer windows, do be only dying to get their best players out the door. Hope Trent retires here, a legend.

24 Mar 2024 15:26:06
Exactly, @JNkunku. It's mad. They claim"that we need to keep our best players" yet at the drop of a hat, "We should sell our best players should we get a big offer"; They simply can not make up their minds. Weird as hell.

Even online, you see our fans saying that we should sell for 120m cos we now have Bradley and use the money to invest in the squad as if we don't already havemoney or 120m to reinvest without selling Trent. Or Salah for that matter.

Some of our fans can be this naive cos all they see is the cash we can get for selling Trent or Salah forgetting that the club may think that both are worth a lot more to us should we keep them and add other boss players to play with them. They are that weird.

24 Mar 2024 18:04:54
It’s funny how just as clubs are starting to look at a player’s contract there are these ‘rumours’ that pop up about other clubs being interested.

If you were cynical you might think that the player’s agent is doing his/ her job.

I’m sure Real Madrid would love to sign Trent as would many, many other clubs but he won’t leave Liverpool unless we decide we don’t want him, which is very unlikely.

Relax guys, Trent is loving being a leader of his boyhood club and is not going anywhere.

{Ed025's Note - im afraid you are living in cloud cuckoo land BP, if another club offers him a lot more money he will be off like a shot mate, loyalty is a thing of the past..

24 Mar 2024 18:30:52
What is so wrong if TAA does decide to make a move (I hope he doesn't, let's be clear)? He's a professional footballer and going to do what's best for himself and his family (he decides what "best" means, not you or me or anybody else) .

People do this routinely in daily life by the thousands. Hop from one job to another every 2-3 years. But all hell breaks loose if and when a footballer does it.

{Ed025's Note - your dead right ArAy, they are just transient employees who will look after their own interests mate...and who can blame them?..

24 Mar 2024 19:17:28
@Ed25, us, we blame them. We all blamed the last club captain less than 12 months ago. Anyone remember that happening?

24 Mar 2024 19:43:13
Ed25, that's not 100% true either cos players reject more money for different reasons in order to sign for teams ALL the time. That's just projection on your part. If Trent does not think it is a good move for him to go anywhere and thinks he still has a lot to offer and accomplish at LFC, he won't go. Not saying that would happen for sure. Just saying that what you are projecting is NOT full proof either.

@ArAy1869, that is not the point people are making, I think. What many of us are saying esp. me, is that this whole schtick is manufactured out of whole cloth and there are multiple culprits here. Madrid could be testing the waters, could be Trent's agent spilling stuff or just Romano posting crap to get clout since it's int'l break and it's a slow news week.

Btw, it is possible that Trent may have already agreed a new deal and the club is just waiting for a good time to announce it BUT clearly, this is NOT a scenario that computes with some people. At the end of the day, nobody knows anything about anything so the ITK's need to go take a nap. Just my point.

{Ed025's Note - as with most things Oli its just my opinion, but its based on things i have seen many times over the years mate, loyalty to a club or city goes right out of the window when it comes up against the wonga mate, its just the way it is..

24 Mar 2024 19:48:07
I certainly don't want to see trent going, that sort of ability doesn't grow on trees. i think we should be building a team with him as a mainstay. But I think he will want to play midfield in next phase of his career, whether madrid could offer him that I'm not sure as they probably have better options there already.

{Ed025's Note - im still unsure what his best position is Digger, the guy has talent of course but i dont think he is the best defensively and im not convinced with him in midfield either at this time mate, wand of a right foot but would that just make him a luxury player?...answers on a postcard.. :)

25 Mar 2024 06:57:30
I'm not 100% sure what's his best position either ed25,dunno if he be defensively aware enough for no.6.
In fairness to him hrs never had any run of games in midfield so we can't really say what he be like there.
Before his injury he was playing great stuff in that inverted rb position, scored big goals against fulham and city that won us points. defenesively he was playing v good as well.

{Ed025's Note - yeah digger as i said im a fan of his but where his best position is i dont really know, liverpool are blessed in midfield at the moment and i dont see him replacing Macca or Endo so it looks like a toss up between him and Slob, or he takes the right back spot from Bradley who has been a revelation mate, its a tough one..



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